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  1. gregbradley

    Thread Do not disturb just pausing notifications not muting them

    Hello all, I use Smart connect to put my phone into 'Do not disturb' over night while i sleep. However, since one of the last updates i have noticed that this does not mute notifications, it sort of pauses them until the phone reverts back to normal sounds and then all the notification sounds...
  2. gregbradley

    Thread Contents of MM FTF

    Hi, I created a MM ftf but it does not contain a loader.sin file. Can anyone else confirm that their FTF files do not contain this .sin file... munjeni
  3. gregbradley

    Thread Updating apps through 'Whats New' over data connection

    Hello Track ID is waiting to be updated, however, it will not download on my data connection even though I have it set to in the playstore, in 'whats new' and in the settings for about phone / software update. I keep getting a 'Download is only available via wifi' message. I have an unlimited...
  4. gregbradley

    Thread UK- Sky Go app

    Since getting the XZ my Sky Go app does not work anymore. I have spoke to the sky tech department said they did not know why, probably that the app is incompatible with the XZ. If anyone else has it working please let me know so I can confirm this. Sky also said that they would not look into...
  5. gregbradley

    Thread Activating Desk Clock in Smart Connect

    Hi, I would like to know if there was a way to use smart connect to get the desk clock that is a feature of the stock clock app to activate. I know I can start the clock app using smart connect but I would like it to start in the desk clock feature.... Any ideas? F8331 39.0.A.1.213 EDIT...
  6. gregbradley

    Thread Thread Closed

    To help keep this forum section tidy and easy to use, here are some rules and guidelines. I have just moved several questions threads and Guides and Stock images into the relevant sections. They are not development. Only the following topics are allowed in the DEVELOPMENT area: [DEV] -...
  7. gregbradley

    Thread Message from Mods Guides and How To Threads

    Hello all, I have moved several guides and tutorials from the development section to the general section. It is fine to post a guide or tutorial here as long as you are developing a Rom/Kernel/Tool and the guide is how to use it. If you are just providing a guide then it should be in the...
  8. gregbradley

    Thread Another update?

    Is anyone else receiving this http://prntscr.com/43is2t I am already on http://prntscr.com/43isho When I have some time I will do a backup, relock and see what happens..... UK Vodafone C6903
  9. gregbradley

    Thread [Q] Open homescreen without power button

    Hi, I have recently found that the double tap to wake feature actually does work on my phone, but all it does is slightly brighten the watch face. I still have to press the power button to open the app drawer (Home screen) Is there a way to get to the app drawer from a sleeping state without...
  10. gregbradley

    Thread [Rooted][Deodexed][14.2.A.0.290][BETA]

    Current status-Thread closed by OP, errors are being fixed. Here is my stock 14.2.A.0.290 pre-rooted and Deodexed Rom based on my FTF from the general section. I have NOT tested it (Some of you will be aware that it was birthday yesterday so I just put it on to cook whilst I went out) but it...
  11. gregbradley

    Thread [Confirmed Working][FTF][C6903][4.3][14.2.A.0.290]16-12-2013

    https://mega.co.nz/#!MRl2FS5J!Zw3qtTF-ZdInfrZAOhhCfS0ppRwv6GkiJnjdKgdPETQ CONFIRMED WORKING Confirmed working 20MP in superior Auto!!!!! When flashing ensure to tick "No final verification" in flashtool. Make sure you are using the latest flashtool. To keep your apps and data just tick...
  12. gregbradley

    Thread [UPDATE]Movies 5.3.A.0.18; Video Unlimited8.0.B.0.8 13/12/13

    Now updated to: Movies 5.3.A.0.18 Changelog Seamless access to Sony Entertainment Networks online movie store. High quality audio and video and visual enhancements, powered by Sony Discover and enjoy movies in various ways UI enhancements, attractive banner design and faster access to home...
  13. gregbradley

    Thread Status update in contacts

    Has anyone else managed to get the FB status updates in their contacts yet. Mine is greyed out and as you can see I have enabled FBIX and do have the FB contacts synced. In the past in various Xperia devices I know this takes some time to appear, but it has never appeared on my Xperia Z1 yet...
  14. gregbradley

    Thread Smart Connect TV Launcher

    Hi, When setting up the smart connect stock app the HDMI/MHL condition automatically has the start TV launcher option, however, I want to start that application when in the charging dock as well and that app does not appear in the app drawer or the list of available apps that can be started for...
  15. gregbradley

    Thread [New-20-11-13] Root method for 14.1.G.1.534

    For those that don't want to use Kingo or Vroot because of potential* malware then Bin4ry has just released a new version of his tool here that will root the OLDER version of Z1. Here Its based on the work mentioned in this post.
  16. gregbradley

    Thread Rom-Assaye-Rooted-14.1.G.2.257

    Introducing ROM-Assaye-V3.0.0 [Stock based-14.1.G.2.257] [C6903][Unlocked and Locked Bootloaders] No claims, no nonsense, this is just a rom for people who want the latest stock rom with root and want a trusted source. This is just made from dsixda's Android Kitchen and I hesitate to...
  17. gregbradley

    Thread [Q] Transparent Lockscreen Xperia Stock Lockscreen

    I have tried to make the stock lockscreen on the Z1 transparent. I thought it may be as easy as changing the default wallpaper in the XperiaLockScreen.apk to a transparent .png however it seems that the app will only let you choose a .jpg (Which we know does not support transparency) So I...
  18. gregbradley

    Thread [MOD][100% Transparent Lockscreen]Xperia Z1

    A little something I made myself at request of POWER1FM Please try and test and give feedback and do not know if it works yet. Installation Manually Backup your xperialockscreen.apk from system/app. Its not my fault if you do not back it up Download XperiaLockScreen.apk...
  19. gregbradley

    Thread [MOD][Speed Dial Enabler]Xperia Z1

    Speed Dial Enabler On my Xperia T I enabled speed dial by this mod. My Z1 already has speed dial but I made this the same way. I have not tested the CMW zip as I do not have recovery installed. Please make a backup, test and report back to me. Confirmed working on My Z1 on 14.1.G.1.534...
  20. gregbradley

    Thread Calander FC

    Does anyone elses stock calander FC when pressing on a date that is not today? I have tried clearing data but nothing works... I have had to install google calander instead but I do like the stock android one...
  21. gregbradley

    Thread adb advice

    Hi, Before I repair my phone and set it up again someone may be able to help me with this. I was modifying the bootanimation and when I sent my new bootanimation to the phone and rebooted it gets stuck at the initial image and does not continue to boot up. I have a copy of the stock...
  22. gregbradley

    Thread [MOD]100% Transparent Drop Down Notification

    Here is a little something I did for myself and thought I would share. Based on 14.1.G.1.534 systemUI.apk and works fine for me. All I have done is edit the background .9.png to be 100% transparent. Enjoy and please give feedback. To install Via Recovery Make a backup of systemUI.apk from...
  23. gregbradley

    Thread [FTF][STOCKFIRMWARE][Xperia Z1][C6903]VodafoneUK 14.1.G.1.534

    Stock FTF Vodafone UK 14.1.G.1.534. C6903_14.1.G.1.534_Vodafone UK.ftf - 824.16 MB This was the first version, it doesn't work, I left here so the next posts made sense C6903_14.1.G.1.518_Vodafone UK.ftf - 519.41 MB I will create a custom ROM based on this firmware soon, I just need to get...
  24. gregbradley

    Thread [MOD]100% Transparent Notification Background

    Here is a little something I did for myself and thought I would share. It uses the notification background changer already posted in this thread somewhere (From here thanks to linexis) All I have done is edit the background .9.png to be 100% transparent. Enjoy and please give feedback...
  25. gregbradley

    Thread [Q]Name of notification background

    Hi, What I'm trying to do is when you pull down the statusbar and see the notifications.. I want to make where the background of where notifications appear to be also semi transparent and add a custom image.. which .png file is it in systemUI please. Thanks in advance
  26. gregbradley

    Thread Facebook Home

    Is this the remains of the facebook home launcher i tried or is the new updated facebook messanger service. Check the attachment, the bit i have highlighted in RED appeared when a friend messaged me, and when I click on it it opens the FB messanger app, very similiar to the facebook home...
  27. gregbradley

    Thread [MOD][Speed Dial Enabler]Xperia T

    Speed Dial Enabler After updating my ROM to the latest firmware I noticed I had lost speed dial, so I have fixed it. I will include it in my next ROM, but for now you can download and test it here. It works on my ROM (Based on 9.1.A.1.140 Xperia T) but it may work on other phones and firmware...
  28. gregbradley

    Thread [Solved][Q]Which file to mod to change toggle colour?

    Hi, Which file is it that I need to change in order to make the colour back to blue in the atached image? In the old firmware the colour in the toggle was blue, now after updating it is white. It is also the same in the contacts/dialer/favourite contacts screen when scrolling left to right...
  29. gregbradley

    Thread [TOOL][UPDATE 26/1/2013]Flashtool v0.9.10.1 - Windows / Linux / Mac

    Hi all, I thought I would link the flashtool thread in the x10 page here. Its in the x10 page as flashtool was originally developed for that device. The original thread is here For all flashtool informations (download links, release notes, FAQ) go to the Flashtool Homepage This is by no...
  30. gregbradley

    Thread [Solved][Thanks peetr_]Loss of touch screen

    Hi folks, I am at a loss on this one. I was testing DooMKerneL v3 and v4 last night. After installing V4 I decided to try and make an init.d script to control the volume levels. Here it is #!/system/bin/sh #init.d script by gregbradley xda recognised contributer; #kernel level sound control...
  31. gregbradley

    Thread [Tool][Unlocker][April - 01]3rd Party Bootloader Unlock tool

    Hi all, I have managed to create a third party tool that will unlock the bootloader of the Xperia T (It should work on Xperia TX/TL/V users as well) where the service menu says "bootloader unlock allowed:= No" Downloading this will NOT break Bravia or track ID or anything else If you have...
  32. gregbradley

    Thread [solved]RecentCallsWidget.apk

    Hi, A quick question, where does the RecentCallsWidget.apk store the default contact .png? I have changed the picture in all the drawable folders inside the apk but it has not changed the image on the widget. I have also changed the .png in the Phonebook.apk, Conversations.apk...
  33. gregbradley

    Thread [Q&A][ROM][Assaye-V1.1.0][T/TX][STOCK9.1.A.0.489 Unlocked or Locked][DEODEXED][23/2/2

    [Q&A][ROM][Assaye-V1.1.0][T/TX][STOCK9.1.A.0.489 Unlocked or Locked][DEODEXED][23/2/2 This is the thread to ask any questions about my ROM. I made this thread in response to Svetius's PM to all RD's and RC's. Please see the message below. I will no longer answer any questions about my ROM in...
  34. gregbradley

    Thread [Q] Using/managing android tablets in school by a teacher for classroom purposes

    Hello all, (As always if this has been asked before or in is in the wrong place I will allow the mods to hit me around the face with a wet fish!) I am a school teacher in the Uk and I am testing using an android tablet in the classroom. Before the school commits to buying them though I have to...
  35. gregbradley

    Thread [Q]Internal storage 75% full

    Hi, I am using latest JB FW, Timin8r rom. I was on stock kernel. Last night i rebooted my phone and got the grey triangle. I left the phone over night and it was OK in the morning. However, I got a message that internal storage was 75% full and a popup appeared asking me to transfer data to...
  36. gregbradley

    Thread Flashmode advice

    Hi folks, I feel like a noob here. When I have tried to update the phone the new formware I couldnt get into flashmode. This initially did not worry me as I have seen loads of posts about this and I know how to sort it. I got home from work and unistalled all android software (Fastbbot, adb...
  37. gregbradley

    Thread [Solved]HDMI Output

    Hi all, Even I have to ask a question now and agian.... I have just purchased this but cannot get the output to goto my tv. On my old neo i just attached the cable and whatever was ont he display of my phone was shown on my TV. But this is not happening for my T. I am on my ROM, siyah...
  38. gregbradley

    Thread [APP]4.1.2 Official Xperia T Sony Keyboard

    Introducing 4.1.2 Official Xperia T Sony Keyboard by gregbradley Taken from the leaked ROM by DooMLoRD, many thanks for sharing. Over 1400 downloads. Screen Shots Here thanks to xL3thalTuRdZz Features Has predictions. Has auto corrections. Swiping feature is great. Different...
  39. gregbradley

    Thread [LockScreen][PuzzleLockScreen][WorkingNotifications&MusicControl][9/12/12]

    Introducing Puzzle Lock Screen by gregbradley I have modded the stock Sony Lockscreen to get rid of the ugly sliding bar that I hate. Take a look at the images Screen Shots (You can see what my daughter thinks when i spend time messing on the phone and get her to help me test!)...
  40. gregbradley

    Thread [STOCK][ROOTED][7.0.A.3.195][Thats it][29/11/12]

    Introducing STOCK ROOTED 7.0.A.3.195 [LT30p][Unlocked and Locked Bootloaders] No claims, no nonsense, this is just a rom for people who want a stock rom as is from SONY except with root and want a trusted source. I hesitate to call it development. [MOD's, if you think it should be moved, feel...
  41. gregbradley

    Thread [request] TL firmware

    Hi, We only have one set of firmware in the all in one thread for the TL. Can anyone else please make an ftf and upload one them please. I am looking for a specific firmware containing the updated s1 boot for the TL device. Many thanks
  42. gregbradley

    Thread [KERNEL][STOCK][Xperia T/TX][gregkernel][Rooted/CMW]

    Introducing gregkernelV2 [Stock based-7.0.A.3.195] [LT30p] [Stock based-7.0.A.3.197] [LT29i] No claims, no nonsense, just a trusted source. Its just something I did and thought I should share Feedback is actively encouraged Features Full changelog in post 2 Based on [STOCK...
  43. gregbradley

    Thread [ROM][Assaye-V2.0.1][T/TX[STOCK9.1.A.1.140

    Introducing ROM-Assaye-V2.0.1 [Stock based-9.1.A.1.140] [LT30p][Unlocked and Locked Bootloaders] In collaboration with vinss68 No claims, no nonsense, this is just a rom for people who need a stock deodexed rom to help with theming etc. and want a trusted source. This is just made...
  44. gregbradley

    Thread woops! android 4.2 bug

    Take a look at this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-20392386 http://www.androidpolice.com/2012/11/17/sorry-santa-google-cancels-december-in-android-4-2/ I hope this gets sorted soon by he time we get 4.2
  45. gregbradley

    Thread [Solved] CMW backup in .tar mode

    If I make a backup using .tar mode do I still need the blobs folder. I understand the use of the blobs folder and why it could be an improvement on the time taken to make backups and the size of backups, but when copying the blobs folder from the internal sd card to the PC it takes...
  46. gregbradley

    Thread What is your Stock / CM ROM wishlist

    Hello all, In order to help ROM developers add extra features that people love on ROMS I thought I would start of by sharing what I love from both of the Stock and CM10 roms (Things I cant live without) and then asking other people to share their ideas as well. When I was on the x10 forum the...
  47. gregbradley

    Thread Breaking news from cyanogenmod

    Please read the following bad news. https://www.facebook.com/CyanogenMod/posts/10152367978770425
  48. gregbradley

    Thread [solved][Q] Album Art

    Hi, I am having trouble getting the stock walkman player to display album art. In the past I have embedded all the album art in the .mp3 using mp3 tag editor, but for some reason they are not displaying on my T. I can not remember if they were displayed on .303, but they definatley dont show on...
  49. gregbradley

    Thread [Solved][REQ] Stock kernel as boot.img

    Hi, Can someone please upload a stock xperia t kernel in a boot.img format please. EDIT Just went ahead and figured it out how to do it myself. I will post the stock kernel as a .elf in the All in one thread by me in the Q&A section