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  1. jasbur17

    Post assembly problem: gap between screen and case

    I see people talking about waiting it out. Sooo many times these issues don't get complete satisfactory resolutions. ALWAYS return it within the return window. You can always buy it again later. just my 2 cents.
  2. jasbur17

    Post assembly problem: gap between screen and case

    My take is that they are both right, and that it has both. The callout on 13 is only talking about water, so they state IPX8. If they were only talking about dust in the callout, they could state IP6X.
  3. jasbur17

    Post assembly problem: gap between screen and case

    I went to the pixel 5 page on the google store website. Changed from Overview to Tech Specs and expanded the section Materials. There is this statement: IP68 water and dust resistance
  4. jasbur17

    Post Best Clear Cases?

    Saw an Amazon review that pointed out there is a cutout or indentation along the top edge of the screen opening for the speaker (that doesn't exist on the phone)
  5. jasbur17

    Post Who pre-ordered and what device you coming from? P5 anticipation thread!

    Preordered Black on announcement day. But these darn youtube videos of the Sage day after day finally made me switch my order.
  6. jasbur17

    Post VR Advice

    If you have a few extra bucks, the Oculus Go is very nice. Very similar experience to Samsung, but you don't have to worry about phones.
  7. jasbur17

    Post Headphones?

    I can't stand earphones that completely plug your ears. So... I use airpods with my android phone. Shhh. Don't tell anyone.
  8. jasbur17

    Post Bellroy Leather or Google Fabric case?

    I have both, and like both. I kinda like the fabric one better because it's different. Bellroy might be better protection as it has a slight front lip that is non-existent on the fabric.
  9. jasbur17

    Post show us your op6 homescreen

    Blurred my calendar...
  10. jasbur17

    Post Shipping Thread

    My order status still says processing, but you reminded me to look at my fedex app to see if anything is in there. I ordered 1 phone and no accessories. Fedex shows 3 packages/tracking numbers coming from "global courier express inc" 2 of them say delivery for 5/24 and one says 5/25. Very strange.
  11. jasbur17

    Post Shipping Thread

    No experience, but... https://sellercentral.amazon.com/forums/t/customers-can-now-sign-for-packages-remotely-with-myusps-com/244960
  12. jasbur17

    Post Is screen burn really an issue?

    I don't really notice burn-in but image retention. When I bring up the full-screen grey image i still see the navbar but it slowly goes away. Just to be safe for now, I downloaded navbar app from the play store. I changed my navbar to be white in mostly white apps like chrome or facebook. Makes...
  13. jasbur17

    Post BGR drops massive turd all over Pixel 2 XL due to Apple induced diarrhea.

    I quit their site years ago. I'd like to see what they said, but I won't give them the click.
  14. jasbur17

    Post Call Quality - Noise Reduction/Cancellation

    I'll have to pay attention to that to see. Most of my testing so far has just been leaving voicemails for myself
  15. jasbur17

    Thread Call Quality - Noise Reduction/Cancellation

    My voice sounds like crap on the other end. Garbled and cut up. I hear them just fine. I do not have the problem on speakerphone. If i block the top microphone, I sound better on the other end. I had this exact problem with the last LG device I had, the Nexus 5. There were several threads about...
  16. jasbur17

    Post Google pixel 2 XL shipping

    I'm just using the shortcut url posted earlier and changing the string to reflect my zip and google order number:
  17. jasbur17

    Post Google pixel 2 XL shipping

    My order status didn't change yet, but fedex track by reference is now working and says label created.
  18. jasbur17

    Post Google pixel 2 XL shipping

    I hope you're right. Last year I ordered the Pixel and chose 1 day and got it on 10/20 - release day. But the circumstances could have been different, I don't remember.
  19. jasbur17

    Post Google pixel 2 XL shipping

    I made the same mistake as before and chose 1 day shipping. Before checkout the shipping date was 10/17, but after I chose 1-day the date changed to 10/18. Their goal is for everyone (they have stock for) to get them on the release date of 10/19 regardless of shipping method.
  20. jasbur17

    Post Pixel 2 XL screen quality?

    Kinda sucks. If I didn't like the 2XL the V30 was my second choice. Fingers crossed.
  21. jasbur17

    Post What I hate about the Pixel 2 XL

    My dislike is much more trivial. I hate the uneven top and bottom bezels. I guess I'm a sucker for symmetry. Still gonna be the best phone on the market along with the V30.
  22. jasbur17

    Post Anyone else returning it or thinking about it?

    The phone is fine - I knew what I was getting before i purchased it. I prefer the reader on the back. I have it set to not lock when is at home or in the car so i don't have to pick it up, just press the side button.
  23. jasbur17

    Post where cani currently buy pixel XL

    I think the only other places are best buy and the project fi site. I'm betting they are sold out as well.
  24. jasbur17

    Post Silver or Black

    Not a fan of the dark grey. One thing I've always liked about the iphone is how black the front looks when the screen is off. In most lighting you can't see where the screen ends and the bezel begins.
  25. jasbur17

    Post First overnight charge device very hot.

    I charged mine overnight and it was not warm/hot. I didn't use the included charger. In my bedroom I have an old charger that is not a quick charger, so maybe that was the difference.
  26. jasbur17

    Post Google canceled my order for no reason !

    That sucks. One thing to try is pleading on twitter. Many companies hate when you make something public on social media so you may get a better response.
  27. jasbur17

    Post Reviews

    Wired says it's the best phone ever: https://www.wired.com/2016/10/review-google-pixel/?mbid=social_fb Gizmodo was clearly pissed when writing this: http://gizmodo.com/the-google-pixel-is-too-dumb-and-ugly-to-replace-your-i-1787877249
  28. jasbur17

    Post Daydream screen turns off

    I guess i can just use the stay awake option in developer options.
  29. jasbur17

    Post Daydream screen turns off

    I don't see daydream as an app that can have battery optimization turned off. I installed clock plus and set that as my daydream. That is listed as an app and I turned optimization off for that, but still the same problem.
  30. jasbur17

    Thread Daydream screen turns off

    I use the daydream feature as a bedside clock. I plug it in, daydream clock comes on and all is good. When I wake up in the middle of the night the screen is off. Anyone know what is happening? Is this Doze? Any idea how to override?
  31. jasbur17

    Post Nexus 6P Shipping Waiting Room

    Feels like we're getting close to the 2016 Nexus preorders
  32. jasbur17

    Post Best program to sync Outlook Calendar via USB?

    Sorry, I never used a USB program for this before. In the past I used this or something like it to sync my outlook calendar with my gmail calendar: http://outlookgooglecalendarsync.codeplex.com/
  33. jasbur17

    Post Let's See those sexy case's for your s6 plus

    Does anyone know where to get this?
  34. jasbur17

    Post T-Mobile sales

    Maybe T-Mobile got their hand slapped for shipping too early in the past?
  35. jasbur17

    Post At&t is shipping

    Maybe here... http://www.mobilefun.com/46615/samsung/galaxy-s6-edge/cases.htm?show_all=1
  36. jasbur17

    Post Tmobile Variant work with ATT all bands?

    Is that a typo verks? Did you get it unlocked?
  37. jasbur17

    Post T-Mobile Edge with ATT LTE

    If only T-mobile was an option. The price is right but coverage for my area, not so much. When I'm in my house, most incoming calls go straight to voicemail. I know there are wifi ways around that, but I'd rather be able to make calls in a power outage.
  38. jasbur17

    Post How to enable Google Voice Search "Always On"?

    I saw this... http://www.theandroidsoul.com/galaxy-s6-tip-enable-always-listening-ok-google-works-even-when-screen-is-off-75334/
  39. jasbur17

    Post Condensation on front camera

    So maybe a gentle back and forth with a hair dryer and the steam could escape through the grill?
  40. jasbur17

    Post Tmobile Pre-order (Web or Store)

    An hour and a half ago they tried to charge my card but my CC company declined it and texted me a fraud alert. I replied that it was OK but I got a reply that I'd have to have T-mobile run the charge again. On-line status still says being processed, but I figured I'd call the 800 number to be...
  41. jasbur17

    Post Will I be able to use the T-Mobile version of the S6 on AT&T?

    Found this... http://forums.androidcentral.com/samsung-galaxy-s6/499300-s6-radio-frequency-support-us-carriers.html Seems like it supports the right stuff. Wikipedia says At&t uses 2, 4 and 17 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_LTE_networks
  42. jasbur17

    Post US Prices

    I thought we were finally at a point last year when storage bumps were $50 instead of $100.
  43. jasbur17

    Post Nexus 6 Pouch

    I waited a month. It never came so I requested a refund.
  44. jasbur17

    Post Tylt Vu Qi Charger - 50% NOW thru Cyber Monday

    I have one and have no trouble charging the phone naked or in the Spigen Neo Hybrid. The only thing I hate is that the screen is turned off after it's done charging, so using the daydream clock at my bedside is useless. I'm thinking of going back to my regular stand with usb.
  45. jasbur17

    Post Camera flash ring cutout/hole?

    OK thanks. I looked at a Moto X and it didn't have it, so I wasn't sure.
  46. jasbur17

    Thread Camera flash ring cutout/hole?

    Does anyone else have this hole? Top left of the ring
  47. jasbur17

    Post *** Nexus 6 Shipping Waiting Room ***

    Exact same info for me, but my order time is 1:14:11
  48. jasbur17

    Post *** Nexus 6 Shipping Waiting Room ***

    I did this and got tracking results for something that was delivered to my zip code on 11/12.
  49. jasbur17

    Post Midnight Blue or White

    I ordered blue. I like the tinted metal. I'm always the odd one.
  50. jasbur17

    Post Nexus 6 Pouch

    This one does look nice, I ordered it yesterday morning. I always buy the cheap neoprene cases that are copies of the one that came with the Nexus One, but I didn't see any yet.