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  1. chuyennho184

    Thread [Stock MM] v30G F400K For F400 Variants

    Hi. Today, I'm introduce stock rom v30G F400K for F400 variants to all of you (Not supported for LS990, VS985, D850, D851, D852 & D855) In this rom, I have many things like that: - Based on v30G F400K. - Odex rom with aroma optional. - Record calling. - Full weather animation. - Intergrated...
  2. chuyennho184

    Thread TWRP v3.0.0.0 F400 Variants new compatible with Aroma Installer

    I've bumped TWRP F400 Variants compatible with Aroma Installer. Download TWRP: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4FoLWZ0e4kmbTZYcWxBYXM2WTA/view - Instruction to use: Go to Google Play to install Flashify. Use Flashify to install TWRP. Second method: TO F400 VARIANTS USER: If flash twrp...
  3. chuyennho184

    Thread How to port D855 rom or others devices to F400 rom?

    Hi! Now, F400 korean version is not much rom. So, how to port D855 rom or others devices to F400 rom? Please me give advice. Thanks!
  4. chuyennho184

    Thread Stuck at unlock bootloader screen

    Hi! I start unlock bootloader for my HTC Sensation XL but stuck at unlock bootloader screen and can't go on. Do you have a tool to unlock bootloader HTC Sensation XL not via HTCdev webpage? If i can't unlock bootloader, so i flash custom rom? Please give me advice. Thank!
  5. chuyennho184

    Thread which system apps can be remove?

    Hi! I want to remove system apps (stock rom) to increase ram usage. So which system apps can be remove? Please give me advice. Thanks!
  6. chuyennho184

    Thread Droid 2 global brick need help!!!

    After flash this rom VRZ_A956_4.5.608_1FF_01.sbf, my phone stuck on bootloader. It's say Bootloader D0.11 Err: A5,70,70,00,00 MEM_MAP Blank Service Req'd Battery Low Cannot program Please give me advice to fix this problem. Thank!
  7. chuyennho184

    Thread [ROM] CM9 ported for LU6200 ( update new version 4/09/2012 )

    Hi all! Because I don't use LG LU6200 any more. Someone have my rom, please upload. Thanks!!! 1.1 Hi! I finished mod for CM9 SU640 19/8/2012 ported for LU6200. Please try to use & give me feedback about my mod rom. Download here: Flash from any ICS rom. 1. Fix USSD code. 2. Power saving. 3...
  8. chuyennho184

    Thread [ROM] v163 for LU6200 ( update new vesion 18/8/2012 )

    Hi all! Because I don't use LG LU6200 any more. Someone have my rom, please upload. Thanks!!! Hi! I finished mod rom base on stock rom version 163. Please download & try to use. Give me to your feedback about my rom. Flash rom by recovery. Sorry my bad English! Thanks ! Link download my rom...
  9. chuyennho184

    Thread How to fix ussd on LG LU6200?

    Hi! I have a problem with ussd on LG LU6200. How to fix ussd? I'm on rom cook v163. Please give me advice!
  10. chuyennho184

    Thread CM7 final get square font in letters

    Hi! My Nook 16GB on CM7 final but i have a problem about fonts. I see square font in the letters. How to fix it? Please give me advice! Thanks!
  11. chuyennho184

    Thread [Q] Can't turn off & boot my nook?

    Hi ! When I reboot my nook tablet to go to the cwm, only see "N" button & sandbox, and then disapear & repeated many times to low battery. I can't turn off my nook. Please give me advice!
  12. chuyennho184

    Thread Can't play gameloft on the NOOK Tablet 16GB v1.4.1?

    Hi! I have a NOOK Tablet 16GB v1.4.1 rooted. I want to play gameloft on it but force close. How to play gameloft on the NOOK Tablet? And games with data can't play on it? Need to install chainfire 3D? Which games compatible with it? Please give me advice! Sorry my bad English!