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    Post Dasaita Hot Audio - Android 8.0 - 4GB of RAM - PX5 overview

    I still have the Dasaita, running solid, no issues. Mine is the Jeep specific unit, here is an overview video: https://youtu.be/xkD2B9ONxls
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    Post Best Official OnePlus 6t Case

    Yes, it is the official OnePlus version, but sold at a T-Mobile store
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    Thread Made a video of the XA2 Ultra

    Over the summer I tried out the XA2 Ultra, I made several posts in Sony subreddit about it. I ended up not keeping it since it did not work with VoLTE or WiFi Calling on T-Mobile, however I really liked the phone. I recorded a bunch of stuff and then never made a video for it, but I figured...
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    Post Best Official OnePlus 6t Case

    I have the Karbon uX-avaDiV-o
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    Post Best Official OnePlus 6t Case

    How is the red silicone?
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    Post Best Official OnePlus 6t Case

    i got the Karon case: https://youtu.be/uX-avaDiV-o
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    Post I got the OnePlus 6T yesterday

    That is the Samsung S3 Frontier, I have had it almost 2 years and it has been pretty great. I have had multiple different smartwatches, but this has been by far my favorite
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    Post Vibration motor

    I never had a previous OnePlus so I can't confirm how it compares to the previous OnePlus. I do have a Note9 and it is significantly weaker than the Note9. However, I don't find it bad, someone on Reddit described it as similar to plucking a guitar string which I find to be pretty accurate...
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    Post Do you think this will be a large hit in the US because of T Mobile?

    I got one in San Francisco yesterday at a T-Mobile store, I asked if they sold a lot and they said about 5. This was around 7pm
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    Thread I got the OnePlus 6T yesterday

    I got the OnePlus 6T yesterday in San Francisco. I am traveling for my for real job, and while I avoided stepping in homeless people's ****, I was not able to avoid the temptation of a new phone. I made an unboxing video in my hotel room: oNS_3rmemK8 TL;DW I unbox the T-Mobile variant, but I...
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    Thread Updated my T-Mobile LG V20 to Oreo

    It's been out for almost a week, but I have been traveling and didn't have time to get to it. At this point my Note9 is my daily driver, and I just use the V20 for the video camera and as a backup phone. My install was pretty quick, less than 20 minutes. All of my apps were there and my data...
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    Post Joying EQ overview

    I don't have that head unit anymore
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    Post Dasaita Hot Audio - Android 8.0 - 4GB of RAM - PX5 overview

    I am still running Dasaita, great product. Make sure you get one with 4GB of RAM
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    Post Fortnite waiting list?

    I made a video about how to get the Galaxy skin and the 15k V-Bucks: 2lnoTeGveAs Anyone with a recent Samsung device should be able to download Fortnite from the Galaxy apps store. And I think anyone with a Note can get the Galaxy skin, but only the pre-orders should get the 15k V-Bucks...
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    Thread I got my AKG headphones in today

    Just came in today u0RuKd1z39g I made a video comparing the new NC60 with the Y50BT they sent out with the S8+. I think the headphones are pretty good. The Note9 I am in love with though. Still no movement on Fortnite. I pre-ordered through T-Mobile on the 15th, using the payment plan...
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    Post Are you planning to get the XZ2 premium ?

    looks like you got the headphones, when I tried to pre-order a few days after it started the bundle was gone. Interested to see how you like them
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    Post T-Mobile WiFi Calling and VoLTE Support?

    you have the XZ2 Premium on T-Mobile? I was holding off on getting it until someone could confirm it worked. 2 different people on reddit have said 2 different things. The settings should be here: Which I found here...
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    Thread Added some heat sinks to my Dasaita PX5

    Obviously nothing scientific here, but I ordered some stick on Raspberry Pi heat sinks from Amazon and added them to my Dasaita: https://youtu.be/LMNV4iMlExg TL;DW Temp seems to bounce around a lot, but I dont think it ever gets over 80 C during my very non-scientific testing
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    Post just got a Dasaita Hot Audio V600 for a Jeep Wrangler

    i updated my V600 (which is the Dasaita head unit that I started this thread with). https://youtu.be/XcjDclSEZ7s I put a new "core board" in that essentially turned my V600 into a V840, changing it from Android 6.0 with 2GB of RAM to a unit with Android 8.0 and 4GB of RAM
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    Post iPulse real leather wallet case for s9 plus is ready

    I made a video of the unboxing of my Coral Blue Samsung Galaxy S9+ and trying out a few official Samsung OEM cases previously: https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s9-plus/accessories/video-s9-3-oem-t3767675 I got an iPulse leather wallet case from Amazon. I got it with Prime, and it only...
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    Thread Dasaita Hot Audio - Android 8.0 - 4GB of RAM - PX5 overview

    I know there are various threads open discussing various items, but I figured if anyone doesn't have an Oreo unit with 4GB of RAM, you might want to see how it looks. This is Model number HA2162-V840-8 for a Jeep which has a 7 inch screen, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a Rockchip PX5 Octa-Core...
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    Post just got a Dasaita Hot Audio V600 for a Jeep Wrangler

    I am not positive on the Dasaita, but I am sure someone on XDA has done it. I never care about rooting so I never do it, but some will come rooted already
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    Thread I made a video of my S9+ and 3 OEM cases

    I made a video of my S9+ and some OEM cases: https://youtu.be/mANYw7-1YAM I show a size comparison of the Samsung Galaxay S9+ with the Moto Z2 Force. I try out both the Blue and Black S-View Flip Case with Kickstand, Black LED View Wallet Case, and the Silver Rugged Military Grade Protective...
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    Post T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S9+ Waiting Room

    It definitely has the T-Mobile bootscreen, but not much bloat on apps, just the actual T-Mobile app I think. Normally there is a Facebook or whatever installed, but it wasn't on mine. And there isn't anything on the back unless it is under the sticker I didn't remove
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    Post What is Z-Link with Joying?

    Yeah, I posted a video where I tried both Android Auto and CarPlay on a Seicane S18JP25, which is a MTCD PX3 with Android 7.1.2 omXodeberTo Android Auto did not work very well, but CarPlay seemed great
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    Post A tale of two extended batteries...

    Yeah, I don't doubt it, but I don't like the brick size trade off. With the 6500/6400 mAh batteries you just get a little hump that I kind of like. I find I don't like those rubbery covers, so I definitely wouldn't like the ZeroLemon. I did see where people would hollow out the Otterbox, but I...
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    Thread A tale of two extended batteries...

    I ended up getting both the PowerBear and the Hyperion, and I made videos for both: PowerBear - https://youtu.be/f6KwnfrzPMY Hyperion - https://youtu.be/h5m1H0jE2ek TL;DW - at first I thought I liked the Hyperion better, but after a week with each, it is easy to tell the PowerBear is the...
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    Post just got a Dasaita Hot Audio V600 for a Jeep Wrangler

    Here is an install video of the Dasaita with 4GB of RAM and Android 8.0, this is the 7 inch version: https://youtu.be/jR1fo53WqYU
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    Post 4gb Units?

    I do not get a lot of phone calls, but I have not had any issues. I tested both the internal microphone and the external and everyone says I sound better on the external
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    Post New apple CarPlay usb dongle for android headhunts and tablets.

    I got the CarPlay dongle and made a video trying Android Auto and CarPlay: omXodeberTo I made the video with the Seicane S18JP25 which is a Jeep specific MTCD PX3 unit with Android 7.1.2 , but of course it should work on any of the Android head units, I will test it on my Dasaita Octacore 4GB...
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    Post I made the mistake of upgrading to Oreo

    i just noticed in your signature you have had the V20 and the Mate 9. I currently have both and i got back and forth
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    Thread I made a video of my Oreo update - Mate 9 - OTA in the USA

    If you already updated there is probably not much to see here, but if you have yet to get an update, or you are interested in the Mate 9 and/or EMUI 8.0, then you might see something here: https://youtu.be/-t0qug0QfyE
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    Post I want to downgrade my MHA-L29 to N

    lack of notifications is the main issue I was having, I changed the "Launch" settings to manual and that has resolved about 90% of my issues
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    Post I made the mistake of upgrading to Oreo

    sorry, what does "central of my apps no longer work" mean? I assume that is a typo, but I can't figure out what you were saying. I was having an issue with notifications, but I think i got that fixed, but just setting everything to manual
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    Post just got a Dasaita Hot Audio V600 for a Jeep Wrangler

    I got the new V800 for a Jeep. This one is 7 inches, has 4GB of RAM and Oreo: https://youtu.be/tj9z_5wEvw4
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    Post I got the Gamepad Mod

    Oh yeah, sorry I am on mobile didn't put the names together. I didn't know T-Mobile pulled the update?
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    Post PX5 MTCD/E Head Unit Discussion Thread [Rockchip PX5 A53 | Android 8.0 | 2/4GB RAM]

    your V600 should have a microsd card slot somewhere, it was hidden on my Jeep: https://youtu.be/43-Yxm_ADU8
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    Post I got the Gamepad Mod

    good news is you should have Oreo ready to go: https://youtu.be/u2GfAJMAjT0 and check out the Folio: https://youtu.be/Pw9zhMeMGEI
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    Post New Folio Case Mod

    I actually forgot about it since I recorded that back when I first got it. I laughed when I was putting the video together last night.
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    Post XTRONS TE706PL Android 8.0 4GB RAM maybe good?

    i was looking into this, and I actually already own one of these: https://www.crutchfield.com/p_703DGNFLYR/AudioQuest-DragonFly-Red-v1-0.html i have it plugged into my computer. I might try it out on my Dasaita and see how it works
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    Post XTRONS TE706PL Android 8.0 4GB RAM maybe good?

    I remember back when I had a Joying people were trying to get USB DACs to work. Currently I have a Dasaita Hot Audio unit that has Android Oreo and 4GB of RAM, it runs like a champ, which is why I am more interested in bumping up my system. So if the USB DAC works with the Dasaita, you would...
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    Post XTRONS TE706PL Android 8.0 4GB RAM maybe good?

    OK, next question Say is get a DSP and get it all tuned and whatnot. Does that mean I don't use the EQ in the head unit anymore? Like I put the EQ to flat as I tune I assume. After the DSP is tuned, does the head unit just stay on flat? Or would you still cycle through the presets like Rock...
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    Post New Folio Case Mod

    i got it for $11, not bad for the price, made a video: https://youtu.be/Pw9zhMeMGEI
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    Post XTRONS TE706PL Android 8.0 4GB RAM maybe good?

    i know this is getting derailed into a car audio convo, but I have been trying to figure this out and glad I stumbled upon this... so would my best option for sound be Dasaita > DSP > Amp? and if so, what would i plug into the DSP, the speaker wires or the RCAs?
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    Post I got the Gamepad Mod

    i agree, the 4 shoulder buttons is a bit crowded
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    Post Android Auto wireless

    I emailed Kenwood about theirs, but they just said they did not have a release date available yet
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    Post I got the Gamepad Mod

    Never heard of them, but I will give them a shot
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    Post I got the Gamepad Mod

    Duck Tales and NBA Jam are cool
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    Post I got the Gamepad Mod

    I broke it out the other day to try WWE Mayhem CuN4FepDHec TL;DW The game didn't work with the Gamepad. However, I still think the Gamepad is cool, I just think mobile games suck. Maybe emulators are the way to go