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  1. MightySashiman

    Post [ROM][Z3TC] LineageOS 18.1 SGP621 [UNOFFICIAL]

    install nikgapps core. Work perfectly.
  2. MightySashiman

    Post [ROM][Z3TC] LineageOS 18.1 SGP621 [UNOFFICIAL]

    Because it's repeatedly instructed in this mess of a thread as being the right way to do it. (I don't even know what the heck is FOTAKernel and what is OF_recovery). Anyway I ended up flashing twrp (Scorpion) and it worked. Only thing I still can't seem to manage to install is Magisk. I've been...
  3. MightySashiman

    Post [ROM][Z3TC] LineageOS 18.1 SGP621 [UNOFFICIAL]

    OK, on my SGP612 I did the following : Putting the device in Flashmode : flashed official firmware SGP612_23.5.A.1.291_R2D_CustomizedUS.ftf Downloaded the SGP611 rom from Post#2 (lineage-18.1-20210504-UNOFFICIAL-z3tc.zip) Extracted boot.img from rom from Post#2...
  4. MightySashiman

    Post [ROM][Z3TC] LineageOS 18.1 SGP621 [UNOFFICIAL]

    Would it be possible to make a unified rom fo both LTE and wifi-only versions ? (16gb and 32gb) So as to better keep rom updates in sync ? Few if not nobody here apart from you has the slightest idea unfortunately how to patch (which seems to be a source patch, requiring full build of the rom)...
  5. MightySashiman

    Post [ROM][Z3TC] LineageOS 18.1 SGP621 [UNOFFICIAL]

    Hi, any idea if this rom also could work on the SGP612 version of the tablet ?
  6. MightySashiman

    Post Question OnePlus 9 Pro Stock camera apk

    oh my bad, must have made a typo!
  7. MightySashiman

    Post Question OnePlus 9 Pro Stock camera apk

    It's in the thread
  8. MightySashiman

    Post Oneplus Camera app on LineageOS 18.1

    Oh wow I stand corrected, thanks!
  9. MightySashiman

    Post Question OnePlus 9 Pro Stock camera apk

    Tried installing it (systemizing the camera apk (version on apkmirror: 6.2.67) to priv-app and installing normally the pictureprocessing app 5.8.54) on my Oneplus 6T with LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11) rooted, and the camera opens but silently-closes immediately :(
  10. MightySashiman

    Post Oneplus Camera app on LineageOS 18.1

    You are mistaken. The 6T has a dual camera set up. The first and main is a wide angle, the second is a 2x fixed lens. You can actually switch between cameras on the oneplus camera app (and you can check that by masking each camera with your finger) ; you cannot on the GCam mode which only talks...
  11. MightySashiman

    Thread Oneplus Camera app on LineageOS 18.1

    Hi, Is there a way to install and run OOS Camera app (the one that comes preinstalled in OOS) in LineageOS 18.1 ? I'm guessing it's not only about the camera apk itself but also about some parts of the sub-system / kernel which include appropriate drivers to the Camera sensor hardware. I...
  12. MightySashiman

    Post [Guide]Installing Lineage

    Hi there, I followed the guide and am using LOS 18.1 with NikGapps core (and the wizard plugin). All work flawlessly except a notorious and serious bug : when I phone call somebody by clicking on a contact's number, or even dialing numbers, there is no on-call screen display / phone icon in the...
  13. MightySashiman

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][fajita][11] LineageOS 18.1

    Could users please feedback on camera app performance please (vs. OOS10 camera) ? Seems subpar camera is usually the issue with non-official roms because of ****ty proprietary hw drivers.
  14. MightySashiman

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][fajita][11] LineageOS 18.1

    Doesn't flashing the custom rom to both slots defy the purpose of the double slot ? Flashing to slot A, making it active, booting / using it, if it happens to malfunction, switch to slot B, and use the previous OS as a fall back. Or am I completely out of the loop....
  15. MightySashiman

    Post Android 10 stable UI lag

    I think the issue is just : it's a ****show of awful coding, optimisation and non-existent testing. If manufacturers' programmers put in half the effort debugging their software we as "powerusers" at xda/reddit/... put twisting our brains in and out trying find correlating explanations and...
  16. MightySashiman

    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Can confirm UBS Access app detect latest stable and canary releases of Magisk (with magiskhide and app renamed). Damn it.
  17. MightySashiman

    Post Android 10 stable UI lag

    doesn't change a thing. (and am wondering it would. This feature is supposed to make smoothness (even) better, not worse)
  18. MightySashiman

    Post Android 10 stable UI lag

    I am having this literally every time i use the alt-tab like feature. Oneplus managed to **** up the one thing (butter smooth) Google has been bragging about for several versions ???
  19. MightySashiman

    Post Android 10 stable UI lag

    I have, and while it does suppress animations, it actually feels less polished. And anyway, it does not resolve the UI lag which is really visible when using th app switcher. It's dropping below like 10fps. As if some gfx acceleration was disabled or the phone was completely overwhelmed
  20. MightySashiman

    Thread Android 10 stable UI lag

    Hi, I've noticed a UI lag when switching between apps or transitioning from an open app to home screen. This didn't happen in the Android 10 beta rom. Anybody have the same issue? I clean flashed the stable android 10.
  21. MightySashiman

    Post [Discussion & Feedback] OxygenOS 10.3.7 OTA for OnePlus 6T

    I have the OP6T_O2_BETA_30 (no TWRP, no root, no magisk) and would like to start fresh (I don't mind erasing everything) and installing Android 10 stable STOCK, and then installing TWRP, then Magisk. I am having a hard time understanding how to proceed with all the mess going on here. Could...
  22. MightySashiman

    Post Any fix for the auto rotation on Android 10?

    Has anyone actually been able to identify why upgrade to Android 10 kills screen autorot? It pains me to have to clear and reinstall everything....
  23. MightySashiman

    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    I can confirm that UBS apps (access, banking, twint) have a detection mechanism targeting magisk manager (even renamed). Maybe some hash/signature thing? Magisk needs virus/worm grade polymorphism/mutation stealthing. ?
  24. MightySashiman

    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Hey all, Can someone confirm UBS Swiss apps work please? (banking, access, twint). Since the update, all 3 detect root and refuse to work again. All 3 apps have been un installed, dalvik cache cleared from recovery, apps reinstalled, magisk hidden, and magisk manager itself is set as a renamed...
  25. MightySashiman

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][fajita][9] LineageOS 16.0

    What advantages are there to run LineageOS instead of OOS ? Is LOS as optimized as OOS at the very least?
  26. MightySashiman

    Post Outdoor visibility (max brightness)

    yeah, except it is a nightmare to keep that damn app running and detecting when to switch on or off HBM mode
  27. MightySashiman

    Post [Discussion & Feedback] OxygenOS Open Beta 6 for OnePlus 6T

    did someone see a strange OTA patch file update appear (around 278Mb I think) ? During the check process, I rebooted to recovery as I usually do with OTAs to flash them and reflash TWRP to not lose the custom recovery, but the patch zip failed to installed from TWRP. Any ideal?
  28. MightySashiman

    Post OnePlus 6T stucked at unlocked bootloader screen

    Just happened to me too. I was on beta14, TWRP and magisk enable all going fine Dirty updated to beta15 (through TWRP, by flashing OTA file, reinstalling TWRP zip, rebooting, then doing my usual business in recovery flashing smurfkernel, magisk, smurkernel again, then booting to system, adding...
  29. MightySashiman

    Post [Discussion & Feedback] OxygenOS Open Beta 6 for OnePlus 6T

    I have a similar issue : from recovery : flashed the OTA zip b12 flashed twtp installer rebooted to recovery[/INDENT] flashed smurfkernel 2.0.57 (last stable version by the way) flashed magisk 19.3 stable flashed smurfkernel again (as said in smurfkernel's instructions) dalvik cache wipe just...
  30. MightySashiman

    Post [CLOSED][DEV] Magisk Canary Channel - Bleeding Edge Builds

    magisk 19301 + manager 215 : superuser menu not showing any apps ; adaway was automatically denied and no way to change that. High Brightness Mode was granted root access prior to upgrade to last canary magisk and retains root grant on the other hand.
  31. MightySashiman

    Post [CLOSED][DEV] Magisk Canary Channel - Bleeding Edge Builds

    Thanks for the tip ; it did actually work from an earlier version and then upgrading. All is in order. Many thanks.
  32. MightySashiman

    Post [CLOSED][DEV] Magisk Canary Channel - Bleeding Edge Builds

    Oh actually I forgot about this. Problem is : when I do hide magisk, and when the repacked magisk manager app relaunches, it does not detect the magisk install O_o (and thus, reflashing the magisk zip from recovery reinstalls another copy of the magisk manager next to the renamed package)
  33. MightySashiman

    Post [CLOSED][DEV] Magisk Canary Channel - Bleeding Edge Builds

    Hello fellows, I'm having an issue with a banking app ("UBS Access" software OTP authentifier) somehow detecting phone tampering (either bootloader unlock or rooting) and refusing to run because of it. Both my UBS banking apps ("UBS Mobile Banking" and "UBS Access") are ticked in the Magisk...
  34. MightySashiman

    Post [KERNEL] SmurfKernel 2.0.78 [GPU OC / UC] [OOS / CUSTOM UNIFIED] [4.9.193]

    is there a way to back up it to a flashable zip format instead of an img ? (so if i want to restore it, i don't need to do the fastboot procedure with a computer) or is there a way to flash an img file from the device itself ?
  35. MightySashiman

    Post [KERNEL] SmurfKernel 2.0.78 [GPU OC / UC] [OOS / CUSTOM UNIFIED] [4.9.193]

    thanks ! sorry for the really stupid question : how do you do so if these tools don't seem to do the job ?
  36. MightySashiman

    Post [KERNEL] SmurfKernel 2.0.78 [GPU OC / UC] [OOS / CUSTOM UNIFIED] [4.9.193]

    I'm using the OOS beta08 on my 6T, and was wondering : 1) if this kernel is appropriate for this version the OxygenOS rom ? 2) if there is an easy way re revert to the vanilla kernel if I want to (and of course be able to back-up it prior) => I'm asking because the tools I came across like Ex...
  37. MightySashiman

    Post [RECOVERY][3.4.0-11][fajita]Official/Unofficial TWRP recovery for OnePlus 6T (Stable)

    flashed the 3.3.0-0 installer (https://eu.dl.twrp.me/fajita/twrp-installer-3.3.0-0-fajita.zip.html) from twrp 3.2.3-2 installed recovery, upon reboot to recovery i have a black screen with flickering of the twrp splashscreen every 6secs. weird.
  38. MightySashiman

    Post What Kernal do y'all prefer using?

    Stupid question I'm pretty sure, but what more than the vanilla kernel do you get with these custom ones ? I tried the Franko one over the OOS Beta 6, and found that even using powersave profiles every single time I could, the batterie drained away extraordinarily quicker than with the vanilla...
  39. MightySashiman

    Post [Discussion & Feedback] OxygenOS Open Beta 6 for OnePlus 6T

    Not sure this is beta7 specific : I've noticed on a increased random number of occasions, pressing the power button to wake up the device does nothing ; the device's screen stays black, and it takes several presses on the power button to wake the device. Any insight ?
  40. MightySashiman

    Post Scrolling smoothness

    ...or maybe it's just chrome getting more and more laggy. Also happens on the desktop (mac at least) version. Getting worse at each version.
  41. MightySashiman

    Post Best Google oreo Rom for s8 (fast, stable, customisable,)

    Haven't had a go at modding my s8 yet. I have the same question :)
  42. MightySashiman

    Post Z3 Tablet Compact FTF Collection

    Hi all, I'm looking for the latest FTF for my SGP612 (wifi 32gb version). Anyone here could put the customized FR version (1290-0735) available on a direct download website please ? (mega for instance). I'm on Mac, and xperifirm (running with mono) seems to be bugged when downloading the file...
  43. MightySashiman

    Post [ROM][6.0.1][OFFICIAL] OmniROM

    Hi, just installed this rom (last version available) on my maguro. Camera doesn't work out of the box. "Camera Error : Can't connect to the camera". Is there something special i need to do ?
  44. MightySashiman

    Post Screen Overlay woes

    This thing is so freaking annoying. I've switched to "no" every single app (including system ones), whatsapp web qrcode scanning feature asking for additionnal camera feature gets stuck with this damn overlay thing.
  45. MightySashiman

    Post Garmin watches, FENIX 3 and EPIX unlock thread

    subscribing. I'd be good to consider also supporting the fenix 3 HR (i wouldn't be suprised if there were onlys minor differences for the internal HR sensor support) I have no clue how i can help ; I've never done any reverse engineering (I'm no electronics nerd, and certainly won't be opening...
  46. MightySashiman

    Post [Unlocked][HOW-TO] Update ConceptMM + root + recovery + restore DRM functions

    any way to unbloat these roms ? (remove sony rubbish for instance)
  47. MightySashiman

    Post (SCRIPT) Slimcore Debloat Script for Z3C 6.0.1

    Does this script work on MM Concept ?
  48. MightySashiman

    Post [ROM][xZ3c][6.0.1][238][STOCK][MM][LB][UB] Xperia Performance Max Dark Fury™

    Hi guys, it's been ages I haven't geeked on my phone. Should I be aware of particular problems if trying to install this rom coming from a locked Bootloader (used an exploit hack I think) + TWRP + 5.1.1 (23.4.A.1.232) ?