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    Post Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Washing Machine Test

    After Consumer Report failure, I was convinced that Sam is really trying to copy Apple.
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    Thread {GUIDE]:[DIFFICULTY:BEGINNER]: Take a photo and post it to Facebook using your voice

    Context IFTTT and Tasker are Android's happiest couple. Let's see how easy it is to take a photo and post it to Facebook using a voice command. Foreplay: 1.Sign up to IFTTT on its website. 2. Download DO CAMERA from Google's Play Store. Set up the Recipe "Upload photos to a Facebook Album."...
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    Thread GUIDE:[DIFFICULTY: Beginner] Post to Twitter using a voice command

    Here it is an easy way to post to Twitter using Tasker and AutoVoice Foreplay: 1. Go to IFTTT's web page and sign up. 2. Download Do Note from the Play Store. 3. Choose the Recipe : Post a quick Tweet. 4. Download Autovoice and AutoInput from the Play Store. You are ready to go! Profile...
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    Post GUIDE: (Difficulty: Intermediate) Run Shell Scripts in Tasker(1)

    Good point. As it is getting more and more difficult to root a device, it is important to have other options. The main purpose of the guide is nevertheless make people more familiar with some commands that you can also use on the Android Terminal Emulator.
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    Thread Guide: [Difficulty:Intermediate] Run Shell Scripts in Tasker(3)

    Context: You want to be quickly informed about your use of internal and external storage. Let's do it from Tasker. Requirements: Root Task 1. Run Shell> Command: df Use Root. Store Output In %Storage (allows you to get info about all the storage on your phone. For the purpose of this task we...
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    Thread Guide[Difficulty: Intermediate] Run Shell Scripts in Tasker(2)

    Context: You want to get info about the time your device has been on since boot and store it to use in a widget or to trigger other actions ( save battery or anything you can imagine). There is an easy way to do that from Tasker. Requirements : Root Actions: 1. Run Shell> Command: "unmount |...
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    Thread GUIDE: (Difficulty: Intermediate) Run Shell Scripts in Tasker(1)

    Context: You want to get some useful information about your device and store it in Tasker to further usage. Here is a guide showing some useful commands you can use from Tasker. Remember you must check root to make them work. Requirements :Root I. Battery Status: Display your battery level...
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    R.I.P. Condolences to all who loved him.
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    Thread (GUIDE) Send a Glympse to a Contact without AutoInput

    Context: AutoInput is a great plug-in, but it does not work on all devices. You can send a link to a dynamic map with your location to a contact through text. (ROOT required) REQUIREMENTS: 1. GLYMPSE 2. ROOT Foreplay: 1. Launch Glympse and send your location to anyone you want. Choose the time...
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    Post How to remove the headset icon on the top menu

    Two ways to solve it: Sometimes it is caused by a piece of dirt stuck in the jack. Try this: 1. Turn off your phone and clean the jack with a cotton sipped in alcohol. 2. Use canned air spray and blow the jack a couple of times. Sometimes is a malfunction. So try this: 1.Download Sound About...
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    Post Help

    What does Kies show when you connect your device to it?
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    Post wiered issue with moving from cyanogenmod to stock modded rom on g900fd

    Flashing back Hi man First of all be sure you picked the right firmware. Clear the cache and try a factory reset. Then try to flash it again using Odin's latest version. Hope you'll make it.