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    Thread LG G3 D855 "Secure Boot error"

    I know this has happend to other people, but nothing worked for me. Maybe some of you guys had same problem. I can't go into "Download mode" My PC doesn't recognize device But I can go into recovery. I have flashed latest recovery. Tried flashing latest LOS (it flashes without any errors) but...
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    Thread Data recovery from dead phone

    My friend phone died (stuck on LG logo while trying to boot up). Is there anyway to recover data from it? Maybe somebody have faced same issues :confused:
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    Thread Google play games error

    Hey does anybody know why after some time g+ games stops working. It says "an internal error has accoured" or nothing happens. In some games says that I need to check my internet connection but WIFI works fine. But this problem appear in most of the custom ROMs but It does not appear only in...
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    Thread [Q] Galaxy S2 showing that he is charging,but the AC is unpluged

    Hello XDA members.I faced bit strange problem.SGS2 (I-9100) is showing that he is charging but the charger is unpluged. I noticed that couple days ago when phone started to do some strange things like usb doesn't react to pluging it.Tried reflash,full wipe and changing to another battery and...
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    Thread Phone freezes

    When I am browsing on the internet,menu or watching movies it works like a charm.But when I start any game after 1 minute (maximum) I'm getting freezes (I found that "Where's my water" and "Cut the rope" works without freezes).I had used Roms : rootbox,helly bean and kernels : dorimanx and...
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    Thread [Q] Why games always crashes

    I am getting freezes after 1 minute or less when playing games (have to force shutdown phone).Maybe I did something with performance control (governor and IO scheduler),becouse when i am watching movies,listening music or browsing on the internet i don't get any freezes.I have tried 3 different...