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  1. EduardoBoese

    Post [Kernel][Stable][GPU OC][MIUI & CUSTOM] eXtremeKernel V12 for POCO F1

    Install the v7 Beta 65HZ version, it is better than the stable v5 65HZ version
  2. EduardoBoese

    Post Couldn't unlock. After 72 hours of trying to unlock

    In the new version of Mi Unlock says in English that I need to use my device for a few more days to be able to unlock the bootloader. But it does not say exactly how long, slowly I'm trying.
  3. EduardoBoese

    Thread Couldn't unlock. After 72 hours of trying to unlock

    After 72 hours required by the Xiaomi tool. It is still not possible to unlock the bootloader of my Pocophone F1. I'm with find device enabled, sync enabled, OEM unlock enabled, USB debugging enabled and Mi account connected. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please tell me. PS: My ROM...
  4. EduardoBoese

    Post [Kernel][Stable][GPU OC][MIUI & CUSTOM] eXtremeKernel V12 for POCO F1

    Eu reparei que o teu print está em português do Brasil. Me diz aí, você só instalou esse Kernel Extreme e fez o teste Antutu Benchmark, ou você ativou alguma coisa no Kernel pra bater esses pontos, e usou Kernel Adiutor?
  5. EduardoBoese

    Post [ROM][8.1.0][UNOFFICIAL] AospExtended V5.8

    I'm sorry to have misused your username. I am grateful that you created the AEX ROM, I always liked it, it would be a great pity if you stopped working on this ROM. Thanks, I'll be waiting for our update to fix this big one. Cya Robert.
  6. EduardoBoese

    Post [ROM][8.1.0][UNOFFICIAL] AospExtended V5.8

    Hentake, when you will upgrade the ROM to fix the audio error on the headphones that is not working. I really like the AOSP Extended ROM
  7. EduardoBoese

    Post [ROM][8.1.0][UNOFFICIAL] AospExtended V5.8

    I'm not working with my headphones here too!
  8. EduardoBoese

    Post Huawei nova can-l11 / frp lock in fastboot [help me!!!]

    I had first unlocked the bootloader with Emui code, but then I had to relock bootloader back, I can not flash anything in fastboot mode because FRP is locked. Are there any Huawei programs identical to Odin for installing Huawei firmware stock? Please help me guys.
  9. EduardoBoese

    Post Huawei nova can-l11 / frp lock in fastboot [help me!!!]

    is there another way that it's really possible to unlock Factory Reset Protection behind fastboot without buy DC Unlocker?
  10. EduardoBoese

    Thread Huawei nova can-l11 / frp lock in fastboot [help me!!!]

    Hello, I have a CAN-L11 smartphone, I had my bootloader unblocked and TWRP installed, I flash SuperSU.zip with TWRP, but my phone got bootloop, I tried restaure twrp boot backup, but dont worked, later i tried flash images with minimal fastboot, but in my bootloader it was written "FRP LOCK "...
  11. EduardoBoese

    Thread [discussion][stock][bootlogo][logo.bin][can-l11]

    Hello all, I need to remove the unlocked bootloader message, but I do not have the Huawei Nova logo.bin CAN-L11 (1080x1920). Can someone pass me the link from the stock logo.bin please
  12. EduardoBoese

    Post [ROM][MIUI] MIUI 8 Global for Moto X 2014 [21/02/2017]

    The camera app is having problems, when I press on recording, the phone hangs and restarts the phone. Please fix that bug bro. This a great ROM, thanks.
  13. EduardoBoese

    Post [HELP]How to change graphics on apk game?

    Mod or Adm, delete that my post please, now I know about it, thanks :)
  14. EduardoBoese

    Thread [HELP]How to change graphics on apk game?

    Hi, i want change the graphics on game, I have the code to change, but I don't know where I put that code, anyone know? const/4 v0, 0x3 return v0 const/4 v2, 0x1 const/4 v1, 0x0
  15. EduardoBoese

    Post [UPDATED ROOT][Lollipop 5.0.1][XT1069][XT1068]

    My friend guiprim already posted here in the forum backup the 5.0.2 Soak Test BR. Thanks to friend Wanderson Sepulchro that backed up for us the Google+ community. :D Sent from my XT1069 using XDA Free mobile app
  16. EduardoBoese

    Post [UPDATED ROOT][Lollipop 5.0.1][XT1069][XT1068]

    After flashing it, is not required to stay with the TWRP Recovery. When you enter the Stock Recovery and appear Android with a warning, hold the Power button and give a touch of the Volume button up. About SuperSU, I just upgraded the topic, the latest version of SuperSU 2.44 usually works...
  17. EduardoBoese

    Post [UPDATED ROOT][Lollipop 5.0.1][XT1069][XT1068]

    All languages! :D Sent from my XT1069 using XDA Free mobile app
  18. EduardoBoese

    Post [UPDATED ROOT][Lollipop 5.0.1][XT1069][XT1068]

    Glad also works, thanks for information, wishes to you too.
  19. EduardoBoese

    Post [UPDATED ROOT][Lollipop 5.0.1][XT1069][XT1068]

    You're brother. I only used the TWRP do not know if the version will work, but no problem in trying, it will probably work that your version. God bless you and Happy 2015 to you too. :D
  20. EduardoBoese

    Post [UPDATED ROOT][Lollipop 5.0.1][XT1069][XT1068]

    Thank you, I will post that link here too :D
  21. EduardoBoese

    Post [UPDATED ROOT][Lollipop 5.0.1][XT1069][XT1068]

    Wipe Dalvik Cache, Data, Cache and System, then you can restore
  22. EduardoBoese

    Post [UPDATED ROOT][Lollipop 5.0.1][XT1069][XT1068]

    Sorry, now explained :p
  23. EduardoBoese

    Thread [UPDATED ROOT][Lollipop 5.0.1][XT1069][XT1068]

    HEADS UP! I am not responsible for a bad installation that will damage your device. So, follow the tutorial carefully and install successfully! P.S¹: Need not be specifically with some firmware. P.S²: This tutorial was translated with Google Translate! :D SPECIFICATIONS Official version Soak...
  24. EduardoBoese

    Post [Need] ROM XT1069 BRAZIL

    Stock ROM KXB21.85-24 XT1069 I posted here on this website, the stock ROM Retail Brazil of XT1069, KXB21.85-24 - goo.gl/7zYd7N :D
  25. EduardoBoese

    Post Another china clone of S5 GT-i9600 by ALPS

    Hi, I need systemui.apk stock S5 clone, I deleted it by accident, and now the statusbar disappeared ficiu all black, it is very difficult to regain systemui.apk stock it, please could send me a backup of the apk? Sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian ?