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  1. fredcezar

    Post HELP: will pay for fix that works $.

    Try to charge your phone straight 24hrs.that fixes the issue for me.
  2. fredcezar

    Post [ROM+Kitchen][WWE][Freya][WM 6.5.3 build 23138][Sense 2.5.2019][23-Sept-10]

    I install Album 3.0 and found no bug on menu font,and also compared to album 3.2, you need to tap all the way twice to get the home wallpaper launch the album, but in album 3.0 you can launch it w/ ease. -also can you add a version of your rom with htc menu enhancement from rhodium or topaz...
  3. fredcezar

    Post [ROM+Kitchen][WWE][Freya][WM 6.5.3 build 23138][Sense 2.5.2019][23-Sept-10]

    the best rom for me,nearly "bug free" except for the small font on change wallpaper album, i hope there would be a fix for that..
  4. fredcezar

    Post [ROM+Kitchen][WWE][Freya][WM 6.5.3 build 23138][Sense 2.5.2019][23-Sept-10]

    you're welcome..i'll be waiting for your next release.. im currently using your rom its fast,i'm still looking for a cab fix on status update on facebook contact card because it is still in wvga.
  5. fredcezar

    Post [ROM+Kitchen][WWE][Freya][WM 6.5.3 build 23138][Sense 2.5.2019][23-Sept-10]

    fix add recipient bug use "ContactPicker_v1.0.1919.1324.cab" to fix add recipient. ill try to upload it later..
  6. fredcezar

    Post [19.09.2009] WM6.5 Build 23053 WWE bikertibi edition

    how can i disable the scroll sound on this rom? is there any registry setting for that? pls help...thanks
  7. fredcezar

    Post [Kitchen][CLOSED] Diamond-GSM-Kitchen [23420 / 23060 / 21859][WWE]

    23001 lobsterdave,thanks for your kitchen,im using the latest 23004,but it has some icon/graphic issue,can u also post a plugin for 23001 build? or other build who has no graphic issue?thank you very much.
  8. fredcezar

    Post [Kitchen][CLOSED] Diamond-GSM-Kitchen [23420 / 23060 / 21859][WWE]

    tf3d2 hi in touchflo 3d2 when pressing the home tab to scroll it shows some line below, is there a fix for that certain manila file?
  9. fredcezar

    Post [Kitchen][CLOSED] Diamond-GSM-Kitchen [23420 / 23060 / 21859][WWE]

    youtube i cant make the youtube work,i use the mHubVO_1_73_090424_X0 as well as the youtube in the kitchen but when i try to play a video it says "cannot play this video" pls help..thanks
  10. fredcezar

    Post [WWE][Kitchen] DeepShining 8.3 - WM6.5 + TF3D2.1 [23017]

    tf3d 2 landscape hi is it possible to enable g sensor for tf3d 2 landscape? i enable the g sensor but the tf3d 2 is not rotating in landscape.
  11. fredcezar

    Post [WWE][Kitchen] DeepShining 8.3 - WM6.5 + TF3D2.1 [23017]

    mirror pls i'm having a hard time downloading from the link.mirror pls
  12. fredcezar

    Post [ROM+KITCHEN][31/05/09][WM6.5 B21725][TF3D2] Gen.Y Beta1.2.9 [DISCONTINUED]

    i think its bcoz tf3d is ported from a wvga device, that has a wider screen try it on landscape and those pile of photos will show.
  13. fredcezar

    Post PDAVIET ROM WM 6.5 CE OS 5.2.21501 By TranMinhMan

    this rom is fast, but opera and youtube doesn't work,
  14. fredcezar

    Post [16-JUL-2011] pcarvalho eXtreme ROM

    working youtube @ pacarvalho,thanks for sharing your rom, your a great man this rom is the most stable for me, opera-working quickgps-working large titlebar/volume-working i install this two cab from herg m2d thread -03 YouTubeQVGA and.mHubVO -05 FSP, DShow, WMP, YouTube, Video Fixes and...
  15. fredcezar

    Thread spb mobile shell 3 download

    ive found this on some site, its the new spb mobile shell v3, pls support the author by buying this great software it works great.. http://softspb.com/ext/mobileshell/6362-DFFE3R-KJ345FE-VZ/SpbMobileShell3_setup.exe
  16. fredcezar

    Post can't downgrade drom radio ROM

    radio v1.58 first i had experienced this, i found a solution for this, by downgrading to radio 1.58, then i install radio 1.59
  17. fredcezar

    Post PDAVIET WM6.5 (Core 21198) by TranMinhMan

    you can use the fsp,youtube,wmp video fix cab, from hergs post of M2D at the forum
  18. fredcezar

    Post PDAVIET WM6.5 (Core 21198) by TranMinhMan

    youtube the youtube on the coreplayer also works fine, but the opera really is not working,i've tried many builds but still no luck, the IE is a bit laggy compared to opera
  19. fredcezar

    Post PDAVIET WM6.5 (Core 21198) by TranMinhMan

    htc youtube hi! does anyone tried if the htc youtube works on this rom? I try to install the youtube cab but it hangs when I open the program.
  20. fredcezar

    Post ROM POLARIS WM6.1 M2D with Footprints

    password hi! i would like to try your ROM, can you share me your password? pls pm me.tnx.
  21. fredcezar

    Post [APP] TF3D QVGA Standby Standalone | v1.1a Ready !

    its on the phone settings/sytem/power
  22. fredcezar

    Post [APP] TF3D QVGA Standby Standalone | v1.1a Ready !

    the version 1.0 has no backlight/screen detection issue, it uses the default phone setting i think,im looking for this version too,but no one has replied me yet,:cool:
  23. fredcezar

    Post [APP] TF3D QVGA Standby Standalone | v1.1a Ready !

    no reply??anyone?thanks in advance.
  24. fredcezar

    Post [APP] TF3D QVGA Standby Standalone | v1.1a Ready !

    version 1.0 hi can someone send me a link of the version1.0 it doesnt have the backlight issue
  25. fredcezar

    Post [APP] TF3D QVGA Standby Standalone | v1.1a Ready !

    uncheck the tf3d in today settings before putting the tf3dstandby.exe in the "\Windows\start up\" directory then restart tf3dstandby.exe won't work if the tf3d in today settings was checked
  26. fredcezar

    Post [APP] TF3D QVGA Standby Standalone | v1.1a Ready !

    great.... ;) i'ved tried it and it worked on my touch cruise thanks for this simple,small,very useful app for tf3d,
  27. fredcezar

    Post [LG Ks20] [20Oct09] WM6.1 KisS20.5b Rom (5.2.20755) [WWE]

    mms hi im using v20.3 of this nice rom,i would like to know if i could remove the mms program and replace it w/ arcsoft mms, because im having a problem putting my network settings in the default mms app, im using smart network here in philippines. everytime i install the arcsoft mms and try to...
  28. fredcezar

    Post [App] [4.28.09-Update 23]M2D - NEW manila 2d build 1.20.19131530.00 NOW UP

    official youtube qvga cab i am using wm6.1 build 20270 and the htc youtube is working also i tried build 20273 and it also works, aside from the two builds i mentioned, newer build stops htcyoutube from working build 207xx and up. try the two builds if u like the htcyoutube to work.
  29. fredcezar

    Post Calling all programmers to help finish xperia-like Dynamo 3 task switcher!

    this is app is great, calling all programmers who can help finish this cool stuff,
  30. fredcezar

    Post My clean version of no rom maker name stamp WM 6.1

  31. fredcezar

    Post [Updated 05-Oct-2008] CRCs Release 14.1 Development Thread - Build 20755

    vieo/movie playing hangs i also experience hangs/skips on the new build. when i play movie on the coreplayer first it would run smoothly but when i try to skip or move forward on the movie it will start skipping then it hangs. im back to crcs r9 build 19199 and it gives me no problem at all...
  32. fredcezar

    Post PDA VIET ROM WM6.1 V4.26.03.08,CE OS 5.2.19209 Build 19209.1.0.0.PNT

    can't download hi,can someone post a mirror link,I can't download w/ mediafire, im using ppc over wifi. tnx in advance..ü
  33. fredcezar

    Post [WM6.1] Hermes ShadoW 2.1 TE

    home plugin weather update i can't update the weather on the htc home plugin, is there any fix for this issue?,.. tnx..very nice rom,..
  34. fredcezar

    Post (ROM)(WWE)WM6 0.7.2 (Discontinued)

    thanks... i like this rom, im still using it right now, it just had a little bug with the a2dp ,but the rest of it works fine..thanks sir homer...:)
  35. fredcezar

    Post Crystal V5.1 (Kaiser Edition) (Has GPRS Problem)

    volume ringtone sound try this regs, maybe this could help for the ringtone volume to fix.must be in 100% Change ringtone/vibrate/LED flash characteristics If you would like more control over how your device rings/vibrates/flashes its LEDs on events, you can can change the Script values of...
  36. fredcezar

    Post Crystal V5.1 (Kaiser Edition) (Has GPRS Problem)

    crystal v5.0 im using crystal v5.0,i think it is less buggy than v5.1,
  37. fredcezar

    Post Crystal V5 (BigStorage Edition)Coming soon with the new Build

    password this sounds great!ill try this soon,...thanks hma4! btw, i have one question,.... does this ROM fixed the "password issue" in all wm6 ROM for prophet?...i hope it does..
  38. fredcezar

    Post Absolutely new and different WM6 ROM for Prophet! (Korand WWE 1 Clean)

    password.. does this rom fix the password problem issue like in other wm6 roms? i hope it does... willing to try this rom as soon as i got enough free time,
  39. fredcezar

    Post The Phone is not ready Error Message

    i fixed mine. i had the save problem with my imatejamin in wm6 gullum official rom, the error always shows when sending sms, what i did: 1.hard reset-(if not work), 2.re-install your rom,(no vendor wm5->wm6 rom) then my prophet is back to normal,i think it has something to do w/ the apps that...
  40. fredcezar

    Post Prophet Touch VIII

    new commanager wow! sir gullum,thanks for this new rom,its cool, ill try to flash it in my jamin as soon as i got my free time, anyway,.can you give me link,in where i can download the new commanager? thanks in advance...;)