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    Post Android PIE Custom ROM For Redmi3 / Ido

    Ah ya, just tried on another browser and works.. Have you try the crDroid anyway? And is the Mokee 10 Experimental is suit enough for daily use (multitask with no gaming) anyway?
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    Post Android PIE Custom ROM For Redmi3 / Ido

    Havoc 2.6 Unlocking Screen Issue Sometimes my screen won't turn on when the power button pushed, even after many push. And when this issue relapse, it could takes to 10 minutes the screen needs to turn on the light and showing the pattern. Anyone? Any help, guys? ---------- Post added at...
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    Post Android PIE Custom ROM For Redmi3 / Ido

    Works! Great thanks!! :cyclops:
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    Post [OFFICIAL][S v1.4][TWRP 3.2.3] BATIK RECOVERY

    sorry for my unclearly previous reply. what i mean was the translation project :D anyway, thanks for your response! :good:
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    Post Android PIE Custom ROM For Redmi3 / Ido

    What's the correct step for the third? What I did before was: flash the ROM, reboot to TWRP back, flash the fixes, reboot to TWRP once again, flash Gapps, and reboot to the system then.
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    Post Android PIE Custom ROM For Redmi3 / Ido

    Just flashed Havoc 2.6, but the Fix_cam doesn't works. My camera still can't be opened. Anyone?
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    Post [UNOFFICIAL][TWRP 3.2.1] OrangeFox Recovery Project [TREBLE / NON TREBLE][IDO]

    where is the R10-stable-ido download link? can't find it :confused:
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    Post [Magisk] Tethering Enabler

    Well, ok then. Thanks for your correspondences :good:
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    Post Android PIE Custom ROM For Redmi3 / Ido

    Yes, that was I mean. Well, thanks a lot!
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    Post Android PIE Custom ROM For Redmi3 / Ido

    Just know it now, thanks for explained. Well, one oot question. Does RR-N rom's hw-config feature have AOD?
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    Post Android PIE Custom ROM For Redmi3 / Ido

    what is AOD? ---------- Post added at 00:23 ---------- Previous post was at 00:18 ---------- AOSiP, Havoc, Mokee. Which are have dt2w works currently? Just see this helpfull thread a hours ago
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    Post Android PIE Custom ROM For Redmi3 / Ido

    Would you mind guide me to manually calibrate battery corectly, or provide any recommended link for it might be?
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][IDO][OFFICIAL][FINAL] AospExtended ROM V4.5 for Redmi 3

    would you mind to share that v2? ---------- Post added at 20:55 ---------- Previous post was at 20:08 ---------- would you mind to guide me to calibrate battery correctly? or any recommended thread for it? ---------- Post added at 20:57 ---------- Previous post was at 20:55 ----------...
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    Post [Magisk] Tethering Enabler

    Ah, thanks for offering. But I'm not on mood to change any crucial things nowadays, such kernel . Do you think the module will works on LOS kernel?
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    Post Attention rom devs

    Well, even I never on concentration camp, I am one of minority on my fascist-like country, too. My point is, your words sounds that china's (current) gov is the only badass authority, ever. Is one of forum's utility is for discuss and argue things, no matter when the thing was posted, isn't it?
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    Post Attention rom devs

    superb! :o well, as far as i can remember, my ido doesn't get to bootloop after i remove mi store by rootex running on global stock rom, around year ago.. ---------- Post added at 23:11 ---------- Previous post was at 23:09 ---------- logical fallacy imho :confused:
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    Post [MOD] Creating bigger system-partition for Redmi 3

    Did you have a look on this thread? I've did it successfully when I on armani couple years ago.
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    Post [Camera][7.x/8.x] MIUI Stock Camera For Custom ROMS Download !

    the file for nougat no longer exist. would you mind to share the new link one? i've check all file on the androidfilehost account from the oreo link, but there are no file entitled with nougat, makes me doubt to try those one by one ?
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    Post [Magisk] Tethering Enabler

    what is your current phone's kernel that run the module successfully? would it works on LOS kernel? and does your internet phone works normally while another device use the tethering from it, too?
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    Post [SOLVED] Bootloader locked, bootloop, can't unlock

    Please, feel free to explain how can it finally booted. Your experience might be help somebody sometime. ?
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    Post [module] WiFi Bonding

    Thanks for your reply. But what I mean is the Wifi Module that installed on my device before I use the "Wifi Bonding Magisk Module". Where could I find Wifi Module that installed by my ROM? Is that in /system/etc/wifi? If yes, should I remove all files in there?
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    Post [module] WiFi Bonding

    Would you mind to explain how to: 1. Remove the installed Wifi Bonding module? 2. Remove all saved wifi 2.4Ghz networks? (Does click "forget" each of these is enough?) Thanks before.
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    Post [Official][ROM][7.1.2] dotOS [19-11-2017][armani]

    Seems like your OS device is not Android 7.1.x, while GApps that you've downloaded is (only) for Android 7.1.x. FMI» How to Download and Install Google Apps ---------- Post added at 09:38 ---------- Previous post was at 09:10 ---------- As far as I know, import-contact-from-simcard doesn't...
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    Post [No More Errors] [Fastboot Rom Flashing] [Direct Method]

    [/COLOR] Did you mean that R1s won't ever get hardbrick by failure flash? If so, what a good info for armani user like me ??
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    Post CAMERA FIX FOR ALL ROMS [Flashable Zip]

    Uninstal Is there the uninstal file in case I get bootloop or any error after flashing this zip? Thank before..
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    Post [FLASHABLE_SCRIPT][UPDATED_ERRORS FIXED] Increase system space to 1.2/2GB [15/7/2017]

    What you have done before? :confused::confused:
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][OMS][7.1.x] AICP 12.1 armani [SUN]

    Oh great, I skip out the 3 strips on AICP Extras, I thought that's just credits info, like that. Thanks!
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][OMS][7.1.x] AICP 12.1 armani [SUN]

    Try to Settings > Memory > Apps started on boot. How can I activate Omni Switch and access its setup? hemantbeast xu3sno
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    Thread SD-Card isn't supported and can't be formatted on Nougat.

    I got this problem after try several N custom roms, but never faced this before. I've tried to format the sd-card from device as portable storage but it's stuck at 20% then appears error notice (as seen on the pict. no.1), so does with "format as internal storage" with longer time (picture...
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    Post How to mount ext4 formatted MicroSD card on Android 6.0?

    Gonna try this. Would you tell me how to access the adb? Cheers :)
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    Post exFAT incompatible with Marshmallow and/or CM13?

    Does it works and makes the card mounted fine on android M/N? Edited: I just tried as you said, but the result is Error 1 unable to wipe (or format I forgot) Micro SD.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][OMS][7.1.x] AICP 12.1 armani [SUN]

    Does the Viper works just by instal that 2 magisk modules that viewed in your screenshot?
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    Post [UNOFFICIAL] Material Design Xposed Installer [18/05/19]

    Ups, I mean the framework..
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    Post [UNOFFICIAL] Material Design Xposed Installer [18/05/19]

    Where can I get the apk?
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2_r2][OFFICIAL] DarkNess reDefined [OMS/DUI]

    Is this named logcat? How can to get this?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][OMS][7.1.2] Slim7 [WEEKLIES] (armani)

    what is this for?
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    Post [ROM][7.1.1][OFFICIAL] XOSP N for ARMANI [23/04/2017]

    Installation and bug I have to repartition my system space (guide from here) before success flashing this rom. Makes me confuse a while, because this is my 1st time use custom rom on my armani. P.S: i use 20170930(dot)zip file from official link given. Update: just realised that "no sim-card...
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    Post How to install Twrp on Redmi 1s...... MIUI 8

    Thanks! It works! my redmi 1s which on (KHCMIDL) MIUI Version finally installed twrp, after i failed try many tutor included the official forum. I use Rashr and choose the latest TWRP (3.0.2-1). Thank you so much for the tutor! Regards :)
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    Post Lollipop Google Keyboard for ALL PHONES!! No root needed! Updated: 7/26/16

    kvlt ;) Just downloaded all of those version.. Nice work :o;);):D