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  1. kingozilla

    Post [MODULE] Smali Patcher 7.3

    Guys does Secure Folder work in a Magisked Android 10/11 versions with Smali Patcher..? Because I have a stock untouched device and I'm thinking of rooting it!
  2. kingozilla

    Post What book are you reading + your favourite?

    I'm ignorant at this side, I don't read books (than school books😥)
  3. kingozilla

    Post Which the phone brand do you like?

    SAMSUNG The most device who have a lot of features, the device which when I take it I can produce, I can do many things.
  4. kingozilla

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][11] LineageOS 18.1 for Samsung Galaxy S5 (klte*)

    Oh thank you for providing the stats! 23K for Lineage OS s5 users isn't a simple number honestly, wow. I stunned when I knew that the first device herolte is S7, I thought most of the custom roms users are from devices like oneplus - xiaomi or such like phones. S7 Edge honestly is literally the...
  5. kingozilla

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][11] LineageOS 18.1 for Samsung Galaxy S5 (klte*)

    Ooh S5 is still alive! Great that I saw a ROM for it. I doubt how many people are using S5 as their main device!
  6. kingozilla

    Thread Is SAMSUNG following Apple steps, couldn't use the phone while calling!

    Hi guys, one of the things that annoyed me really in my Galaxy. When I get a call and the phone is closed.. I can't open the phone before I answer the call!! Honestly it's just a weird thing and annoying!! I have the right to use the device whatever I want! Who are you Samsung to interrupt in my...
  7. kingozilla

    Post [Discussion] What's your next smartphone / What should I buy

    This question is completely dependent. If we have condone the price.. Galaxy S21 Ultra 512GB, definitely.
  8. kingozilla

    Thread Your Navigation Bar

    Hi hello guys There are many types of Stock Navigation Bars. What I mean by Stock is the Navigation bar which came with your ROM or Custom ROM, But I don't mean the ones who are edited by the user using Exposed modules or something. As far as I counted, I realized that there are 9 probabilities...
  9. kingozilla

    Post How to avoid bricking your device.

    Honestly one of the most laughable things imo is to return your phone to the shop or any technical expert shop. Guys what you want the shop to do for you? Factory Reset? Don't think them as a real experienced ones, they just know the basics. Any any one who have an experience of installing...
  10. kingozilla

    Thread How I can update my custom rom via Recovery

    Hi guys. I'm using Sakura Project, and I have received an update, there are a bug who tells me that I can't download it. So I decided to download the update zip file from their website. Ok now I downloaded the zip file. How can I flash it in TWRP, what I have to do.
  11. kingozilla

    Thread Flashed Safetynet fix in TWRP wrongly

    Hi hello guys I really need a help. I downloaded the Saftetynet fix zip, that must be flashed in Magisk only. I forgot and flashed it in TWRP, my phone is on the bootloop, I don't know what to do. I really need the help now because I'm busy and need the phone.
  12. kingozilla

    Post General An end to Magisk?

    It's an overkill from Google honestly When someone tire himself and Magisk his device, he is probably in a higher level than average user. So he is the responsible. A high proportion of Android users are just finding their amusement in Custom ROM and Magisk, if they lost this passion, they maybe...
  13. kingozilla

    Thread LineageOS 18.1 for Note 8

    Hi hello guys, I have heard that LineageOS 18.1 have came for Note 8 (SM-N950F), but I couldn't find the download link..
  14. kingozilla

    Post [ROM][10][UNOFFICIAL] ZenX-OS 1.9 [STABLE][greatlte]

    Guys sorry for bumping the topic, if anyone know if Always On Display feature works with this ROM. Honestly this feature stopped me from using LineageOS 18 because it doesn't exist there, it's really important for me.
  15. kingozilla

    Post [NEWS] Niagara Launcher adding Folders in upcoming update

    Haven't used it before, but you really care about a launcher which haven't had Folder features before?🤭
  16. kingozilla

    Post [DISCUSSION][REVIEWS] Consolidated App Reviews, Recommendations & Discussions Thread

    I just have a letter about my testing in 3 Launchers.. Nova Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, Yandex Launcher. Started with Nova, I saw most of the tech people are using this launcher, they assume it's the best for personalization and many things. Personalization is a lure word for me, bought it...
  17. kingozilla

    Post [ROM][10] hadesRom Q v1.0 for Exynos S8 / S8+ / Note8 [26.12.2020]

    I think for a one who rooted his device and installed TWRP and even switch between roms, I think we have to assume directly that for any problem he have that he have tested all of the common senses solutions, like hiding Magisk. Not like an average user who maybe sometimes tell someone the code...
  18. kingozilla

    Post [ROM][10] hadesRom Q v1.0 for Exynos S8 / S8+ / Note8 [26.12.2020]

    Note 8 era have ended, I remember in the first release in 2017 how the mass media and high advertisements everywhere. But just in 2 years, no update anymore. Honestly I liked the LineageOS, it's a great and light and uptodate always. But its problem is the lack of the system apps, you have to...
  19. kingozilla

    Post [ROM][10] hadesRom Q v1.0 for Exynos S8 / S8+ / Note8 [26.12.2020]

    First, thank you again for your helping and the video you recorded also the phone rebooting you will do after the video, thanks. Yes I actually installed Magisk like the video you show.. BTW, I hope if you watched the video above when I was quoting stonedpsycho. I feel like if I did something...
  20. kingozilla

    Post [ROM][10] hadesRom Q v1.0 for Exynos S8 / S8+ / Note8 [26.12.2020]

    Ok I decided to try again with your way, but I haven't find TWRP folder and my system is pretty clean. But after a moments I noticed that I use my SD Card which is fullfeed of malicious Root and ROM files, so I pulled the SD Card out. But the bank app still doesn't work. BTW, see the video to...
  21. kingozilla

    Post [ROM][10] hadesRom Q v1.0 for Exynos S8 / S8+ / Note8 [26.12.2020]

    Oh Thank you I haven't think about that.. I'm thinking again about re-roming my device, though I just lost the hope as it take ages from me. BTW, last question.. do you have hKtweaks app in your device ?
  22. kingozilla

    Post [ROM][10] hadesRom Q v1.0 for Exynos S8 / S8+ / Note8 [26.12.2020]

    First I have to thank you for the help, honestly I saw you helped a lot here and I was just waiting your answer. I did exactly like the video, and tbh no way to install magisk than the way. The only difference I installed it from SD Card not from Laptop, which doesn't make sense. BTW, I just...
  23. kingozilla

    Post [ROM][10] hadesRom Q v1.0 for Exynos S8 / S8+ / Note8 [26.12.2020]

    Oh I forgot to say that Secure Folder is working very well. I'm just about to return to Stock Rom.. But I posted my post here as the last line of trying
  24. kingozilla

    Post [ROM][10] hadesRom Q v1.0 for Exynos S8 / S8+ / Note8 [26.12.2020]

    Note 8 N950F Guys I really need help.. Apps are detecting the Magisk even with doing the full steps of hiding, and the Safetynet is 100%. I tried all of my available ways to hide the root from apps but I couldn't I tried to re-install the rom with the minimum settings and the bank apps are not...
  25. kingozilla

    Post Gapps for Note 8

    Ok I just solved it, Now you can close my topic.
  26. kingozilla

    Post Gapps for Note 8

    Oh also guys, is it required to do Factory reset after that? Because I have putted my files and info
  27. kingozilla

    Thread Gapps for Note 8

    Hi guys, maybe you see my question something silly, but I want to download Gapss on my Note 8 SM-N950F exynoss. What the Options I have to choose? I use Ressurection Remix Android 10.0 I was in LineageOS 17.1 Android 10, and I have Gapps package and it was work with me without any problems, but...
  28. kingozilla

    Post Struggling to remove s-pen

    My note 8 Spen is hard to pull out, I have to click it with my nail tip of the finger multiple times just to extract.. it's very stuck to it I tried to lubricate it but nothing changed I think the piston has shrivled I think this is the result of more than 2500+ times I took out the pen, and...