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  1. dylerb

    Post [DEV][ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11) for Raspberry Pi 4 B

    Thank you very much. I'm using your AndroidTV ROM for Raspi 4B.
  2. dylerb

    Post General Interested in this beast whose buying.

    Yes. It's original Chinese ROM.
  3. dylerb

    Post General Interested in this beast whose buying.

    I've got one and I'm playing PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor and Genshin Impact. It's Chinese ROM but easy to install Play store by apk file, and remove all Chinese apps. Play store work perfectly, with Play Protect. I even think this is an global ROM. It had not any issues, at least for 3 days I've...
  4. dylerb

    Post [Guide][SM-T500/T505] Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 - Unlock Bootloader & Root with Magisk

    Successfully rooted SM-T505, Android 10, XEV. Thank you for the very meticulous instructions.
  5. dylerb

    Post [ROM][A750][OneUI] RocketRom Stock v1 - [20.08.2019]

    You can backup call records into the microSD card and restore them with Smart Switch.
  6. dylerb

    Post [GUIDE][A-ONLY][A750x] Guide on How to flash GSI (Updated: 10.06.2019)

    LineageOS 16.0 work well, but SELinux and Encryption are disabled. How to enable them? Or I should disable SELinux status notification? :laugh:
  7. dylerb

    Post [ROM][SE][9.0][A750F/FN] Quantum Stock V4 (updated: 04/08/2019)

    You should install Magisk Manager manually.
  8. dylerb

    Post [ROM][OneUI][9.0] SuperOneUI v2 [09/09/2019]

    VoLTE is ok (v2). Comfirmed that Clock cannot add or edit world clock (v2).
  9. dylerb

    Post [ROM][A750][OneUI] RocketRom Stock v1 - [20.08.2019]

    Yep, i'm using it on my A750GN/DS perfectly. ;)
  10. dylerb

    Post [ROM][A750][OneUI] RocketRom Stock v1 - [20.08.2019]

    You should backup your phone with Samsung cloud, Smart switch (microSD) and Google drive. And you can restore it after ROM installed.
  11. dylerb

    Post [RECOVERY][ROOT]TWRP 3.2.3-1 Galaxy A7 2018/A750

    Of course, the same model with my mobile.
  12. dylerb

    Post [RECOVERY][ROOT]TWRP 3.2.3-1 Galaxy A7 2018/A750

    Works on A750GN/DS (XXV) Android 9.
  13. dylerb

    Post System always wake up

    Maybe a ghost has awakened it :D
  14. dylerb

    Post Unbrick P9 Eva-L19 or where to get logic board

    Try to recover with dload folder with UPDATE.APP (in update.zip from differrent FULLOTA versions) insided, by press and hold: Vol Up + Vol Down + Power buttons. I have an EVA-L19C636 and it's worked and recovered with B320 version only. :D
  15. dylerb

    Post Huawei P9 [ROM][Android 7.0][EMUI 5.0.1][European Firmware b394]*MagicRainbow* v3

    I love this ROM, it's really smooth, standard and familiar.
  16. dylerb

    Post [ROM][7.1.2][ OpenKirin's MoKee For Huawei P9 ]

    This ROM's not supported LTE on sim #2 and it heats up my phone :( EVA-L19C636
  17. dylerb

    Post [ROM][7.1.2][ OpenKirin's RROS- V5.8.5 For Huawei P9 ][ Update 05/01/2018]]

    If i setup a password, PIN and/or fingerprint. After reboot, i can't login. Every login methods failed. Sent from my EVA-L19 using Tapatalk