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    Thread Hide Navbar and/or Statusbar, via adb (no-root)

    Hello All, Not sure if this has been covered here or not so if any mod deems it necessary to delete this post, by all means Some of you might recall the workaround that was posted a couple of years ago on how to enable full immersive mode re; auto-hiding the navbar and/or status bar via 'adb'...
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    Thread Canadian S9+ G965W One UI / Pie OTA is out!!

    Hey there fellow canucks!!! Android Pie with One UI is now officially out for our device. Just got the OTA this morning, Thursday February 7. Go grab it...
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    Thread Huawei Launches Android Nougat-beta-program Nova plus

    Just saw this posted on several Asian Android Sites. See source here, apparently just announced by Huawei for Honor 6X and our Nova Plus. http://www.ibtimes.co.in/huawei-launches-android-nougat-beta-program-honor-6x-nova-plus-714998
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    Thread Telus XT1097 5.1 OTA/Update

    Hello All, Today - - July 20th, according to schedule posted on Telus website, is supposed to be the start of the official 5.1 OTA roll-out for our XT1097 RETCA phones. I am not yet seeing it pushed on my end but eagerly awaiting to test it out. I thought I would start a little thread here so...
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    Thread Repeat Notifications on stock ROM/Firmware?

    Hello folks, Since i am new here let me say hello. I have recently brought my old Dash back to life after it was 'resting' for quite some time. I got a new battery and wanted to start playing with it. First off however, a huge thanks goes out to all the fine people in this forum and...