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    Thread Asus Memopad tablet stuck on boot maybe damaged partition? Fatboot ok, fixable?

    Hi all. I own a very old Tablet ASUS K01A ( ME70C) I updated it to lollipop via official ROM. After successfully update I mistakenly tried to switch to recovery using the previously installed rom manager. Obviously the process failed and now it can only boot in fastboot. I tried following a...
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    Thread K01A ME70C I can only accesso to fastboot

    I all I have an old memopad that I would like to revive for using I in a project. Afetr upgrading to lollipop for mistake I tried to boot in recover through rom manager and obviously it failed:( Now I am stuck , I can load fastboot mode and it show unknow bootloader. How Can I revive it...
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    Thread Smart unlock bluetooth is it possible in some way?

    Hi all I desperately need this feature what are my options? Thank you Andrea
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    Post Fire 7 (2019, mustang) unbrick, downgrade, unlock & root

    mustang:/data/local/tmp $ adb shell /system/bin/sh: adb: not found 127|mustang:/data/local/tmp $ ./mtk-su Failed critical init step 4: Bad address setns failed:: Permission denied New UID/GID: 2000/2000 Kindle fire 7 9th 002517057668 Any idea? Patched?
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    Thread Lost quick dial widget

    Hi all. I have a new mi Note 10 but the quick dial widget is missing. If I click on the widget it says app not installed. I only removed facebook and some xiaomi mi app using XiaomiADBFastbootTools I don't know if the widget was there before. On my mi 9t works perfectly. Any idea ? Is there...
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    Post [FAQ] Asus T100: Installing custom OS (android/ubuntu/*nix/Windows 7/Windows 8 x64)

    Thank you very much for your answer. I am still missing something. Come to boot selection --> andorid --> then came a black screen with multiple choices Picked the first one , android load smoothing but find the apk in any folder. I installed all the package in an hard disk partition. the only...
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    Post [FAQ] Asus T100: Installing custom OS (android/ubuntu/*nix/Windows 7/Windows 8 x64)

    Hi all, first of all sorry for my dumb question but I read all thread without undestand the answer. 1) at today is it possible to run android installed on a separate disk partition as dual boot 2) I followed this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=62279669&postcount=573 tutorial...
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    Thread Note 2 with broken screen repair or change phone

    Hy guys. My phone has broken the screen . What do you suggest between repair it for 65 euros or buy a new phone? I really like note 2 and for me is a great phone even after 2 years I don't need a more powerfull phone and I love the long lasting battery. I lost contact with new Android phones...
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    Thread [Q] worth upgrading from 4.1.2?

    Hi guys my phone is locked with 4.1.2 stock rooted. I never updated for the fear of knox stuff and the risk of beeing unable to downgrade. My phone works great and battery life is awesome. Is it something that really worth upgrading? Can you give me some suggestione were to go? Thank you Andrea
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    Thread Unable to restore CMW backup from extsdcard

    Help needed. Made a backup in external sd (5 Gb backup) Now I can't recovery it This is what I am doing - boot in custom CMW - recovery from external Sd - zip selected - file not found in sdcard/clockwordmod/backup ( my backup is not there is in extsdcard) - freeze in checking md5. How...
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    Post [26 DEC][LJ2/LK7/LL4] MultiWindow Complete Control V2 {Now Odex LL4}

    Is there a working version for LJ1 firmware? Inviato dal mio GT-N7100 con Tapatalk 2
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    Post Unable to send via wifi direct

    tried to s3 and note no luck. I'll try to reflash a stock kernel/rom.
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    Post Unable to send via wifi direct

    I am having problem sending samsung to samsung also :(
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    Thread Unable to send via wifi direct

    ALJ1 stock with rooting and cwm- I am able to receive files but unable to send. The phone stuck in awaiting for sending file even if the connectione between the 2 phone is done. Any idea? Thank you Andrea
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    Thread ALJ1 deodexed?

    Hi I am planning to add some apps on multiscreen so I need a deodexed rom. I donloaded this one https://hotfile.com/dl/175642592/f4d81b2/N7100XXALJ1_N7100XXALIH_ROOT_DEODEX.zip.htmlbut it seems there is a bug on S-note app ( it force close). Can someone point me to a deodedexed working rom as...
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    Post [ROM][4.1.2] Slim Bean - I9000 [3.1][BUGS BE GONE!]

    Hi guys . I had problem on partition so I reflashed all starting from gingerbred, but now in 2.8 I have English as default language. Can I change it ? Thank you
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    Thread [Q] Return soft key broken?

    My phone felt on the ground and the back soft key is now borken ( no function and no light) . Is this the right part for repair it? http://www.ebay.it/itm/CABLE-FLAT-FLEX-SAMSUNG-I9000-SOTTOTASTIERA-MICROFONO-/330782266139?pt=Accessori_per_Cellulari&hash=item4d0428d31b#ht_946wt_906
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    Post [Script]New "Low Storage" Notification fix

    Please I have some problem undestanding this things. Can someone explain me how I can leave all the app in datadata except google current? Where I can find the name I have to write in the config file for Current? Also when I try to execute this in terminal I receive a message no such files...
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    Anyone has problem with gps signal accuracy? I am using endomondo app , but it seems that gps signal is very erratic even in open field. Any idea or tests that I can do for checking the gps? Thank you Andera
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    Can I ask if there is a built in screenshoot function? Thank you
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    :D:D:D Thank you very much for your help , at least I can stop to find a solution on my phone. Sincerly "thank you" I'll try to contact the dev another time. Andrea
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    Thank you very much for your help, one is cs-Anesthesia https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.logica.nl.anesthesia.android&hl=it and FREE G. Paediatric Anaesthesia Calc...
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    Thank yuo I am gonna try 200 I used 240 till now, Also sent several mails to dev without answer , tha app costs 5 bucks:-) Thank you Andrea
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    Did it several times with no luck, on the web tha app results incompatible on the phone I receive error 942 Any idea? Andrea
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    Can someone help me with the market, I have the default 182 dpi but I am having the message "this application isn't compatible with your phone" even if I used lcd density for changing the market.apk. I tried to flash the new base and new google app with no luck. I bought a lot of medical app...
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    Thank you very much for your hard work with this rom great rom ever !!
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    I am becoming crazy with market compatibility issue. Galaxy s flashed with full wipe new 3.8 I am having error 942 every time I try to install some app. In the web based stor it keep saying that that apps are incompatible with my device. Tried also lcd dpi fix, and changed dpi back to 240 then...
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    Hi all, can someone repost the modded play store along and modded google services framework for 182 dpi? I tried with lcd density changer and with some apk found on this thread with no luck . Thank you Andrea
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    Hi krarvind, excuse me can you point me to the files I have to copy. I tried the one in "update me" app section but it seems the UN modded one. Where I can find the modded one for 182 dpi? Thank you
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    Market fix Hi all , this rom works great but I am having problem with market compatibility at 182 dpi. I bought LCD density pro and with previous rom version it worked perfectly. After the last update I am unable to fix the market. I also tried to switch to 240 dpi and cleared market cache...
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    Please can you explain me why semaphore would be better than stock kernel? Thank you Andrea
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    Can I upgrade from 3.3 directly to 3.5 or I have to pass trough the 3.4? Thank you Andrea
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    Thread [Q] Is there a rom with a working Wifi and videocamera?

    I am trying to use 3 old polaris phones like videocamera surveillance system over wifi. All the version I tried has a no working videocamera. Is there a version with such features ...I don't need anyelse of wifi and video :-) Thank you Andrea
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    I am trying to understand how cyanogen manage disks space. If I understood correctly applyng this fix may degrade the overall performance of the apps, is this correct? Andrea
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    Maybe is a dumb question but I am unable to find an answer using search If I would like to update the cm9 version can I flash it directly and then base and essential without loosing all my data and settings? Is there a chance to have troubles? Thank you Andrea Inviato dal mio GT-I9000 con...
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    Hi, Is there a way to make the calendar text in lock screen bigger and change its color? How can I add only text to speach recongition without all the extra stuff ? Any idea? Thank you Andrea
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    Post [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(I9000) - Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

    Is there a way to sort contacts by surnames? Anyway thank you for this great rom, It seems to me like having a new phone. Andrea
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    Thread Phone keypad auto close.

    Hi guys, I used several roms lately Juwe and jingereal JVQ. In all roms I used the phone dialer application self exit to launcher when I push 4 or 5 numbers. Anyone experience such weird behavior? Any help? Thank you Andrea
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    Post 100% cpu while charging!!!

    2.3.4 here and yes miui lockscreen :) i am going to change it I hope it will fix this problem. Thank you for the hints Andrea UPDATE: I changed loockscreen and...IT WORKED thank you very VERY much Andrea
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    Thread 100% cpu while charging!!!

    Jpq with semaphore 1.5 My phone become very hot while charging and the cpu stay at 100%. I can recharge only with phone off. I installed timeliness free and it seems that the contact application is the one using cpu but I am not very sure about it. Any idea? Sent from GT-I9000 using Tapatalk
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    Post [Q] Help sgs strange battery beahvior

    Thank you all. I changed wiped everithing , changed rom and kernel and this morning same problem. I am going to recalibrate another time , after that I am thinking of buying a new battery. Thank you guys Andrea
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    Thread [Q] Help sgs strange battery beahvior

    Hi . I flashed stock JVQ with chainfire 3.7 kernel. My battery charge very very slowly ( 6 hours to full). Yesterday I left the phone switched on on charger this morning the phone was off and the battery was on half in charging! I can't understand what's happening! Any idea? Andrea
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    Post [ROM][30/10/11] Juwe's Smart Edition > v6.0 XXJVT Based On Official Android 2.3.5 <

    I have the same problem of the previous post , changed dialer background on phone answer. I have also 2 other problems 1) sometimes the battery become very hot during charging and the battery level rise very very low 2) in dialer I try to compose a number and after 2 or 3 numbers it return to...
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    Post [theme] GingerWay_BlueOcean JVZ deodexed/odexed & CM7 [11.12.11] MIUI soon

    Great them I love it thank you very much
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    Post [ROM][30/10/11] Juwe's Smart Edition > v6.0 XXJVT Based On Official Android 2.3.5 <

    with 4 tab unlock screen I have rebot ever since I try to use the upper right arrow.
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    Post SG2 PACk : ported galaxy2 applications ....[JVS] TW4 updated 2.3.5

    Thank you very much for your uploads. I would like to use vlingo on an Italian sgs but it refuses to load Italian language instead it force me to use only english even if the italian is available on sgs 2. Any idea? Thx
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    Post [ROM][30/10/11] Juwe's Smart Edition > v6.0 XXJVT Based On Official Android 2.3.5 <

    I am becoming more in love with this black theme day by da. But can I suggest you to make the confirmation mark in the selection squares colored? Cos in this way it seems grayed out ( not selected). Anyway again great work. Andrea
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    Post [ROM][30/10/11] Juwe's Smart Edition > v6.0 XXJVT Based On Official Android 2.3.5 <

    GREEEEAT rom I like very much fast and stable , thank you very much for your work!!! I am not very happy with "ALL BLACK" theme , do you think I can have some problems flashing a new theme? any suggestion for a great compatible theme? THX Andrea
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    Post [KERNEL] Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread Kernel in Ext4 - JVB, JVH - GT-I9000

    Thank you very much for your work. Another vote for BLN in the next release :-) :-) Thx Andrea