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  1. eddieringle

    Thread Market Autoupdate Bulk Toggle app is now on the Market! (v1.2.1 11/8)

    We just released an app to the Market for rooted devices running Froyo that enables quick and easy toggling on and off of automatic updates for all of your installed Market apps (aside from system apps that update via the Market). Search for "market autoupdate" on the Android Market and try it...
  2. eddieringle

    Thread [APP] Hubroid - The Awesome GitHub app for Android - 2.0-beta4 updated 6/4/11!

    2.0 Update: Version 2.0 brings about a major redesign and refactor of the code. It has been brought up to date with GitHub's API, so the frequent crashes should be gone. See the feature list below to see what else has been added. First of all, I'd like to thank a few people: Prash for the...