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    Thread [Q] R800a Dead

    Hi guys, i need some help... I have a xperia play r800a here....it doesn't turn on...... I can conect it on my computer on flash mode..... I tryed to flash some roms using flashtools, but it didn't work..... The screen is black....it vibrates, but only this..... I tryed a rom, and it appears the...
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    Thread [Q] L3 e400 - SD Merdge

    Hi guys, it's my first time here, i'm having problems to install sd merge on my phone, i've tryed to install this but i can't. Is there a specific way to install it? I've downloaded step 1 and step 2, i install setp 1, after this the phone restart and CWM is different, when i install step 2 an...