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    Thread Replacing the absolute garbage Microsoft Launcher...

    *PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ANOTHER LAUNCHER INSTALLED BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH THIS* There isn't much to it. Stock, if you try to select another launcher, the MS Launcher overlays on top of your chosen default launcher. The solution? Disable it... Enable debuging menu and USB debugging Plug...
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    Thread Olixar screen protector

    Thought I would share my experience with this; it's a royal pain to install properly (especially after installing the oem bumper case). BUT, it adds the grip the phone needs in folded mode for one hand use. I just installed it over the screen protector that comes with the phone...
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    Thread Restoring apps from Hisuite?

    Mine shows up tomorrow. I am backing up my Mate 20 X to hisuite with all the apps. Has anyone tried restoring all those apps to the Mate XS or X from hisuite? The vast majority of them are google play store apps.
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    Thread Auto Brightness VERY Dark

    Has anyone else noticed this or do I have a bad light sensor? My phone almost always goes to the minimum, or damn near minimum brightness when I turn on auto-bright.
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    Thread Does your fold still fold out totally flat?

    Mine doesn't, and I'm not totally sure it hasn't always been this way and I am just now noticing it, but it is REALLY annoying. I sent it back to samsung and they sent it right back to me after looking at it for what I suspect was about 3 minutes and determining its totally fine. Just wanted...
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    Thread Hinge no longer folding flat.

    Has anyone else noticed after four/five months or so that the phone no longer wants to fold out flat? Seems like some resistance has build up in the hinge on mine, making it rest ever so slightly still bent. I wonder if that's a warranty-able problem...
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    Thread Wide View

    So far the only app I have found that works with "wide view" is chrome. Is there a setting sonewhere to add more apps to this view? For me, wide view is the entire point of a phone like this. LG adding functionality to use the phone purely in wide view mode is pretty much a must for it to be...
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    Thread Tencent - No Fan and No 30w power supply

    Just an FYI if you are looking at the tencent 128gb version; it does not come with the rear fan, which is no big deal. But it also doesn't come with the proper 30w power supply to power the mobile desktop dock. So if you want to use that, you'll have to pay $50 for the charger as well, as that...
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    Thread Tencent Version Removable Packages

    I was able to remove the following with no repercussions. You need ADB access to do so, use the command "adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 packagename" com.android.browser com.tencent.mocmna com.tencent.mia.trs com.ifytek.inputmethod.custom com.iflytek.inputmethod.custom...
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    Thread Stock Android Experience

    I read somewhere that you can choose the Asus UI or stock Android UI when setting up the phone. Is that true or do you have to buy something like a "Google play edition" phone to get the stock Android UI?
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    Thread China Software vs International - Differences?

    I am eyeballing a china version on ebay in the US because I don't want to wait until september. I know some folks have already found a way to flash the international software on the china phone, but is that needed? Are there major software differences between the chinese and international...
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    Thread Convert Chinese to International?

    Is there any process yet to flash the international firmware to the Chinese edition?
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    Thread I got 4G working on Verizon!

    To preface this... I still cannot make calls, as those use CDMA, but I have data. I use google voice for calls anyway, so having no cdma is no skin off my back. This will probably work for the Pro or Mate 20 What I did: Through Verizon chat, I requested specifically that the agent put in a...
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    Thread Mobile network standby

    Has anyone else noticed excessive battery use with this? It is always at the top of my drain list... Even higher than Screen.
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    Thread Adjust display size on Chinese version?

    Is there no way to adjust the display size on the Chinese rom? I see the setting under display/advanced, but if I expand advanced I do not see the option. The display size is way too high for me, I usually keep it at the lowest setting.
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    Thread 4.5.15 to latest - cannot get any rom to flash with recovery

    I have a buddy with an out of date OP5 that I have been trying to get updated to 5.5.5 for him. I had him download the 5.1.5 official rom from the oneplus downloads, and that zip fails with the stock recovery that is currently installed. I then fastboot flashed and booted twrp for...
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    Thread Bricked - EDL Mode only

    I have the AT&T version and I bricked it by attempting to flash CN 2.1. I knew the risks and its not a huge deal, but I was wondering if anyone has had any success unbricking this phone with miflash or qfil? I cannot seem to find a programmer that will flash this thing correctly. Most of them...
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    Thread Attempting to flash an oem update.zip for P996A26 on Z999

    Since the zte axon m dev forums are damn near dead, I am turning to you folks. I have an american (AT&T) Axon M which is called Z999 in build.prop which I am trying to flash the chinese software on, because the chinese software is 8.1 and USA is 7.1.2. The bootloader is not yet unlocked, there...
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    Thread Always on Display Question

    I haven't yet been able to figure out how to get all app notifications on the AOD, only calls and messages. But there is something weird at the bottom of this particular clock, the default one. It says it can display "widgets". Anyone have any clue what that means?
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    Thread Desktop mode?

    Has anyone gotten desktop mode working? I haven't been able to with any adapter that worked with my mate 10 pro...
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    Thread "Smallest Width" developer optuon - set by script?

    So I have a ZTE axon M, the dual screen phone, without root. And while most people can just set smallest width when they boot the phone and it will stick, with the dual screens it resets every time you open or close the phone, making it very annoying to constantly set again. So I was hoping...
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    Thread Axon M help from the Axon 7 folks - Fastboot, root, etc [BOUNTY]

    Since there is next to nobody in the axon m forum I was hoping maybe somebody here could help me out getting fastboot, twrp, and root going on the Axon M. From what I understand, the 7 comes without fastboot like the M. I can get the M into EDL mode, and adb sideload mode but that's about it. My...
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    Thread Screen off OK Google?

    I read that this phone comes with the Google Assistant, which I sort of assumed means screen off ok Google (as it does with the G6 and Pixel), but I don't even have the option to enable it. Do I just have a wonky build or does the device actually not support it? Considering it's an 835 I'm...
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    Thread Got mine... So far, so awful.

    I can't believe how laggy and how horrible this thing scores on benchmarks. I am getting 118k on AnTuTu and 1200/3200 in Geekbench. Worse than the G5. I wiped it and ran the tests again with the same results. About three hours into ownership and I am totally disappointed. It's probably going...
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    Thread Anyone else getting the feeling there will be no Nougat for our device?

    I have a sixth sense for when a device has been all but abandoned, and I am getting that feeling now. Considering they just released a huge MIUI update without the Mix, I can't say I am particularly hopeful for the future of this phone. May be time to throw it up on swappa while it's still worth...
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    Thread Remove the ugly icon backgrouns

    (credit to karvindi from this thread) http://en.miui.com/thread-134403-1-1.html Download this file; http://en.miui.com/forum.php?mod=attachment&aid=MzgzOTc3fGE1YjMzNzM1fDE0ODM3MjcwMzJ8MjIyNzg2NjE5NnwxMzQ0MDM%3D *requires root Extra the rar and copy the icon file to the sd card copy the icon...
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    Thread Flash via EDL mode with locked bootloader?

    I havent seen anything on this device board about flashing roms from EDL mode, which doesnt require an unlocked bootloader. Has anyone flash anything other than the china stable/dev roms on this device in EDL mode? I may try flashing the EU rom...
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    Thread Pay to unlock bootloader?

    Is there any site to pay for an unlock code? I really don't feel like waiting days to be able to flash the EU ROM.
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    Thread B573 for AL10 released via OTA

    No idea on the changes, as the changelog is in chinese.
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    Thread Nougat lacking features?

    It seems like the official Nougat builds are really horrible when it comes to notifications. I no longer have the option to turn on the display when receiving a notification, which is huge. But on top of that, I don't seem to get any notifications on the lock screen at all, or "heads up"...
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    Thread Voice Wakeup on international ROM

    We know the device supports it, because you can do "OK emy" from screen off. But is there a way to do OK Google from screen off? That's the biggest feature this device is missing. Has anyone gotten it working? One of the Roms claims to have "native" OK Google, but when I asked what that means...
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    Thread B180 international smart watch notification issues..

    While b180 is supposed to fix phone notifications, it seems to have broken smart watch notifications. I no longer get them on my Microsoft band or Garmin fenix 2. I have done a decent amount of troubleshooting but both are very flakey and most often, just don't receive the alerts. Has anyone...
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    Thread Can somebody post a screenshot of their mate 8 home screen in small viewing mode?

    I messed around with my DPI for a while, then went back to 480... but it seems big to me. Just want a screenshot to compare with.
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    Thread Legacy App Scaling

    I have a Lumia 1520, which has a 1920x1080 display, but I noticed a lot of older apps only detect it as 800x480. Presumably this is for compatibility on the old, smaller, wm7/8 devices. However, on the 1520, it looks ridiculous. The zoom makes the display worthless. Is there any way to...
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    Thread "Debranding" without root/TWRP, preferably from fastboot.

    I am trying to figure out how I can get my oeminfo partition flashed to report my AL10 device as an AL29 device, so I can successfully flash OTA updates for the AL29 going forward. However, fastboot does not allow flashing of oeminfo. Also, what is the command or method for finding out what...
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    Thread Android System high battery drain... Anyone else experiencing this?

    Android system sits at a pretty steady 20% battery usage on my device. Is anyone else experiencing high drain from android system?
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    Thread Several lock screen settings broken on international ROM on Chinese AL10 Device.

    I have recently noticed that the lock screen is effectively broken on the international roms 133 and 152. I don't know about 103. But you cannot change the lock screen wallpaper, theme, or receive any notifications on the lock screen at all running the international ROM. If you had a different...
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    Thread I'm calling it - this is the best android device money can buy right now.

    Four things have made it a done deal for me; 1 - Screen/Camera are well within the spectrum of 'good enough' 2 - A native, very quickly accessible, one hand mode 3 - The BATTERY LIFE. I am at 6.5 hours of screen on time with 23% left, while being unplugged for almost 48 hours. 4 - The...
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    Thread Permissions and default apps issues.

    This device acts very, very odd. It seems that whenever an app is installed from the play store, its default move is to block every permission that app may have. It doesn't even prompt. So I have to go in to the permission manager every time I install a new app and "trust" it. Is there any way...
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    Thread Rooting latest firmware 23.4.A.1.264

    I keep running into walls trying to root this device on the latest firmware. I thought Sony had changed their recovery method for these devices on the newest firmwares so you could just fastboot flash recovery image, and load up your recovery. I have flashed TWRP for this device to recovery...
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    Thread Going to get a Z Ultra, a few questions as far as modding

    I have no experience with flashing on sony devices but I have on just about everything else. Any particular version (google play or stock) that I should pick over the other for flashing roms and potentially (hopefully) marshmallow? Any stock version numbers I should make sure I am not on to...
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    Thread Getting back to 10536?

    So, it seems MS has abandoned Astoria for now, which is unfortunate. But, it works in 10536. I am on 10581 now, any clue which packages I need to apply from 10166 (slow ring) to get up to 10536? I have a Lumia 1520.
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    Thread Upgrading from older build to 10581?

    I am on 10166, and I am stuck at 0% downloading. Anyone been able to upgrade to 10581 or is their 'upgrade bug' still there?
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    Thread New to HD2 - Bought one with a NAND install of CM 11, want to dual boot 6.5 and 7...

    I am wondering if I should just put it back to stock with the RUU or start from where it is. I was told it is a NAND install of 4.1.2 (CM). I want to be able to dual boot Windows Phone 7 and 6.5. What should I do with it? I got this phone purely to play with it. I have several android...
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    Thread Keyboard lag anyone?

    I would say this device is mostly lag free, but the keyboard, and any other keyboard, seems to lag quite a bit on it. It's slow to show suggested words, the letter pop-ups are delayed and often hang for several touches after, and it just feels overall sluggish. Anyone else experienced this? I...
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    Thread S-OFF CDMA Shooter with hboot 1.58, cannot flash any other hboot

    I am trying to install cyanogenmod, but apparently the script doesn't accept the 1.58 hboot I have. I have been trying to flash various previous versions including stock 1.5 and jbear 1.5 but every attempt fails. How do I get a compatible hboot installed?
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    Thread 24/7 Activity Tracker?

    I am looking for something that will make my moto 360 function as a 24/7 activity tracker like the basis peak or fitbit surge. Is there any functionality like that for android wear yet or no?
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    Thread What does 4.4.2 change for mod-ability?

    Any chance they mistakenly opened the bootloader back up? Will safestrap work with 4.4.2 roms? Or even AOSP roms now?
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    Thread Really obnoxious headphone out behavior with car aux in...

    So samsung has thrown some obnoxious software on here that not only warns me, like I am a child, literally every time I turn the volume up past 75% that it can damage my ears. But, also its borderline impossible to use my note 3 with my bmw aux in. What happens is when I plug in the aux cable...