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    Thread Overlay on app drawer

    This keeps happening and I'm not sure what's causing it. It goes back to normal after reopening the app drawer. Has anyone had this happen to them? Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
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    Thread Question to International S4 owners regarding the keyboard

    I was able to get the international keyboard working on my VZW S4 with autocorrect (finally) working but noticed some lag with how fast the suggestions come up. If I type too fast the suggestions would be behind just enough to autocorrect my words incorrectly. If I slowed down my typing the...
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    Thread GS4 keyboard with Autocorrect

    So I got the S4 keyboard working with autocorrect by installing the apk from the international edition after making a change to /system/csc/feature.xml. One thing I've noticed is that the suggestions that are used for the autocorrect are slow to populate. I can actually type faster than the...
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    Thread FYI: Noattach's XPOSED MOD for the ATT GS4 work on VZW GS4

    Noattach has a pretty slick Xposed mod for the ATT GS4. I tested it on my rooted VZW GS4 and pretty much everything works. The only features I've found so far that don't work is the option for hiding the ongoing wifi notification and the circle battery mod. All you have to do is install the...
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    Thread [COMPLETED!!]Let's bring one of the best ROM devs to the Thunderbolt - ihtfp69

    UPDATE: ihtfp69 ordered his Thunderbolt last night. Thanks to all who have donated! After countless hours of me bugging ihtfp69, I finally convinced him to develop for the Thunderbolt. We just need to get him a device which I don't think will be a problem. You may know ihftp69 from his...
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    Thread [SPLASH] Inverted Incish Splash for the Thunderbolt

    I really like the Inverted Incredible splash screen so I made one for the Thunderbolt. Rename the PG05IMG_splash.zip to PG05IMG.zip and place it on the root of your sdcard. Reboot to hboot and flash from there.
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    Thread [MOD] Disable End Call Button [2011-04-30]

    This mod is based off ihtfp69's work from this thread. All credits go to him. This mod will disable the end call button while you are on calls. To end calls with this mod you will have to pull down the notification bar and end it from there. I used the Phone.apk from BAMF 1.6nte since its...
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    Thread [MOD] Advanced Power Options

    Credits snq- for developing the advanced power options. ihtfp69 for figuring out how to get hot restart working. What this mod does... This mod adds separate Power Down and Hibernate options, adds a Silent mode toggle, adds a Vibrate mode toggle and also adds the following reboot options: 1...
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    Thread [MOD]Save videos as .mp4 instead of .3gp

    In the HTC camcorder even you choose the encoding method as MPEG it would save the file as 3gp, but with this it will save the file as mp4. I had to modify a few smali files to get it working. This is only changing the extension. The videos are already being recorded in an mpeg-4 stream, they...
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    Thread [ROM]aiccucs 2.2 Lite Edition v.4.2[Updated 2010-08-12]

    Here is a slim version of the 2.2 Stock Leaked ROM that leaked on 2010-08-01. This does not have the same bugs as the previous leak. This ROM is very lite and has some nice additions. A full wipe and 2.x radio is required. Download the ROM Here MD5 sum: All add-on zips have been updated. Be...
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    Thread [ROM]*07/27 Leaked OTA* Stock 2.2 with Sense [SOME BUGS!!]

    New leak released by ozzeh can be found here! Here is a Stock 2.2 ROM with Sense based off the upcoming Froyo OTA. This is completely stock with the additions of su, Superuser.apk and busybox. Camera, camcorder, Wifi, bluetooth, GPS, MMS, etc...have been confirmed working. Some software bugs...
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    Thread Enable/Disable JIT on Senseless ROMS

    I have made a couple of zips that allow you to enable or disable JIT on Senseless ROMS. Apply these in ClockworkMod Recovery to enable/disable JIT. The enable_jit.zip contains the files from the Desire Thread/Unrevoked JIT Wiki and the disable_jit.zip contains the files from the Stock rom. BE...