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  1. carbonize

    Thread Third Party USB Headphone Dongles

    I'm finding that with all the headphone dongles I have the left/right audio channels are getting switched. I tend to use this video to test https://youtu.be/6TWJaFD6R2s
  2. carbonize

    Thread USB dongle reverses audio channels

    I recently realised that when using any of the several USB earphone dongles with my P30 Pro the left and right audio is swapped over. You don't notice it most time but I was listening to ASMR and noticed it and then tested with a channel test on you tube. Whilst Bluetooth is an option the...
  3. carbonize

    Thread Issues on power on

    Has anybody else experienced your phone disabling Bluetooth and autobrightness when you turn it off for a while? Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
  4. carbonize

    Thread Sensors

    Well I've had my S5 for a while now and noticed with things like Google Maps, Sky Map and a compass app I have that the compass in this phone is often wrong. Anyone else find this?
  5. carbonize

    Thread Xposed on S5

    I installed Xposed on my S5 and for some strange reason it stops the S health app from working. Possibly something to do with how S health hooks in to the sensors but to be honest I haven't got a clue.
  6. carbonize

    Thread Xposed Issues

    I love using Wanam Xposed along with the extra power the Xposed framework gives to Greenify but I found an issue with it on the S5. When you install the framework S Health no longer works. Anyone else find this or is it just my S5?
  7. carbonize

    Thread Signatures

    At present XDA has no rules governing signatures except where the are offensive but I personally feel some signatures are just far too long/tall. I have a 1600 x 900 resolution monitor and have just seen a post where the post was only two lines but the signature then took up nearly all of the...