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    Thread Screen ontime, pls explain

    In android 10, its confusing. I thought sot was the total screen time you use after a full charge until the next charge. In the pic, i charged in between, so is it counting the the sot for 24 hrs? It doesnt make any sense. Becuse i dont usually get such high sot on exynos Sent from my...
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    Thread Note 10 series do not get needed attention

    I mean, a more recent and most powerful device yet comparing to s10 lineup, below are the drawbacks: 1. No Android 10 beta update yet. 2. Some games like Asphalt 9 is capped to 30 fps while s10 has 60 fps, samsung has to push gameloft and for CSR2 game, the graphics is very poor. 3. No 1440p...
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    Thread In Asphalt 9, I dont have 60 FPS option in Note 10+

    Like this dude is having S10 but on a Note 10+, there is no 60 fps option??
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    Thread Landscape on Calling screen

    My s8 could landscape the rotation on calling screen. How do I enable it? Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
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    Thread "Your Phone" App not working

    It just sits at a screen saying communicating with Phone for final permission but nothing happens. "Link to Windows" on phone is turned On
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    Thread Calls& texts on other devices

    There is a setting in Advanced features called "Calls & Texts in other devices". In the web i found, Samsung S8 is also compatible. I wanted Note 10+ calls to come over Samsung S8, but the setting is not found in S8. Anyone got this working? I am planning to use Android Auto on S8 independently...
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    Thread Where is the back button bars on either side of the screen

    Look at the photo. That is from my s8. It had a back button vertical bar on either sides acting as back button. I very much require it due to large screen of note+ How do i enable this? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Thread Didn'y anyone get a clear silicon case in the retail box? Cos i got one.

    It was inside the box where manuals are stored. The box had an icon of a case to my surprise, when i opened, there is one. I watched several unboxing video and none of them had. Exynos. EMEA
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    Thread Is there wifi sharing?

    Through hotspot. I did not find the setting in demo unit. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Thread Samsung S8 My emoji maker

    I got a download from samsung s8 galaxy app store for my emoji maker. In installed it and cant see anywhere even in the camera app Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Thread S8/S8+ Augmented Reality Apps (ArCore)

    Hi Guys, Since ArCore 1.0 released last week, lets discuss all the best apps that works on S8 phones. I will start. Please check out the App : Porsche: Mission E, in playstore, awesome work, you can have full exploration and Drive the car. Other Notable Apps: 1. Just a Line 2. Air Measure...
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    Thread Why cant we have custom clock faces for AOD yet?

    Just why? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Thread Clear view case not showing call button anymore

    Just happened from today, when closed with clear view case, the calls i make or receive is showing on top without call button to accept or reject. Until today, call accept and reject buttons were there by default and the caller name was below and not on top as in the screenshot. How to fix...
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    Thread Gaze to select OR alternative to "Tap the screen"

    Hi, I have the 1st Gear VR, white. I was trying to get it working with my S8, but of course cant connect to the microusb on the headset. The S8 fits right, i installed all Oculus softwares, and set the phone run in Gear VR developer mode. I could dive into the oculus Home, use browsers etc. I...
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    Thread Updating Samsung Apps

    Almost every day, new update of several Samsung Default apps are arriving on apkmirror. https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/samsung-electronics-co-ltd/ Is it ok to install these, i know they are verified, but seeing that latest updates are not automatically pushed to my phone or delayed, can i...
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    Thread Any way to have Transparent/bokeh effect Notification Panel?

    Instead of plain white, is there any way to have transparent / bokeh effect Notification Panel like Huawei or Apple?
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    Thread New Gear Watch Designer update brings support for Gear S

    Samsung's Gear Watch Designer app, which lets developers create custom watch faces, has been updated with support for the South Korean company's*first-gen Gear S*smartwatch. The update is available for both Mac and Windows clients. This means that the app, which is still in beta, now lets you...
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    Thread Gear vr earth app

    I remember there was a google earth like app in oculus. After today's update I cant see it. Its not street view. Its like if you look up you fly high and if you look down you fly to any place on earth where u look Sent from my PINE using Tapatalk
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    Thread [Honor 6+] Here's how you update manually to Marshamallow

    Hi Guys, I will show how you update to Marshmallow B503 from kitkat or lollipop. My Region: Middle East My Stock FW: B132 No Root, or TWRP etc Step 1: Go to http://consumer.huawei.com/ae/support/downloads/detail/index.htm?id=62965 and download the B135 FW Step 2: Copy the dload folder to the...
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    Thread Navigation button design changed automatically

    How did this change automatically? Honor 6 plus b132 Sent from my PE-TL10 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Help: Multiple SMS in same Thread

    Hi, I have this issue with Huawei 6 Plus default messaging app. Some SMS i receive from different numbers appear in the same thread. For example i have some SMS from different Banks, they appear in one thread. Similarly i have SMS from different carriers, appear in one thread. This happens to...
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    Thread How to Quick Search for apps

    Hi I have honor 6+. I have seen sometimes quick search bar for apps comes up when i do something, but i dont know how to open the quick search bar. Pls tell me
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    Thread Cant connect to Gear Manager after update

    Yesterday i updated the Gear itself, after that, the watch is not connecting to my S4 Mobile. Until the update there was no issue. It says at the screen " Connecting to Gear" but nothing happens. I tried restarting both devices, but no luck
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    Thread I lost my Charger? Where to buy

    I am in UAE, and cant find locally. Can someone show me where to buy to be delivered earliest. Samsung.com gone out of stock
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    Thread BMW i8 and auto drive via Gear S

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    Thread Gear S and dual sim Samsung phones

    How does it work? Anyone tried? Is there any weird thing not working? If a call or message come in both phones will it show in gear or if you make a call from Gear does it take call from default sim?
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    Thread [Q] S4 Dual SIM Questions i9502

    Hi i wanted to buy Dual Sim phone to also use with my Galaxy Gear S watch. I want to get from merimobiles.com for $420. My doubts: 1. Is the Phone dual SIM active? 2. Does it have 4.4.2 officially with Google Apps and related google support products? 3. Does it have galaxy apps? 4. Battery life...
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    Thread Post your Watch Faces

    I Just made a Quick Watch face Wall paper from my LG G2. You can use it in Watch Styler. Share your Watch Faces/Wallpapers/Themes
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    Thread Tutorial: Install Gear Manager and connect to Non-Samsung Devices

    Hi, Today someone told me via Google Plus how to install Gear Manager on non-Samsung mobiles. His name is Serge Berig. So 100% Credits go to him. I am just posting here what he posted in Google Plus. His Phone is Moto X and Mine in LG G2. Worked perfectly fine. My Test Scenarios: 1. LG G2...
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    Thread [Q] What is the use of Wifi if i have to connect everything using Bluetooth?

    Well, i am bit frustrated because, i have connected to wifi, and i need to connect to the phone, to download, News, Weather data, apps and all these? Then what is the point of Wifi? How is it a standalone device. I also do not have a Samsung device now.
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    Thread [Q] Can i type from my connected phone to send messages on Gear S?

    I just ordered the watch. Have some queries. 1. I will be using a separate sim (Another carrier) than my phone. If my phone is connected to the watch, can i send messages via Watch but by typing on phone keyboard (or an app)? 2. Is there Whatsapp or will it come? 3. Can i use any bluetooth...
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    Thread [Q] Quick Window Qns

    I just got OEM quick window: 1. The Quick window on screen after closing stays only for 3 secs. Can we prolong it to like 10 secs so that i can see the beautiful clocks? I tried to change the screen timeout, lock timer etc but still no luck. 2. Is there any xposed module or mods to tinker with...
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    Thread [HELP] Weather widget in landscape is transparent

    Hi, I have rooted D802 International, 32 GB LG G2. I installed xposed framework, g2 xposed, g2 tweaksbox, softkeyz etc The stock weather widget is fine on portrait mode, but on landscape it is completely transparent. when i click it, it says Cannot play video. How can i fix this? I am...
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    Thread [Q] hide Front touch buttons

    Does the latest update add the feature called "hide front touch buttons" for any app? like this below