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    Thread LG G5 Pink (buying)

    Anyone interested in selling an LG G5 pink? I have paypal and my wife wants it.
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    Thread Blu Pure XL alternate rom

    Hi folks, I was able to flash the Elephone Vowney rom into my Blu Pure XL. Rom is running smoothly, just need to fix RIL and some other libs that I imagine can be copied from BLU PXL original rom or the V19 update. Anyone willing to help, please reply to this thread as I was already fed with the...
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    Thread Is it possible to port?

    I found this rom for the Leeco 1s that has the same chipset as our beloved phones. Could it be possible for someone more DEV to try to port this rom for our phones? Here is the link
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    Thread Anyone still need an "unlocked" ZVD system.img?

    Here's ZVD System.img "unlocked".
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    Thread Modem

    Can anyone post a flashable modem twrp backup or a modem.img backup from a BLU Pure XL? Mine got corrupted partitions bcs I flashed a wrong twrp, then I flashed a Gionee rom and after an Allure A100 rom, now that I flashed the stock Blu Generic V16 version my phone doesnt get 4G/LTE and it...
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    Thread (possible fix) proximity sensor

    So many ZF2 have this problem until after the MM update as mine did too. Disassemble your phone Turn it on Place a call Press the part that I signalled in the picture I uploaded With your other hand place it in front of the sensor Then remove it If it works then its just that the sensor is...
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    Thread Damaged antenna

    Didnt do my homework first of searching the forums! For anyone still looking for solution THIS FORUM has it :good: Hi my antenna broke and now I can't make calls and my data doesn't work. Could someone with advances skills help me? Or point me in the right direction ? In fue attached pic you...
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    Thread (GUIDE) Unbrick (secure boot error) without restoring to stock

    I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PEOPLE NOT FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS OR HARD BRICKED PHONES. To follow this guide you must at least be able to access TWRP or Download mode or Fastboot at least. (This guide applies too if your phone boots but with the Secure Boot error 1003 <- this error doesnt let your...
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    Thread (REQUEST) H631 20G EMMC Backup

    Can anyone with a rooted Stylo on 20G update make an EMMC backup and upload it. I would really be grateful. This is the way to do it: Use command backup mmcblk0 adb shell su dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0 of=/data/media/0/H631EMMC20G.img bs=1024 count=1048576 if you have SD Card (this would be...
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    Thread Possibly custom Stock Rom?

    Has anyone tried to get send_command.exe working with their verizonV10. Theres a method that the G4 users use where they load LG Up with the current firmware and then pull the plug to leave open the com port for flashing a custom stock system.img to the phone. Any feedback on this would be great!
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    Thread EFS backup

    #DELETE Super helping community :good: *sarcasm intended*
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    Thread Delete thread please

    Delete please
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    Thread Beware of zv9 update

    As the title states. If you dont want to break LTE with band 4 (1700/2100) AWS band dont update to ZV9. randrew87 and myself tested the root on zv9 and tried to activate band 4 and it gives an error. Network states as "LG" in /SETTINGS/ABOUT/NETWORK. It would seem like data works but no calls...
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    Thread Custom Stock Rom>?

    Sj12345 randrew87 justinswidebody Buddys have you seen this LG G4 stock modded rom? They flash it like we flash our rooted stock imgs. http://forum.xda-developers.com/sprint-g4/development/zv6-ultrapop-rom-v1-2-ls991-g4-t3211725 Its very interesting, maybe we could do the same with flex2?
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    Thread Return to stock LS996 (Stock system.img)

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    Thread Sprint OTA

    Just got notification of OTA update to patch stagefright on LS996. Im rooted so I guess I'll wait for mods to update and patch root new system.img Anyone know where I can pull the update.zip never done it in lollipop...
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    Thread Crossdll

    Has anyone tried to flash the INT version system.img to LS996? I remember flashing G Flex1 with any tot or KDZ without bricking the phone. I wanted to know if any mod or standard user has tried to flash any variants system.img or rootedsystem.img to LS996. Would be interesting cause when I...
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    Thread Hard Bricked D850PR

    So the story goes as this: ATT G3 accidentally flashed a D851 rom... phone rebooted now its a hard brick I have tried every method to restore it to stock (lg flashtool 2014 and old flash tool method, tried enter TWRP nothing happened) My phone is detected as it were in Download mode, but it...
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    Thread help with crossdl

    So I crossdl'd my LS995 to D958. Cant get these two to work: Videocam and NFC Dont know why exactly. Can any dev help with this?
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    Thread Delete... No interest taken

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    Thread Flex update? LS995

    Anyone getting an update on their Sprint Flex after ZV7? My phone just got an update notificacion 228mb or so. I´m using it overseas so I dont know if this will affect anything. It says version ZV7 to ZV9...
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    Thread Lumia 820 Prototype

    So I got this Nokia Lumia 820 Prototype and it came to me bricked, I have tried many methods to unbrick it, it is detected in recovery mode but when I try to flash in Nokia product support 2013 with no luck, have tried many variants but no product code is similar to the one on this proto. Hope...
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    Thread Failed flash RSD or Atrix Utility

    Ok so I got the same errors that everyone is getting with the utility n RSD on my pc... I had the drivers and all the correct flashes and programs. What went down is that every single time I tried to flash any method it failed, what was wrong? I wasnt using one of the back USB ports of my...
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    Thread Successfully Root Alcatel OT 906y

    I've seen a lot of users around the net looking for "how to root the Alcatel OT906y"... including me... I did this in Windows 7 X64 Download SuperOneClick from THIS FORUM Download Alcatels Android Manager (includes almost all drivers needed) Download the Android development kit for Windows...
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    Thread Change HTC Excalibur Language

    Hi, mi dear modder friends, i wanted to know, how can i change the language in a HTC Excalibur, a friend of mine killed it, (i dont know how), and i was able to update the ROM to this one: 1.33.422.1 (Worldwide English, WM6), but the problem is, he doesn't know very much how to speak or read...