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  1. deathblade

    Thread screen protector recommendation

    Hello I just recently got my self a pixel 2 XL and I'm looking for a good screen protector. I've done some looking around and found ALOT of options but it seems that screen protector quality has gone way down since I last bought one (for an older phone). What I'm looking for: a temptered...
  2. deathblade

    Thread locking bootloader after root?

    Hi it's been a while since ive had to newly root a phone, (about 4 years) I just got my pixel 2xl (unlocked version) and I want to root it but I want to lock the bootloader after rooting. What kind of effect will this have? Will I lose root?
  3. deathblade

    Thread F.A.A (Flash-aholics Anonymous)

    Hi I'm deathblade, I have realised that I get the urge to flash at least once every 3months lately, when development was in bloom I was flashing a few times days or more. It has effected my life at work in various ways, and my life at home in other ways. And I can not stop. And I will not stop...
  4. deathblade

    Thread nougat dock audio support?

    Is there a nougat ROM that has support for routing audio through the Samsung car dock? I'm on lineage and it has USB audio support but I don't believe it is the same
  5. deathblade

    Thread [SOLVED] help resetting back to stock (flo) (Q)

    hi, I just installed the beta build of the AOSP Oreo Rom and soon after finding working-ish gapps twrp was gone, and I hadn't had a chance to root yet, and so i went to my computer to manually flash recovery but my device refuses to get recongized, i have installed latest google and universal...
  6. deathblade

    Thread best case for oneplus one?

    Hey guys, today I noticed my poetic case is starting to come apart, and I was wondering if there was any good (preferably slim full body) cases that you would recommend.
  7. deathblade

    Thread my watch faces for watch maker

    Hi I just downloaded the app watch maker premium and kinda went crazy with it and figured I'd share these watch faces for anyone who might like them if you guys like these please hit the thanks button, also would love to hear what your favorites are UPDATE: New Pics Added Downloadable at...
  8. deathblade

    Thread s-off hboot 1.57?

    hi, sorry if this has been posted before but im just trying to get s-off and ive tried with rumrunner and firewater neither worked, at the time of trying these methods i was running cm11 and ARHD. if anyone has any suggestions they'd be really appreciated
  9. deathblade

    Thread invite giveaway (devs only)

    Sorry see 2nd post.. :( I have one invite but have no desire to get the opt so I will be giving away this invite, to the first dev to comment, please take this as my appreciation to the development community
  10. deathblade

    Thread won't power on unless connected to charger

    hi my m7 (att) started doing this annoying thing today, i go to power it on and itll load just past the kernel splash screen and then turn off, but works fine if connected to a charger, also can access bootloader without charger, my specs are below if that helps: Rom: cm 12.1 latest nightly (as...
  11. deathblade

    Thread Flynx or Javelin stack

    I've used both flynx and Javelin for multi-tasking while searching the web, I have found points that I do and don't particularly like about both apps, and I would like to hear what you think. heres my list of what I like and dislike about both apps: Javelin ok, so first up is javelin. i would...
  12. deathblade

    Thread [Q] stock firmware w/ modem for L720T

    hi i have a sprint s4 l720T on 4.4.2 kk stock i need a modem to flash on it a co worker messed it up and asked me to fix it, where might i aquire one or just a full stock tar? Android Version: 4.4.2 kk Build Number: KOT49H.L720TVPUBBOA3 rooted?: yes (kinda?) Knox enabled/disabled: enabled...
  13. deathblade

    Thread [Q] help please..

    hi my brother gave me his htc one x to restore to defualt (it is/was stock rooted) i turned it on to see if i could via an ota then turned it off to go to recovery and wipe everything but as soon as it showed the hboot screen the screen turned off and shows no sign of charging or anything i am...
  14. deathblade

    Thread Any aospa for us?

    Is our devices supported for aospa? If so please link I know they have a m7 section in their legacy devices but idk if its the Att variant or if it matters (first HTC device) so please fill me in on anything that maybe of use I have already unlocked boot loader rooted and currently have cm...
  15. deathblade

    Thread [Q]carrier unlock

    Hi I'm looking to find a way to carrier unlock my mothers droid ultra (Verizon) she's looking to switch to straight talk is there a way for me to do it without paying a company to send me the unlock code? If not does anyone have experience with going from vzw to st with an non unlocked device...
  16. deathblade

    Thread What's your favorite app(s)?

    I thought I'd start a thread to collaborate all the best paid apps for android with unique and useful features, but I'm going to need the help of the community for that. So post what PAID APP you do NEED to have on your devices, I'll start the list off with some of mine: Rom Toolbox pro...
  17. deathblade

    Thread [Q] Stock kk root

    Is there still no root method for stock kk? And if not would it be possible to Odin flash to jb or is the boot loader gonna cause problems with that? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  18. deathblade

    Thread [Q] update system issue help

    hi i updated via odin flash to stock kk from android central and whenever i place my note 3 on a qi wireless charger it plays a ringtone ("over the horizon" to be exact) it plays through the system volume "channels" has anyone ever had that happen or know of a fix other than what i have in place...
  19. deathblade

    Thread Magnet implant suggestions?

    Hi right after I bought my nexus 7 2013 I bought what any sensible person would (a case) to be exact I bought the official Google bifold case ( pictures below) the only thing I'm disappointed about is the fact that it doesn't have a magnet for manger wake and lock so I'm trying to find the best...
  20. deathblade

    Thread [Q]A little help in implementation

    Hi I am making my first app, a launcher, I have to questions 1. I have it setup to return to home screen from app drawer but it also refreshes the whole main activity the code I have in place for this is: [Code] override public void onBackPressed() { super.onBackPressed()...
  21. deathblade

    Thread It's sad

    Is sad to see the infuse forums are nearly dead, the only thing that sends to be left is Scott's beanstalk and cm thread. Sent from my SGH-I747 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  22. deathblade

    Thread help odin problems

    hi im trying to return to stock from kk and when i use odin this happens: <OSM> Leave CS.. <ID:0/004> Added!! <ID:0/004> Odin v.3 engine (ID:4).. <ID:0/004> File analysis.. <ID:0/004> SetupConnection.. <ID:0/004> Initialzation.. <ID:0/004> Get PIT for mapping.. <ID:0/004> Firmware update...
  23. deathblade

    Thread Screen protector review thread

    hi i thought that with all the different devices everyone needs a screen protector, and with all the different screen protectors it might be hard for people to decide which one to go with, some want clearity, smoothness, others may want something with more grip that may also feature thing such...
  24. deathblade

    Thread [REVIEW]Tech armor screen protector

    Well just got my first tech armor screen protector for my nexus 7 Here are the pros: Cheap (got three for $7) Easily installed No bubbles (minus a few pieces of dust that got stuck under it) Feel very smooth Responsiveness same as normal screen Barely visible unless you look at the cut out No...
  25. deathblade

    Thread [Q] [help] tried to flash googy max 2...

    hi i did something stupid and tried to flash googy max 2 kernel for international on my i747 without looking what thread it was from... now my device doesnt turn on... well it kinda does but the screen doesnt turn on but when i connect it to my computer my computer tried to reconize it... adb...
  26. deathblade

    Thread [GUIDE]dramatically increase performance without affecting battery

    hi im here to tell you all what i did to get my infuse running not just better than new but about as fast as any device with a dual core (less than .5 sec slower in a lot of aspects). all this without affecting battery life (that i've seen thus far). so lets get straight to it NOTE: if for...
  27. deathblade

    Thread [Q] stock non root HDMI out issues

    Hi my brother has a oneX stock not rooted running 4.1.1 sense v 4+ and is having done video issues like random white noise on the screen and random crashes anyone had this problem and know a fix? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using xda app-developers app
  28. deathblade

    Thread [Q]possible to tether bluetooth through usb to computer

    hi im wondering is it possible to connect an android phone (in my case the s3 or infuse 4g) to a computer through usb and have it share it's bluetooth with the computer toconnect to a bluetooth headset? i want to use my Jawbone Icon blutooth headset with my computer for taking calls from my...
  29. deathblade

    Thread [Q] Best resolution for s3?

    What is the best resolution for our devices, I wasn't too resize a picture to be a full screen wallpaper Also what is the best way to go about doing this? I should state that I'm looking to make this picture big enough to fill just one hone screen page completely Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747...
  30. deathblade

    Thread Ubuntu touch theme for lightning launcher

    Hi I have made a theme based off of Ubuntu touch here are some pics, if you guys want to use it Follow these instructions This is a theme for Lightning Launcher (http://goo.gl/XQ7a4), a home screen replacement for Android ! How to use ? Download the LL Theme Manager app at...
  31. deathblade

    Thread [Q] How to navigate in cwm?

    Hi how do I navigate in cwm, I now Bluetooth didn't work so the controller is out, and Ouya power button clicks options but I have no clue how to move the selection up or down any help please? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using xda app-developers app
  32. deathblade

    Thread Awesome screen protector

    Just got a titan brand screen protector, feels very nice a little rubbery but almost just like the screen, it's supposed to be the strongest in the world bought it off eBay for 18 cheek out the vids on YouTube just search titan screen protector Sent from my SGH-I747 using xda app-developers app
  33. deathblade

    Thread [Q] back to stock from ics (s-on)

    hi i bought an htc evo 4g off ebay for my sister but come to find out its not the right one (wasnt read up on htc phones) and she wanted an ICS rom for her games, well i unlocked the bootloader, rooted, and installed a custom recovery (RA?) and i didnt turn security off in the bootloader, now im...
  34. deathblade

    Thread recovery bootloop

    ok so i went back to checkout older different roms and started to work my way back up to 4.3, well now if i flash anything other than GB it just reboots into recovery, ive tried going to stock again and again and work my way up but to no previal i have also wiped EVERYTHING, yes formatted...
  35. deathblade

    Thread How is the nexus 4

    Hi I've been looking into getting a nexus 4 for a while I just want to know what are the ups and downs of it, I've looked through a bit of the thread and haven't really seen anything bad, just wanting to know how the device is and such not too worried about any custom software glitches or...
  36. deathblade

    Thread [Q]Return to stock without USB data working

    I probably know the answer to this but is there any way to return to stock while not having use of USB data? Sent from my SGH-I997 using xda app-developers app
  37. deathblade

    Thread [HOW-TO] ROOT, CMW, AND JB 4.3 from stock 2.2.1 without a computer [HOW-TO]

    hi this is a tutorial of how i got from froyo (android version 2.2) to Jellybean (android version 4.3) without using a computer ok so here are a few things you will need: 1x micro sd card (incase your data doesnt work to transfer files from computer or other device to phone) 1x a way to use...
  38. deathblade

    Thread Chromecast end production?

    I really hate to be one of those people but i need to figure out if It's true or not, so i apologize if this is false and creates a scare. I was told that Google has stopped production of the chrome cast. Is this true has anyone else heard anything? Again I apologize if this is false and...
  39. deathblade

    Thread [App] snapdragon battery guru

    I take no responsibility for this app just haven't seen it posted yet and thought people might enjoy this.... I have tried on att s3 and my battery life went from maybe 10-12hrs if I'm lucky to pretty consistently 1d after installing this app and here is a bit of proof will post another...
  40. deathblade

    Thread Help phone not registers as activated wallet mod may have issues?

    Hi I've installed the Google wallet mod on my phone several times and every so often when I reboot my phone says I need to activate it?, I'm just wandering if anyone else had encounteredthis and if the gw mod is to blame? Sent from my SGH-I747 using xda app-developers app
  41. deathblade

    Thread Eq

    Anyone know an equalizer that works really well with our s 3? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using xda app-developers app
  42. deathblade

    Thread New to s 3 forums

    Hi I'm new to the s 3 forums I just got mine today, is there a custom ROM that has all the nice features from stock (ie the motion features) or a modified stock ROM with halo? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using xda app-developers app
  43. deathblade

    Thread Ouya broswer

    Does anyone know how to have the keyboard pop up for text fields in the browser Sent from my SGH-I997 using xda premium
  44. deathblade

    Thread [Q] administrative apps and factory reset

    Hi I was wandering does an app that have active administrative rights get wiped out in a factory reset? Sent from my SGH-I997 using xda premium
  45. deathblade

    Thread Favorite custom kernel and why?

    Hi I'm new to the cappy forums and want to see what perks and such there are in the custom kernels, so I'm asking what custom kernel are you using ( if any) and why that one, is it because of features, stability, performance, etc. Sent from my SGH-I897 using xda app-developers app
  46. deathblade

    Thread Back leads

    Hi I recently acquired my cappy and was wandering what is the leads on the backing for? Sent from my SGH-I997 using xda premium
  47. deathblade

    Thread Extended batteries

    Hi I'm here today to inform everyone that if you buy an extended battery from eBay, do not buy any that are white, orange, and yellow only buy the black ones that look like a bug stock battery, as the others are not the mah that is stated or they are and go bad quickly, I have bought both types...
  48. deathblade

    Thread Catyrom v 2.4

    Hi I was wandering if anyone still had a copy of Caty ROM back from the good old GB days and sold be willing to share links with me, preferably a version before 3.0 I know it's a long shot but it would be great if someone comes through :) Sent from my SGH-I997 using xda premium
  49. deathblade

    Thread Notes/reading app

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knew of an app that you can paste something into and save to read it later similar to a notes app but with the added feature of it bringing you back to where your screen was at the time of exiting said app, cuz my gf has been using my second infuse ever since her...
  50. deathblade

    Thread Infuse desk dock

    I would like to inquire the dimensions of the Samsung infuse desktop multimedia dock Sent from my SGH-I997 using xda premium