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  1. walda

    Thread [APP] copypaste.click! - Transfer text between devices (mobile & desktop and back)

    [APP] copypaste.click! - Transfer text between devices (mobile & desktop and back) Welcome to copypaste.click ! The simple way to transfer text between your devices. Mobiles and desktops. Desktop ↔ Mobile | Mobile ↔ Mobile | Desktop ↔ Desktop +++ What is copypaste.click? It is a...
  2. walda

    Thread [Q] How to disable screen dim at 5% battery

    Is it possible? ... tapat*lked
  3. walda

    Thread [Q/Req] I9500 - Show which Processor is working

    Is there an app which shows which of the both processors is currently active? Best would be in status bar to see it, when you're in any app. ... tapat*lked
  4. walda

    Thread Anyone able to root it?

    any guru out there? sent from my SGSII via T*patalk
  5. walda

    Thread [APP] DrainGuard - Monitor your drain in standby!

    We want to introduce our 2nd App - DrainGuard. German Version Some may know the Tasker script which I have written for the DesireHD; this was the basic idea to be converted into an independent app. Of course with much more setting possibilities which would not have been possible with Tasker...
  6. walda

    Thread [Q] Exception when receiving an Intent

    Hello, we are developing something to watch the battery drain - logging battery % steps - and get sometimes an exception into our Uncaught Exception Handler looks like this: 07-15 12:29:41.815 D/AndroidRuntime(27028): Shutting down VM 07-15 12:29:41.815 W/dalvikvm(27028): threadid=1: thread...
  7. walda

    Thread BT Problem since KG2

    hi! when i am connected via bluetooth to my jvc car radio, the radio immediatly means that there is a call and stops car Audio and switches to "in call to unknown". looking at the sgs2 there is all ok, no call, bt only connected. never had this problem with KF2. any ideas? sent from my...
  8. walda

    Thread [Q] Backup/Restore before Wipe; Media-Index?

    Hi Guys! When doing Backup+Restore (Titanium) i always loose the correct Notification Tones in all Apps. Maybe they store an Index of Mediamanager, and not the Name of the Ring/Notification Tone. Can the Mediaindex chronology be restored after a Wipe? Hope you know what i mean. Thanks
  9. walda

    Thread [Q] Partial wake time/process usage?

    Hi! I'm new to SGS, had a Legend & Desire HD before and there was an Option under *#*#4636#*#* to display the partial awake usage. How to see here which App drains the most Battery in Standby? :confused: Thanks