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    Thread Question Rooting/Bootloader Unlock for T-Mo variant

    Hey all, My family's looking at switching to T-Mo as my son's in the military and that have a great plan for that. I've always had unlocked OP phones, so the T-Mo variant is new to me. I've seen there's different things you had to do to unlock it. Is it rootable without the SIM unlock? And...
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    Thread Mystery gift is a lousy water bottle

    I had hoped that they would have sent those of us who ordered before the pop up box came up would have gotten the same gift, but boy was I wrong. A lousy water bottle included with the supposed $99 discount. Had I known, I would have cancelled and reordered. Anyone get a better mystery gift?
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    Thread Star Trek Timelines issues

    Hey all, I've been playing Star Trek timelines since it came out and I've had a lot of fun with it. It played pretty well on my M8 and Moto X Pure. However, the 10 has been problematic with they have being laggy and stuttery on it. I've tried it with combinations of LeeDroid, Viper10, and the...
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    Thread Why is HTC charging tax on orders?

    I just ordered my phone from HTC's site. I was quite surprised to see I got charged tax on my order. According to US law, they can only charge tax in states where they physically have a presence. In looking at their e-commerce partner, DR Globaltech, they only have physical locations in CA, WA...
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    Thread Unlockable bootloader!

    At the very least on the unlocked version, and covered under warranty too! http://www.htc.com/us/go/buy-htc-10/ "Your HTC warranty even covers bootloader unlocking on the HTC 10! For more bootloader unlocking info, visit www.htcdev.com" It still shows up if the AT&T version is clicked, but...
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    Thread MotoCare after boatloader unlock?

    I just got my MXP yesterday. Can I still buy MotoCare after I unlock my boatloader? Or do I need to buy it first? Sent from my HTC One_M8 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread Bluetooth Hell

    Hey all, I recently bought a new Honda Civic and I've been having a lot of problems with the Bluetooth. The connection process is very picky. The car will pair with the phone but the phone won't successfully pair with the car. The bigger problem, though, is that if I ever reboot my phone...
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    Thread AT&T M8 and UK LTE

    Just wanted to report that the M8 works on UK LTE frquencies. Bought a local SIM card from 3 and I was quite surprised to see LTE pop up. I was only expecting HSPA. So if anyone's going to the UK, you don't have to miss out on LTE goodness. :)
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    Thread Lyopota's HEQS Downloads

    Anyone know where you can (if at all) download Lyopota's HEQS mod included in some ROMs? I did some searches both here and on Google and wasn't able to find anything. Thanks!
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    Thread ROM for easiest transition to GSM/CDMA

    Hey all, I'm headed to Korea this week and I was going to reflash my ROM to allow for GSM data. So I'm looking at the Venasaur (Charmander if it gets released in time) or MIUI. I'd still like to use it on CDMA until I leave, but easily switch it to GSM while in Korea for data usage. What's...
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    Thread Update to latest RUU - Phone black screen, charge light on - stuck - bricked?

    Hey all, I started to update to the latest RUU following Scott's instructions. First half seemed to go ok. However, when the tried to reboot, the screen went black, and the orange LED at the top is stuck on. Phone's nonresponsive. It's been that way for about 45 minutes now. So right now...
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    Thread [Q] Dock with external HD

    Is it possible to use an external hard drive with this? Was thinking it would be a great to dump photos, etc to more quickly than using WiFi or MTP. If so, what do you have to do, and do you need ext3/4 file system? Thanks! Super
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    Thread [DUMP] Rooted system dump

    Ok folks, I have a rooted version of the OTA. I started off with .23 which was rooted by RazorClaw. I used Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper and restored it after the OTA and still have root. Now here's a dump of /system for you guys to poke around in. If there are any other areas...
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    Thread [Q] Differences between AmonRa and CWM?

    Thread title explains it. I've only ever used CWM and I'm not familiar with AmonRa. What's different about it, and does it work more or less the same as CWM? Thanks! Super
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    Thread [GUIDE] How to prevent the OTA if you can root with RazorClaw

    Ok folks, If you're lucky enough to get a TP that's rootable with RazorClaw, you're gonna wanna keep it. :D Problem is that Asus keeps trying to ram a firmware update down our throats that kills root. We can't have that. :) Problem with the OTA is that it keeps spamming you to update, and...
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    Thread [Q] Volume rocker issue?

    Just a quick question. My volume rocker seems to be a little over active. Like when I'm in CWM, when I'm moving to a selection, sometimes one click will move it like 2 or 3. It's pretty random when it does it, but it happens enough to be annoying. I have to be really deliberate about...
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    Thread [Q] How's your signal strength? [LTE]

    Hey all, I'm curious to how your reception is on the VZ GNex. I still have my Rezound here and it seems like I'm getting about -20db worse on the GNex compared to the Rezound. I'm curious - has anyone else experienced this? Thanks, Super
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    Thread Sense alarm sucks - alternatives?

    Hey all, Been having problems with the alarm since I moved to an HTC phone. I have 2 issues. If I have it on sound only, the sound goes once and then it goes to sleep. It doesn't repeat. The other thing, if I enable vibrate, the sound still goes once, but it will keep vibrating. I moved...
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    Thread [Q] Anyone else have crappy airport data on the Cappy?

    Hey all, Just want to check to see if anyone else has crappy data coverage and rates in airports around the nation. In many airports, data becomes unusable due to timing out, etc. I only really have had decent service at 2 airports - Denver and Salt Lake. It sucks at Baltimore (home...
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    Thread Wgere can I find DG's Cog wallpapers?

    Anyone know where I can get some of DG's old wallpapers from Cog? I really liked the blue binary one with the numbers at an angle, but haven't seen it in newer Perception or Cog Roms. Think it was in the Cog 2.x series. Thanks!
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    Thread Screen toast, need to go back to stock and wipe - help?

    Hey all, I have to send my phone back on insurance. However, the screen is jacked. It got a crack on the inside (no cracks on outer glass or dings on the phone itself - really weird). I can only see a small portion of the screen - the rest is all black. I'm currently running Perception and...
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    Thread 2.2 ROMs and Outlook syncing

    Hey all, I wanted to try one of the 2.2 ROMs floating out about there (and I actually did). With the 2.1 ROMs, it was pretty easy to sync my contacts, calendar, etc with Kies. However, when I tried a 2.2 ROM, the only Kies option was for a firmware update and it wouldn't do anything else. I...
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    Thread [Q] Captivate flashing/stock rom issues - ideas?

    Hey all, First let me say that I did read the FAQ and followed the instructions for flashing my Captivate. I like the TouchWiz type interface, so I tried the stock roms suggested in post 6 (I9000XWJM6 for Europe and I9000UGJH2 for Australia/Americas). When I flashed the I9000XWJM6, it flashed...