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    Thread TrendStation - a privacy friendly alternative to Tapatalk

    Hello, I'm not associated with the developer of this app, but found this rare gem at reddit. I was looking for a Tapatalk alternative over the last years, since Tapatalk is getting more and more advertisements (even the paid version) and it was criticized because of data leaks and a very bad...
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    Thread DNScrypt 1.4.1 for Android - please!

    Hello, could someone please make a .zip for the latest dnscrypt-proxy 1.4.1 for android with dnscrypt.eu resolver 1 and 2 from here: https://dnscrypt.eu/ I really tried everything, flashed the .zip of KyonLi with OpenDNS and changed the parameters to the one of DNScrypt.eu, but couldn't get it...
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    Thread DNScrypt proxy for Android install

    Hello, I want to install DNScrypt proxy 1.4 on my android phone. You can get it here : download.dnscrypt.org/dnscrypt-proxy/ Could someone please make a tutorial an tell me how to install this? I want it to work with following DNS server: https://dnscrypt.eu/ It is a great enhancement in...
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    Thread Lost my recovery, can't install it and errors after booting. HELP PLEASE!!!

    Hello, I have bricked my LG G2 (D802) and installed the stock image with the LG flash tool. Now, I don't have a recovery anymore (I press volume down and power on boot but it doesn't open a recovery, just tells me in the left corner that I'm in security mode). Also, the biggest problem here...
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    Thread Please extract latest vodafone modem for me (firmware inside)

    Hello, I'm looking for following modem: I9300BUUGMK1 It comes with the latest 4.3 UK firmware from Vodafone: http://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/3/?download=23226 Download Link: http://terafile.co/7248463615d6 Could someone please extract the modem for me?
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    Thread [Q] Stock gallery removed - help please!

    Hello, I was a little dumb while cleaning my fresh installation of WanamLite 6.6 EMD2, because I uninstalled the stock gallery app of Samsung. Now I'm not able to set any lockscreen wallpaper, Quickpick is also not working. All I'm able to choose pictures for the lockscreen is the Wallpaper...
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    Thread [HOWTO] Custom search engine for Google Chrome Beta for Android

    Hello, With the newest Google Chrome beta, we sadly still (and probably won't ever) have the feature to add a custom search engine to Google Chrome for Android. I was looking for a possibility and got it working, with a little problem (mentioned at 6.) someone here hopefully is able to fix...
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    Thread [REQUEST] Dark Theme for imo.im

    Hello, I love this app for multi-messaging: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imo.android.imoim&feature=nav_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDNd But there's one problem for me and others: The developers don't release a black theme (not even in the latest beta) This is a feature many...
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    Thread Need Stock ROM for Branded Telekom S3 from germany

    Hello, I just found a dead pixel on my new S3 and I'm really sad about it. Now I want to send it to warranty, but I rooted it and flashed a Custom ROM. I also installed Siyah Kernel 1.5b3, so I need to revert the kernel also. My S3 was Telekom Branded as it arrived and I bought it in germany...
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    Thread Size of Galaxy S3 + Casemate POP Case with stand needed!

    Hello, I just got my S3 and ordered this Case: http://www.case-mate.com/Samsung-Galaxy-S-III-Cases/Case-Mate-Samsung-Galaxy-S3-Pop-with-Stand-Cases.asp Because I'm living in germany, I've to wait 3-4 weeks for the POP Case to arrive. But I want to protect my S3 now, I want to order a fitbag...
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    Thread Root (CF-Kernel) --> Stock Firmware --> S2 just booting, no reacrtion

    Hello, I installed the CF-Kernel to my S2. After that, I installed the resurrection remix rom. Now I wanted to install the stock firmware again, so I downloaded the stock rom, where I thought, that this is the one that my S2 had after starting it the first time. I installed this official...
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    Thread Got my new Galaxy S2 - How to root/install CWM?

    Hello, I just got my new Galaxy S2 and want to install the Resurrection Remix Rom (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1436854) Since there are soo many topics and threads here, I can't even find the answer I'm looking for with the search bar, so I'm sorry to ask. I want to know...
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    Thread Nook rooted, how to install apps without market?

    Hello, I just rooted my nook successfully with touch nooter. My question now is: How do i install apks without market? There isn't a data explorer installed (like es explorer). Is there a way to install es file explorer for me?
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    Thread E Ink Spot after rooting... - Any fix? :(

    Hello, I just rooted my NST successfully with Touchnooter. After I used it a few minutes (about 5 mins), I found a black spot in the middle of my screen which won't go away. It's everytime there, no matter what I do, even if it's off I can see the spot. Powering the nook off and on again...
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    Thread [solved] noogie.img is everywhere down

    Hello, In order to make a backup of my NST, I need the noogie.img. The problem is, that I can't find it anywhere, it's down at the source (http://nookdevs.com/Nook_Simple_Touch/Rooting/Manual). It was uploaded in multiupload there, which is dead. Could someone please upload the noogie.img for...
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    Thread A few questions to the NST, just got mine!

    Hello, I'm new to the Nook Simple Touch and received it today. It's awesome so far! 1. Could someone tell me how I install CWM with it, is there a guide? I can't find any guide on the development section on xda, sorry. 2. Also, what is the best method to root my NST? Touch Nooter or Minimal...
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    Thread Bought In Ears, not working with Mini Pro

    Hello, I just bought some Klipsch S4a, made for android. I tried them with my Xperia Mini Pro, but they're not working with it. On my PC they work fine. The speaker of the phone is still doing the sound, and my new klipsch s4a are just making some roaring noises. I'm running cyanogenmod 7.2...
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    Thread Warning Screen in Download Mode

    Hello, I just flashed my wifi gtab 10.1 with the stock touchwiz ux rom via odin from the development thread. Now, whenever i start the download mode on my tab, following is coming up: http://samsunggalaxysforums.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=733&d=1304696743 The shown one here is from a S2...
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    Thread Locked Bootloader --> Unlocked Bootloader?

    Hello, I just received my new Galaxy Tab 10.1 (32gb, grey, from Amazon.com) and I really like it, the only thing which annoys me is, that it's locked what I really dislike. Now my question is: Is it possible that my locked Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be unlockable sometimes or is this impossible to...