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  1. joeldroid

    Thread Australian HTC 10 Nougat Modem

    Can anyone provide an Australian HTC 10 Nougat Modem? Either flashable or twrp backup or even a RUU? Preferably from the latest version? Many thanks.
  2. joeldroid

    Thread Fastboot Flash Error - Preflash Validation Failed, Please Help

    Hi Everyone, I'm using a Moto X Pure Edition XT1575 32GB running MM 6.0 stock with Feb 1, 2016 security update with unlocked bootloader. I wanted to flash the MM 6.0 factory images released by Motorola to revert my phone to complete stock and lock the bootloader again. When I flash, I'm getting...
  3. joeldroid

    Thread Flash Moto X style 1572 frimware on Moto X pure edition

    Hi everyone, I have a Single sim Moto X Pure Edition XT1575 bought from Amazon. Is it possible to flash Moto X Style XT1572 Australian Single sim firmware to it? I did a few searches but nothing substantial turned out. Has anyone tried this? Please help. Cheers.
  4. joeldroid

    Thread Compiling Custom Kernel for Samsung Galaxy S5 G900F Kernel

    Hi guys, I'm trying to compile a kernel, so far I have come upto generating the zimage, but now I'm stuck at this step. Please help. Thanks a lot. What do I do with the warning? and how can I repack the new zImage with the initframs extracted from the stock kernel.
  5. joeldroid

    Thread [Tool/Utility] JoelDroid Lollipop Batch Deodexer V 2.5 [Updated 18 Apr 2015]

    Hey Guys, Ever since the tutorial for Lollipop deodexing was posted on XDA portal, I was working on a batch deodex tool. And finally it is complete. Update... I'm bit stuck with my personal life hence I do not have the time to manage this project , anyone who likes to take it over can do so...
  6. joeldroid

    Thread [ROM][SM-G900F] JoelDroid S5 [V 2.6.1 XXU1BOD3][Temporarily Discontinued]

    Development Temporarily Discontinued I'm sad to say that I will be discontinuing the development of JoelDroid S5. The main reason is, that I have become bit more preoccupied with my personal life and priorities. The second reason is that I have switched back to Kitkat (XXU1ANJ1), just couldn't...
  7. joeldroid

    Thread [DISCONTINUED] TouchWiz Launcher Plus [1.1]

    Hi Guys, I always use the TouchWiz launcher from Samsung. It has a certain smoothness and fluidity. Unfortunately it lacks some basic features. So I went ahead did some research and modified it to be more usable and user friendly. So here goes my modified touchwiz launcher. Please Note: This is...
  8. joeldroid

    Thread Porting AOSP Contacts & Dialer for Samsung Roms

    Hi Fellow Devs, I would like to port AOSP contacts and dialer to work in the Samsung Roms. Device Note II N7100/ S III I9300 Android Version 4.1.2 I tried everything... Using Cyanogen 10, AOSP 4.1.2, and AOKP 4.1.2 builds but unfortunately none of them work (they disappear from the launcher. I...
  9. joeldroid

    Thread [DISCONTINUED][JB][4.1.2][XXEMG6][1.2] JoelDroid S3 [18 Aug 2013]

    Hi Guys, after much thought I have decided to discontinue this rom following are the main reasons, I do not have a S3 with me anymore, to continue developing and test mods I need a S3. It was nice having everyone and thanks for the comments and feedback, it was always a pleasure developing for...
  10. joeldroid

    Thread [ROM DISCONTINUED] JoelDroid N2

    JoelDroid N2 DISCONTINUED Hello to all my fellow S-Pen users, I present JoelDroid N2 for N7100 only. An amazing, stable, fast and battery friendly rom, which you will love on your everyday use. Would love to hear you feedback and comments... (this is the motivation I get to keep going)...
  11. joeldroid

    Thread Modding Toggles of JB 4.1.2 (For Note 2 and S3)

    Hi Guys, I'm building a more usable toggles for Samsung Galaxy Note II I'm modding the stock toggles to add more options and and customization through phone settings. I'm stuck and desperately need someone's advice. I need to do 2 things 1. Add flashlight and airplane mode toggles. (I know...
  12. joeldroid

    Thread [DISCONTINUED] Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Official Modem List

    Update: Hi guys I have discontinued this thread to the fact that I do no longer own a N7100 device. Hi Guys, I thought of creating an official Modem list for the Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Modems I will be adding all the modems available in CWM flashable zips. What is a modem...
  13. joeldroid

    Thread [ROM][DISCONTINUED] JoelDroid S2 [2.1]

    ROM DISCONTINUED Hello Friends and Fellow XDA Members, I present my first custom ROM, JoelDroid for Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Only. Here are some Screenshots and Features. Future of the Rom: The reason I developed this was to bring the goodness of JellyBean to S2 users. Since my S2 unit broke...