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    Thread [Q] Picture Unknown location

    Hey All I got my Neo yesterday and I absolutely hate the unknown caller picture (the gray silhouette), so I decided to change it, I recently had an X10 Mini and a Galaxy Mini and both of them had that picture in their respective Phone.apk, but on the Neo I can't seem to find it, can anyone else...
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    Thread To all those asking about ICS

    First of all, having an SDK does not guarantee a succesfull port, if you don't believe me read this: http://www.androidpolice.com/2011/10/19/cyanogenmod-team-there-will-be-no-official-sdk-port-of-ice-cream-sandwich-by-the-cm-team-cm9-will-arrive-when-the-ics-source-does/ Now, after a little...
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    Thread [Q] Battery life

    Hey I've had my Mini for two months now and I've calibrated the battery at least 15 times and somehow I still get battery jumps (sometimes as high as 25% jumps) Does anybody else have a problem with battery calibration?? Also, is it safe to leave the phone charging overnight or is there no...
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    Thread [Q] Edit System APK

    Hi all I have a Samsung Galaxy mini (S5570L) and I'm trying to edit Phone.apk, I wanna replace the unknown caller picture for the stock android picture, I already managed to do that but I have 2 questions: 1) When I try to replace Phone.apk with the one I edited the phone starts vibrating...
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    Thread [Q] ROM for E10a

    Hey Is there any rom fro E10a, 'cause all I've seen is ROMs for E10i, or maybe anyone can point me in the right direction for making a ROM for E10a? Thanx
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    Thread [Q] Version incoherences

    Hi! I bought an X10 Mini about a month ago (Unlocked Latin American) and I've falshed it 2 times through SEUS, I was checking the back of my phone and it says SI 1237-3271 (from what I've gathered this is the General Latin American CDF), however I opened my default-capability.xml not only does...