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    Thread Dynex Case 25 cents at BestBuy

    Heads up: Bestbuy has some cheap Dynex cases for the S5 they're .25 http://www.bestbuy.com/site/searchpage.jsp?_dyncharset=UTF-8&_dynSessConf=ATG13221576401&id=pcat17071&type=page&sc=Global&cp=1&nrp=15&sp=&qp=&list=n&iht=y&usc=All+Categories&ks=960&st=Dynex+galaxy+S5+case I'd recommend...
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    Thread Question related to Recovery

    I have a Sprint S3 I rooted and flash a couple of weeks ago. 1. I'm unable to boot to recovery using the home/volume/power combo if I connect to my PC and use the ToolKit - I'm able to boot to recovery 2. Within recovery I'm unable to access my Sdcard I have to place file on the phone and...
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    Thread Free Sprint Airave

    Lastweek when I got my Siii - I called Sprint customer service line and just ask if they would send me an Airave. I did not threaten to cancel or anything as described here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1189192. The rep checked availability and shipped In checking the the...
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    Thread Is there a way to play a specific sound when email arrives matching a subject?

    Can I set a special notification sound when I get an email with a specific term in the subject? Any apps, workarounds or settings I could try? Thanks Steve
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    Thread Menu Botton - Function has changed - What did I do?

    I'm running cyanogenmod-01338. About a couble of days ago I noticed my menu button no longer displayed the Phone/App Drawer/Settings options. I've been running my ROM for awhile (months) This change just happened Now when I press MENU button I see Wallpaper | Search | Edit | Lock...
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    Thread Issue with ES Explorer after moving to Vegan Ginger

    All, I upgraded to Vegan Gingerbread Edition without any problem. Before performing the upgrade I backed up all my App Data Including my purchased copy of ES Explorer. I was able to restore my apps then I used NVFlash to change my BootLogo I then sought to change the BootAnimation Instruction...
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    Thread [Q] Wifi App that auto connects to remembered Wifi

    Anyone know of an APP that auto connects to remembered Wifi? For example At work my SSID = GUEST At Home my SSID = HomeWifi I also have my EVO at "SJEVO" Is there an App that auto connects to whichever is in range? Thanks Steve
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    Thread [Q] Why does my browser close when I goto Yahoo.com?

    When I goto yahoo.com - The browser closes. I've tried dolphin, Miren and the stock browser. I'm running Vegan b4 Thanks Steve