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  1. jasbur17

    Thread Call Quality - Noise Reduction/Cancellation

    My voice sounds like crap on the other end. Garbled and cut up. I hear them just fine. I do not have the problem on speakerphone. If i block the top microphone, I sound better on the other end. I had this exact problem with the last LG device I had, the Nexus 5. There were several threads about...
  2. jasbur17

    Thread Daydream screen turns off

    I use the daydream feature as a bedside clock. I plug it in, daydream clock comes on and all is good. When I wake up in the middle of the night the screen is off. Anyone know what is happening? Is this Doze? Any idea how to override?
  3. jasbur17

    Thread Camera flash ring cutout/hole?

    Does anyone else have this hole? Top left of the ring
  4. jasbur17

    Thread [Q] Noise Reduction/Cancellation

    It seems that the tone of my voice is partially seen as background noise by most phones :( To the people I'm talking to, my voice is not very clear. I had a Galaxy S3 and there was an option to disable "noise reduction" and that pretty much took care of the problem. Does anyone know of anyway to...
  5. jasbur17

    Thread Pin lock bypass at home?

    I thought I read that you can set favorite or home wifi networks and when the phone is connected to one of those networks the pin lock would disable itself. Anybody else read that somewhere? Do you know where the setting is? THANKS!
  6. jasbur17

    Thread Selling NeXus - NFC / Google Wallet concerns

    Are there any steps I should take to clear me from the phone? I think I remember reading that after a factory reset and a different sim, the wallet account still showed as the previous user?
  7. jasbur17

    Thread Play Store

    My market just changed to the play store. It FCs before I can accept the terms. I'm on GalaxyTask 14. In fact I just went to GT14 so I tried wiping clean and I still get the FC on the store. Anyone else?
  8. jasbur17

    Thread iTunes Match

    Has anyone considered using this to standardize their music collection? I have a bunch of music from all different sources with varying degrees of information attached and mixed sound quality. I think this would upgrade all of my music to a good quality with proper tags and artwork for $25. What...
  9. jasbur17

    Thread Youtube app force closing

    Force closes as soon as i try to play a video. Anyone else just start having this problem? Googled it, and found a forum post but didn't feel like registering. http://www.galaxytabforums.net/forum/galaxy-tab-10-1-help/3593-youtube-force-close.html I did factory wipe and again without allowing...
  10. jasbur17

    Thread Where's Visual Voicemail

    We saw the demo, but... Does anyone know anything about it? Is it definitely only for Google Voice? Availability?
  11. jasbur17

    Thread Icons vary in review videos

    Does anyone know why there are 2 different versions of icons? I talking about the phone, messaging and internet ones at the bottom of the screen. Here are 2 examples... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a88bh-AyASM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfZPO01JKjU
  12. jasbur17

    Thread 10-12 Hours of Standby???????

    Excuse me? http://blogs.barrons.com/techtraderdaily/2011/03/09/google-xoom-still-weak-says-global-equities-honeycomb-a-mess/?mod=BOLBlog