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    Thread Question Note 10 pro max touch issues?

    Anybody facing touch issues on your device? I have the Indian variant sweetin having a lot of touch issue especially in low brightness. It doesn't recognize touches at all.
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    Thread [N950F DS] Problem with Dual sim data switching

    I have the Dual SIM model. I use 2 SIMs one of which only works in LTE. The problem is, whenever I switch mobile data from SIM1 to SIM2, it changes SIM2's network mode to LTE. So, SIM1 will not work. Is there any workaround for this?
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    Thread [N950F] Dual 4G support?

    Does any rom or mod support LTE on both sim at the same time?
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    Thread Phone not charging

    Today I woke up, put my phone to charge and after couple of hours, I see that the phone has not charged even 1%. It has completely stopped charging. Tried using other cables, other sockets. Even other chargers. It's not charging. Any help? Android version : 8.0.0 Nitrogen OS Build - 31-oct...