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  1. MoshPuiu

    Post Call recorder app

    1. Sorry, I don't speak english very well! The point is, Google hide this feature and Samsung did the same thingin some countries. 2. The code is there in all ROMs but if you don't have the proper CSC you cannot activate it unless you root your phone and modify CSC features. 3. All that bunch...
  2. MoshPuiu

    Post Active 2 LDU watch faces

    You have already given your answer!
  3. MoshPuiu

    Post File manager problem

    Then you should use Total Commander... ;)
  4. MoshPuiu

    Post TOUCH PROBLEMS (maybe not?)

    I also had a positive test, but I didn't have any real problems or at least I didn't notice them!
  5. MoshPuiu

    Post Smart Switch or OTA?

    I once had a Samsung J2, bought new, which could not find an OTA update. I decided to update it via Smart Switch. After the reboot it started in the purest Chinese language, no google services, no google play, only Chinese apps. I wasted a few hours on Chinese forums until I found an English and...
  6. MoshPuiu

    Post Android 11 update fixed the touchscreen issue (for my S20FE Exynos) & the phone feels faster as well

    For me it's the same as before. Hardware problems can never be resolved completely by software solutions...
  7. MoshPuiu

    Post [Beta] Galaxy S20 FE 5G OneUI 3.0 Android 11

    Downloading right now in Romania ;)
  8. MoshPuiu

    Post Fingerprint Scanner is disappointing slow

    You probably have a problem with your phone. I had S10 until I bought S20 FE 5G (I gave S10 to my son). The fingerprint sensor is ok and faster than the ultrasonic one on the S10. I specify that it is valid for glass protection. On the S10 I had 'whitestone dome glass' and on the S20 I had...
  9. MoshPuiu

    Post Cheap glass screen protectors

    I use Spigen GLAS.tR Full Cover Glass and Case Rugged Armor. Beautiful.
  10. MoshPuiu

    Post Call recorder app

    Starting with android 9, Google bans call recording in many countries. So, If you are somewhere where GDPR rules then you have nothing to do, unless you root your phone...
  11. MoshPuiu

    Post What's the process to install custom ringtones?

    Just copy ringtones into the folder Ringtones! If the folder doesn't exists, make it!
  12. MoshPuiu

    Post ECG/BP on Android 6

    I'm afraid you must update your phone to Android 7. You can try custom ROM if official isn't available...
  13. MoshPuiu

    Post Bottom microphone faulty?

    The same thing happened to a friend of mine, but his phone was under warranty and, indeed, his motherboard was replaced. After about a year it happened again and he sent it back for repair. My friend suspects it happened because of the strong electromagnetic fields at work ... Fortunately...
  14. MoshPuiu

    Post Samsung Original Wireless Fast Charger Duo Pad 2.0

    My 'fast charge' charger is as slow as the 6 times cheaper one I have had for more than a year, this means that a full charge takes about 3 hours. I bought it because I got a smartwatch and I didn't want to have two chargers on my desk. I wiped the cache partition but the situation is the same...
  15. MoshPuiu

    Post call recorder help ?

    Nope, it doesn't record both sides. I tested this app last year and I tested it now again and it seems they found a better way to record from speakers. The level of background noise is high but you can hear the other voice, so... beter than nothig...
  16. MoshPuiu

    Post Is a Galaxy watch compatible with Huawei mate 9 or does it not matter

    My advice for those who want to perfectly match the smartphone with the watch: If you own a huawei smartphone then buy a huawei watch and if you own a samsung smartphone then buy a samsung watch! Otherwise, after few updates of one or another nobody guarrantee if pair samsung/huawei/xiaomi or...
  17. MoshPuiu

    Post call recorder help ?

    Because it is a kernel-related restriction, no application will be able to bypass it. So, the answer is: none. Except, of course, if you are on custom roms or rooted...
  18. MoshPuiu

    Post S10 nav bar: long press screen off?

    As far as I know, Nicelock app is available on every phone. So follow https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-9/themes/app-nicelock-goodlock-2019-launcher-pie-t3908648 to install and use Navstar.
  19. MoshPuiu

    Post S10 nav bar: long press screen off?

    You can use Navstar (from Nicelock or Goodlock) to put the 4th button on the navbar like in the picture.
  20. MoshPuiu

    Post [G973F] [DTJA] [November] links for official updates S10 Exynos

    For me Nova launcher works exactly like before update. I made OTA update and the only app who did not work was ACR (another call recorder). But for that app I found yesterday v33-unchained which is compatible with Android 10. Updated ACR and it works also like before. NiceLock and all the...
  21. MoshPuiu

    Post Call recording on android 10

    Call recording is blocked from the kernel and is only allowed in certain local versions or custom roms. It has been a long time since it was implemented. It is very likely to be maintained in the new versions because there were very many signs of user dissatisfaction but Google did not react...
  22. MoshPuiu

    Post New FingerPrint UPDATE

    Anyone tried this on Whitestone glass? I'm afraid it could be worst after update. Edit later: everything is OK after update, even better than before
  23. MoshPuiu

    Post [App] Edge Lighting fix for all Apps with screen off (ACTUAL Edge Lighting)

    Please do something with the list of applications because is difficult to navigate through all apps and system apps. I think it is a good ideea to display the apps like the system do: only if you want you can display system apps, like the phone's menu do. I've noticed even if I select an app...
  24. MoshPuiu

    Post [App] Edge Lighting fix for all Apps (ACTUAL Edge Lighting)

    Please do something with the list of applications because is difficult to navigate through all apps and system apps. I think it is a good ideea to display the apps like the system do: only if you want you can display system apps, like the phone's menu do. I've noticed even if I select an app...
  25. MoshPuiu

    Post [G973F] [DTJA] [November] links for official updates S10 Exynos

    Nothing about turn off AOD when in pocket or some notification ring as was rumored in some forums...
  26. MoshPuiu

    Post My solution for the whitestone dome fingerprint issue

    I've noticed that too... You'll have to re-register the fingers after few days for better results. It is hard to explain but also the process of registering could be repeted few times until the result is good. You could imagine the glass/glue damage the real image of finger so you have to scan...
  27. MoshPuiu

    Post Removed My Whitestone Protector

    Before the whitestone protector I had a similar protection which I broke it. I can tell you some conclusions: do not hurry with registering fingerprints. It seems the glue needs some days (maybe a week) to reach the final and stable composition. For me it takes two weeks to register fingerprints...
  28. MoshPuiu

    Post [App] bxActions - Remap the Bixby button on S10! single, double and long press!

    Is there any actions related to the phone app? I mean not to open the app, but to mute the call, put it on speaker, record it and so on... I did not find anything even in pro version related to this. Future versions will contain this type of actions?
  29. MoshPuiu

    Post [App] bxActions - Remap the Bixby button on S10! single, double and long press!

    Hi Jawomo Please show me now to achieve this simple behaviour: Phone is in standby, answer the call by pressing Bixby button and also turn on speakerphone. Until now I have tried bixby routines like "Answer this call and put it on speaker" but this works only if the phone is unlocked...
  30. MoshPuiu

    Post Call recorder with contacts permission

    Or you can try ACR-Unchained
  31. MoshPuiu

    Post Ringtone going to silent

    No, just search 'logcat' on google play...
  32. MoshPuiu

    Post Ringtone going to silent

    Try one app from Google Play...
  33. MoshPuiu

    Post Ringtone going to silent

    You have a custom ROM so why don't you see your logcat?
  34. MoshPuiu

    Post How do you relock a U11 to receive OTA updates?

    What OTA update? Don't bother for once a year update...
  35. MoshPuiu

    Post Any info for this unit? RK-A701

    Isn't goody enough the default one?
  36. MoshPuiu

    Post Any info for this unit? RK-A701

    You cannot have Android 4.4 at this time... So you don't have to upgrade it to 5.1. Looking at serial number it is possible to be Android 6.0.1. Maybe you should check your unit before to do further updates.
  37. MoshPuiu

    Post sd card write problem

    Try to search something like that: 'mass production utility', usually under this name you can find utilities to access the chips. It is time consuming to find what chip/controller your card use and find an utility which can access that chip since samsung do not publish such a tool... You can...
  38. MoshPuiu

    Post sd card write problem

    Sometimes, when you pull out the memory card unexpectedly (also the pen drives or even memory sticks on pc) you can lock the card. It denies to write on it. This happens due to the chip controller of the memory card. The only solution is to repair it on PC with special software tools from...
  39. MoshPuiu

    Post Screen Protector Recommendations

    Has anyone tried ClearPlex protector? Nevermind... I bought one from Smart Protection and it fits perfectly.
  40. MoshPuiu

    Post Fastboot Unknown Command

    fastboot oem lock
  41. MoshPuiu

    Post Battery drain after OS update

    restore to factory settings
  42. MoshPuiu

    Post [ROM][A500xx][TW-MM] hadesRom v2.6 [08.09.2017][Discontinued]

    ...because Samsung said AOD needs HARDWARE support to work properly and to not drain battery. Just porting AOD to devices who doesn't have that support means you can taste it's flavour but not its benefit. Sad but true...
  43. MoshPuiu

    Post Any info for this unit? RK-A701

    18-> +12Vcc from reverse lights (or backup lights). On activation it will switch automatically the screen to video input R-CAM (RCA side). 19-> +12Vcc from brake circuit. It is used for safety regarding watch movies during driving. It will be use according the settings. So, when you want to...
  44. MoshPuiu

    Post [ROM][A500xx][TW-MM] hadesRom v2.6 [08.09.2017][Discontinued]

    I think you should use it, and remember it is an A series phone not S... You should not have more expectations that the hardware can do... Still this version of ROM and kernel brings this phone as close as possible of its limits.
  45. MoshPuiu

    Post How to Install Gapps on SM-A7000 with out rooting

    You must find a ROM version with Gapps included and flash it with Odin. Search chinese forums... it is very likely to find a custom ROM for A7000 with Gapps. Or try to flash with Odin official versions like these found on www.sammobile.com.
  46. MoshPuiu

    Post A5 2015 SM-A500FU WiFi Issues with Speedport W 724V Typ B

    You should ask your internet provider about this situation...
  47. MoshPuiu

    Post [ROM][A500xx][TW-MM] hadesRom v2.6 [08.09.2017][Discontinued]

    I have FU variant. I tried with one phone and I only receive files, I can not transmit files (I tried even with a 94k pdf file, I get error). Tonight I will make some others tests with my wife and my kid's phones... Edit: Just made a test with a S8 and works OK! So mabey in some conditions it...
  48. MoshPuiu

    Post [ROM][A500xx][TW-MM] hadesRom v2.6 [08.09.2017][Discontinued]

    Tested with pictures transfer and I can only receive pictures from other phone. When I try to send pictures it won't work, everytime I get an error 'size too big' for transfer...
  49. MoshPuiu

    Post [ROM][A500xx][TW-MM] hadesRom v2.6 [08.09.2017][Discontinued]

    It happened to me sometimes when I press home button when I'm in Google play. First, It appears that message and I have to press it again and exit from google play to homescreen. I cleared cache and dalvik last night and it did not happened again until now ... But It is too soon to see if this...
  50. MoshPuiu

    Post [ROM][A500xx][TW-MM] hadesRom v2.6 [08.09.2017][Discontinued]

    I also have a job and a family and kids and a very few little free time so I know what you mean and I really apreciate your effort to continue the ROM series! For me, it is not a requesting what I said in the post earlier, it was just an opinion...