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    Thread Post your device information here to help porting

    Hi all, I am requesting every user to post the following info about their device the are using to help porters in porting roms from other device. The following information should be posted. 1. Your device name. 2. Android version 3. Kernel version (this is most important) 4. GPU ( which GPU...
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    Thread Post your device information below to help porting roms

    Hi all, I am requesting every user to post their device information given below to help rom porting from different devices. As this will become a list and will help porters to see device information from here. The following information should be posted. 1. Your device name. 2. Android...
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    Thread Qmobile x35 Custom Recovery

    IFlash carliv recovery to Qmobile x35 and replace your stock recovery. I have ported carliv recovery to qmobile x35 after modifications to use only on qmobile 35 using Carliv's porting guide so don't use on any other device. First of all make backup of your full rom using mtkdroid tools. Follow...
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    Thread App Manager does noy have option Android 4.4.2 kitkat (plz read)

    I have a MTK 6572 based smart phone with android 4.4.2 installed as stockrom. The problem is that i don't have an option in App Manager to move my apps to Sdcard. Instead of having "move to sdcard" option i have "move to "phone storage" option. Basically there are two option in my App Manager...
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    Thread Bricket My tablet after installing chainfire3D adb is also not working

    Hi all, My tablet is stuck at logo after installing Chainfire 3D and i cannot even connect it through ADB as it says Unauthorized or Offline when i type adb devices in command prompt. Please help how can i recover my tablet back. I didn't installed any custom rom, no recovery image and also...
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    Is there any body who can also develop a rom kitchen for HTC magician MAYBE COTULLA OR SOMEONE ELSE Please share knowledge
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    Thread Anybody want to sell his Htc Magician

    Hi you all does any body want to sell his Htc MAgician then please Send me a personal message thanks waiting for your replies
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    Thread A little Success in booting Wm 6.1 on Alphine

    Hey guys i got a little success of booting wm6.1 of Cottulla on Alphine see the video link below it stars booting but stuck at bad radio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGowmlDYcL4
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    Thread Need Asian Rom with Radio version 1.00.00 for HTC ALPHINE

    Hey guys i need old Asian rom of HTC Alphine with the radio version 1.00.00 could somebody upload it........If you can upload then there is a good news from me regarding the wm 6.1 for Alphine i will post the video soon
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    Thread [Q] Need Old Rom Of Htc Alphine Please help

    can somebody upload old Alphine rom which was as follows ROM Version: 1.11.00 WWE ROM Date: 01/27/05 Radio Version: 1.00.00 Protocol Version: 1337.39 ExtROM Version: 1.11.152 WWE the basic thing which i want is the radio version 1.00.00 Please reply to this thread thanks...
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    Thread Help what are the softwares needed to cook a rom of Alphine

    HI you all....i want to know that how can i cook my rom of xda2i alphine......plz give me the step by step procedure and the names of softwares needed with the download link..... WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY I AM NEW HERE PLZ HELP ME OUT...:)