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    Post LG Calendar, impossible to disable/remove

    I can only assume TMobile requested it. You also have Google messages as the stock SMS, right? Verizon version is LG's SMS app.
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    Post Lack of name leading brand cases?!

    I ordered the MoFi leather and cloth cases. Should be arriving sometime later this month. Will report back on fit and finish.
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    Post LG Calendar, impossible to disable/remove

    Verizon variant uses the LG calander. Can't say I'd rather use Google's calander (but then again, I don't use it much either). Edit: You can't disable it, FYI.
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    Post Lack of name leading brand cases?!

    I wish Spigen made the Liquid Air thier default TPU instead of the Rugged Armor. Just better overall case; slimmer with a nice back pattern.
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    Post BeatsX Compatibility

    They work flawlessly. Same as any other Bluetooth headphone. Sound great and have a lot of passive noise isolation.
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    Thread Speaker pop.

    Anyone else notice a pop coming through the speaker after any sounds? Watch a video or listen to some music, pause it and listen for a pop. Seems like the amp isn't cutting off cleanly. First time I've had this happen on a phone.
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    Post Screen locks up

    Never had it happen to me. There's a new update seeding out. Maybe that will help? Have wiped your cache? I had to do that after a factory reset to get my WiFi working correctly.
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    Post Marshmallow update for Axon pro released

    Alright, I had the pin mess up on me. It's related to the phone not seeing your location correctly. Opening maps and getting a GPS lock fixed it for me.
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    Post Marshmallow update for Axon pro released

    This happened to me as well. Once I turned the phone to landscape and then set it to lighting, it stopped. I can now adjust at will, no matter the orientation. ---------- Post added at 06:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:43 PM ---------- Did you try deleting and then re-adding your...
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    Post Marshmallow update for Axon pro released

    In the camera's settings menu theres a toggle for 'double click to activate camera'. Works even when the phone is locked I noticed when on a call, the notification shade doesn't blur the background. Found that interesting.
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    Post Marshmallow update for Axon pro released

    The only real lag I have is pulling down the notification shade. I've only had the phone since Monday so I don't know how much worse battery life is compared to lollipop
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    Post L24 B140 update

    Bummer this update didn't fix your downloaded apps icons. Still don't reflect how they're shown in the theme preview. Maybe next update!
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    Post L24 B140 update

    So has anyone other than the OP received the update? Slowest rollout ever. wimbet any idea why this is taking so long?
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    Post Music Skipping Problem

    Uninstalling Facebook messenger worked for me.
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    Thread Downloaded Apps Icon

    So I assume this is a bug and not on purpose. The app icons from downloaded apps are cut at the corners. You can see in the theme previews that the default icons should have white backgrounds and the other two themes should be left alone. Anyone know if this is fixed in a newer build or is set...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 12.1 for Alcatel ONETOUCH IDOL 3 5.5

    If you pay for shipping (whatever USPS flate rate box is. $7?) I'll send you my device. Its just sitting here. Will probably never get used again since I bought a Nexus 6.
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    Post 9/28/15 Performance Update build 7SRA- UEA2

    Instagram is still a stuttering mess. GPS Icon bug and AM/PM lock screen misalignment are still present. Can't believe those two easily fixed things have made it past 3 updates.
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    Thread Idol 3C

    Just got done watching Android Authority's hands on with the Idol 3C. They added an news stream to the far left panel of the launcher (like HTC). Wonder when the OG Idol 3 is gonna see that update. Would be nice if 5.1.1 came with it.....
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    Post [6045*] [TWRP] custom recovery

    You need to be rooted.
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    Post [Q] Bluetooth Audio Quality

    Bluetooth is fine. Its HQ SBC. No Apt-X support. Only EQ available is the terrible JBL "enhancement". Luckily it can be turned off.
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    Post New Update August 10th - Stagefright Patch

    Interesting the update didnt just fail with TWRP installed.
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    Post New Update August 10th - Stagefright Patch

    They fix the am/ pm alignment issue on the lock screen yet? It's so annoying.
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    Post [6045*] [TWRP] custom recovery

    I have no idea what I could be doing wrong, but I cannot get this to flash. It says it does, but stock recovery remains. Device is unlocked, USB debugging is checked. Using the 2nd build.
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    Post Post the case you have/will get for your Idol 3

    The transparent shell fits well, but it slippery as a mofo. Even though that case isn't sold on amazon.com they are still doing all the shipping and handling.
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    Post [Q] Updates?

    I had the exact same issue trying to cancel my order.
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    Post [Q] Updates?

    I wasn't aware I was supposed to do that. Haha
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    Post [Q] Updates?

    Got the update. Chrome opens faster! About the only performance increase I can see. They didn't fix any of the visual bugs (gps icon sticking after first ping, am/pm not aligned on lock screen). Ringer is still too loud at low volumes.
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    Post Official transparent shell to be released on May 30

    They're exactly like the Incipio Feather cases. Actually not bad for $3 shipped. A little bit of a sharp edge on the bottom of mine, but the cutouts are perfect. Fit is snug.
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    Post Email to Alcatel

    I agree it would be nice of them to release an update fixing all the small things, but who knows whats going on. Are they just saying screw it and rolling the fixes into 5.1? You might see an update this week! Who knows!
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    Post Email to Alcatel

    Not every company is Asus. Even the big dogs don't update their flagships as much as Asus has with the Zenfone 2. If they never update this phone again? Fine, lesson learned. I have a feeling they will update it, just not as fast and as much as we'd all like.
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    Post [Q] Anyone else having issues with corrupted microsd cards?

    I have a new SanDisk 64gb Ultra that's been working fine for the past week. Straight out of the package into the phone (and then formatted).
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    Post Cellular/call signal drops off when wifi is on

    I have AT&T proper. Using an iPhone 6 sim (NFC doesn't work with Android. Stupid Apple pay!). It doesn't drop a lot. I would say if you're having major issues you should return your phone if a factory reset doesn't help.
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    Post Cellular/call signal drops off when wifi is on

    It might also just be a firmware issue.
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    Post Cellular/call signal drops off when wifi is on

    I will lose signal when on WiFi with LTE enabled. Switch to WCDMA/GSM and it doesn't happen. Weird. Going to factory reset this weekend when my new SD card comes.
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    Post The Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 Lounge

    Pretty weird that the phone is labeled as unavailable and not back ordered. I imagine their must be a decently big production issue. Who knows.
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    Post The Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 Lounge

    Still awaiting shipping confirmation. Paid for overnight. Amazon chat said phone might ship out first thing tomorrow and arrive later in the day since there's a warehouse a couple hours away. Don't think I'll be holding my breathe on that.
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    Post Will we get the fire os 4 update?

    I just wish they would release an update fixing the SBC encoding so music over Bluetooth didn't sound like crap.
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    Post Moto X returns, worst customer service.

    The lady on the phone when I did the RMA said it could take 3-4 weeks. I talked to an agent online and they said it was already processed. Buuuut no refund has been posted. So, who knows. Its hard to believe their CS is this terrible/slow.
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    Post Moto X returns, worst customer service.

    I returned my Moto X last week. Never got an e-mail saying that received it (they did though, per FedEX tracking). Hopefully this **** doesn't take forever. I plan on calling Monday and seeing whats what. Too bad I used their CC to purchase it, but I imagine the bank the card is issued through...
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    Post POLL: How many days did it take to ship your Moto X?

    Ordered mine 12/27. Shipped out today. Estimated delivery 1/5. Was hoping to have it by Friday, but oh well.
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    Post [REVIEWS] Amazon Fire HD 6 and 7 Review Thread

    Whats the bluetooth quality like on these? The Fire phone is terrible since they didn't change the bitrate for SBC encoding. It was set too low in Jelly Bean but was fixed in KitKat. Since the new FIre OS is based on 4.4 I imagine its all good now.
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    Post Sprint US Desire 816

    QVC has started shipping the Virgin Mobile version. Mine should arrive Tuesday. I assume Sprint is gonna announce it this coming Monday.
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    Post AT&T Kit Kat Bug Report Thread

    Bluetooth on my G Pro sucked before Kit Kat. Was really hoping KK fixed it. Kinda wonder if its a hardware issue.
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    Post AT&T Kit Kat Bug Report Thread

    So, the brightness bug only happens when you don't have a sim card in the phone. Odd.
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    Post AT&T Kit Kat Bug Report Thread

    Yeah, LED pulses as it charges. Not sure if thats what you're seeing.
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    Post AT&T Kit Kat Bug Report Thread

    As this phone isn't my daily driver (switched back to an iPhone. FOR SHAME!) I have only come across one bug. The brightness resets back to 100% and turns off Auto Brightness upon a reboot.
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    Thread AT&T Kit Kat Bug Report Thread

    Report any and all bugs you've come across while using the Kit Kat update. I'll update the OP when things get verified by more than one person.
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    Thread Improve Bluetooth Audio On Stock 4.1.2! (Must have root)

    Using your favorite Root Explorer (I use Root Browser) go to: /system/etc/bluetooth Open audio.conf Find line: SBCQuality=MEDIUM Change it to: SBCQuality=HIGH Reboot. Enjoy BT Audio how it should've been from the start. Sorry if people already knew this, but I couldn't find anything.
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    Post Improving Bluetooth audio on stock 4.1.2?

    Delete thread.
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    Thread Improving Bluetooth audio on stock 4.1.2?

    Delete thread.