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    Thread Xperia Neo, green light is flashing while is charging

    Hello to all, Just a few days ago, my neo did update while it’s battery life was less than 50%. Since then, my mobile is not turning on and every video – tutorial I watched about how to repair hard bricked didn’t work. The good think is that am able to flashmode it but it didn’t work as well...
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    Thread Xperia Neo (MT15i) Downgrade to stock ROM + KERNEL with .FTF files

    Hello to Forum, Just a week ago, i decided to upgrade to CM10.1 ROM. Unfortunately, storage space is running low, HDMI not working, camera is not taking that good image as before, and soon on. SO, I want to downgrade back to stock. So,the steps that I have done so far are : 1) I found both...