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    Thread GWA2 EKG & BP on iPhone

    Dear all, I know there is no Samsung Health monitor app for iPhone users. But, is there any solution to use EKG and BP features on iPhone? (don't kill me, I'm not an iPhone user!)
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    Thread Moto 360 does not notify incoming calls

    Hi My moto 360 (1st gen) does not notify incoming calls since yesterday, but notifies other notifications perfectly. Whats wrong?
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    Thread Slow Charging :(

    I Test many roms and problems is here yet. My Nexus 4 is charging at an extremely slow rate. It takes me 3-4 and some time 5-6 hours to charge from 10 to 100%. I test other chargers and even test its original charger with another phone. Its original wall charger is ok. Can it be a hardware issue...
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    Thread How to install android L on nexus 4?

    Hi How I can install android L?
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    Thread ion camera problem

    Hi friends, my xperia ion camera has a problem it cant focus and then photo taken by it are too bleary. I test many ROMs, (Official and Custom) but no effect on result :( I saw too many people have this problem but i cant found a helpful topic. forgive me for poor english.