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  1. Z

    Post The TFI Friday Thread

    well, it's Friday and i'm sick. and took a nap and woke up to CNN playing a video of a bus being hit by a tornado. so there's my day... meanwhile we decided where we are going on vacation (Hawaii > London, Morocco, Jordan, Israel, and Germany). i know that's kind of irrelevant BUT I'M EXCITED...
  2. Z

    Post Which country are you from

    between Iraq and Saudi Arabia :P. my interest in geography and world history has enabled me to easily find almost every country on the map :) /nerd
  3. Z

    Post Which country are you from

    United States over here :) we seemed to have skipped winter over where I live...:/
  4. Z

    Thread [Q] Unrooted itself? and easiest way to reroot?

    OK. So I restored back to the stock Kindle Fire rom. After I did that, it restarted like 3 times and now it's unrooted. I'm pretty sure it didn't update itself. But I'm not sure. Also, Kindle Fire Utility won't detect my kindle, so I can't use that to reroot. What would be the easiest way to...
  5. Z

    Post Post what you're doing right now!

    jailbroke my iPod and customized the hell out of it. ya know, iOS isn't so bad after you Jailbreak it. I feel like I'm betraying android...lawl. but can we talk about how expensive some of these jailbreak apps are? jesus...
  6. Z

    Thread [Q] Blackberry Playbook?

    So, I've acquired some money for my birthday. Best Buy has the Blackberry Playbook for $200US. I was just wondering if anyone owns this and what they think about it? I realize the limitations with Email and BBM(?). I don't have a blackberry, and I can live without these services for a while...
  7. Z

    Post Post what you're doing right now!

    thinking about how I should be reading. and how Winter break is in a week :)
  8. Z

    Post Rate Your ISP

    New Jersey, USA Comcast 33.01 Mbps Down 6.51 Mbps Up. according to speed test. I like it. we used to have Verizon, and that sucked. a lot. So I can't complain.
  9. Z

    Post T989 SGS2 Home Screenshots

    Juggarnaut 3.69 (i'll update eventually lol) WidgetLocker (I forget the theme. if someone wants it I'll find it though) GO Launcher EX w/ Suave HD theme Ice Cream Sandwich system theme I love this setup.
  10. Z

    Post [ROM] Juggernaut v5.0 [New Samsung ICS Style Lockscreen!][Team Kang][2.18.2012]

    i haven't updated to 3.7 yet, but is anyone else having weird issues with the battery indicator? One day it said my battery was 100% for 2 days and then it died. Today it said my battery was around 30% and it died.
  11. Z

    Post [Q]Do people only care about brands nowadays?

    eh. To me it's to each his own. But honestly iOS feels outdated. I've used it on iPod Touches and my iPad since 2008. Really nothing has changed except it became more bloated. I think it's time for a redesign. I'm not gonna lie, the iPhone is probably one of the nicest looking phones i've seen...
  12. Z

    Post We have snow alot!!!

    No snow here, yet. (Southern New Jersey, US). Which I guess is kind of weird, because I remember it snowing on thanksgiving last year. IDK. it's supposed to rain tomorrow. But I can't wait for the snow.
  13. Z

    Post Post what you're doing right now!

    updating Windows Phone 7 to Mango on my HTC HD2 :).
  14. Z

    Post iOS or Android Debate

    for my main cell phone I use Android and generally prefer that. BUT! I do own an iPod Touch and an iPad and I love both devices. I hate the iPhone though. I think apps generally look a lot better on iOS. I'm thinking about getting an Android tablet eventually, but for right now, I love my iPad.
  15. Z

    Post What Internet Browser do you guys prefer

    I use Chrome on everything. But I use Firefox to download large files because Chrome likes to randomly cancel them when I'm downloading them.
  16. Z

    Thread Anyone know anything about Currency?

    this is probably a weird place to ask this but i'm kind of having a WTF moment right now. So I just got a bunch of old currency that isn't in use anymore from around the world. but there's this one weird note that I have no idea what it is. it looks like it has words in Chinese, Mongolian...
  17. Z

    Post Having a bad day?....blame the person above :)

    To Kill A Mockingbird is a really good book so far. I also forgot, the first book we read this year was Animal Farm. I loved that to. We were supposed to read 1984 but my school has weird scheduling where we only have classes for around half a year than they change them around. so we don't have...
  18. Z

    Post Having a bad day?....blame the person above :)

    we get to read Romeo & Juliet next so i'm not completely free :(
  19. Z

    Post Having a bad day?....blame the person above :)

    well we aren't allowed to choose them. We started with The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which is basically about post World War I society in the US along with Alcohol prohibition, etc. and now we're reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee which so far is about living in the southern...
  20. Z

    Post Anyone else hate the holidays?

    well, I personally love the holidays. I love having a whole week off to get away from school and spending time with family. I also love the snow (which doesn't apply to people who live in hot areas lol.) I don't mind gifts but it does make me feel kind of guilty that people spend so much money...
  21. Z

    Post Having a bad day?....blame the person above :)

    my reading and everything is fine. it's mainly me not handing things in on time. and finding books based around 1920's America boring. LOL.
  22. Z

    Post Having a bad day?....blame the person above :)

    i blame you for reminding me that i'm still in high school and failing english >:|
  23. Z

    Post Progress on an ICS ROM port

    w00t. can't wait for this. I was playing with ICS on my HD2 a couple of days ago. It's still in Beta stages but still pretty awesome.
  24. Z

    Post Just Want to say Thanks to the Developers.

    lmao I totally knew that... /stupidity.
  25. Z

    Thread Just Want to say Thanks to the Developers.

    the myTouch 4G was my first smartphone. I was scared to root but once the perm root came out for this device I did it and I've loved it ever since. I've loved pretty much all of the ROMs i've used for this phone (even though I have a hatred for Sense). I JUST made an account on XDA (I had one...
  26. Z

    Post [Q] SGS2 or Galaxy Nexus?

    you're right. I've noticed T-Mobile phones tend to be the best when it comes to the developer communities. I mainly want the Galaxy Nexus for Ice Cream Sandwich. But Samsung said it will get an official update and it will probably be ported eventually anyway. Thanks :D
  27. Z

    Thread [Q] SGS2 or Galaxy Nexus?

    I'm upgrading my phone soon, and i'm pretty much down to the T-Mobile Galaxy S II or waiting for the Galaxy Nexus. I'm kind of tired of waiting for Google to release it in the US. And even when it does, it's rumored to be exclusive on Verizon at first so if that's true that could suck. I...