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    Thread [Q] Can't make/receive phone calls when mobile data is active

    Hi, Hope you can help me solve a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 -- When 4G/LTE mobile data is active: - incoming calls always go straight to voicemail (the phone does not ring) - I cannot make outgoing voice calls (it just sits there forever and the call never goes through). If I...
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    Thread Gingerbread Charge bug workaround

    I just figured out that the infamous Gingerbread charge bug (where the Cappy starts discharging as soon as it reaches 100%) only happens for me when plugged into the original Samsung charger. When I plug my Cappy into a cheap-o replacement charger (also 700mA) - eureka, problem solved, the...
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    Thread Best replacement launcher for Note

    If you don't care for Touch Wiz, try LauncherPro - I found that it is way smoother on my Note than either ADW (which I use on my SGS) or Go launcher.