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  1. vash_h

    Thread Enable Native Call Recording & Internet Speed Meter on S20+ Exynos

    Hi all. Just want to share with you guys something that I've been trying hard to get. Native call recording and native network speed meter. Note, it also enables esim if your phones supports esim but is locked. My phone came with esim enabled straight for the box though. It also enables...
  2. vash_h

    Thread Pokemon Go freezes

    I'm not sure what happened.. After receiving the latest firmware ATCH via OTA, then an update on the game pokemon go to version 0.171.2 pokemon go will just freeze after launching the game betweeb 5 to 20 seconds. It is really annoying. The game still functions fine on my old phone the samsung...
  3. vash_h

    Thread eSIM on S20+

    Hi All, I just took delivery of the S20+ Mine came with 1 esim, 1 dedicated simcard slot (SIM1)and 1 simcard/sdcard (SIM2) hybrid tray. went ahead to sign up for esim for the network i use most often. Now, i have a question. What happens if i factory reset the phone. will the esim "profiles"...
  4. vash_h

    Thread Note 8 Android Pie Quirks

    Ok.. so i got my pie update with One UI last night. COOL.. i love it.. laggy at first, after full reset, it works just fine, smooth and fast.. snappy. battery life is great.. However, after using it for awhile and after restoring backup, i have some quirks.. 1. Samsung now do not allow SD Card...
  5. vash_h

    Thread Washing the phone

    This anyone do this? Or am I the only one.. Only for the water resistant phones.. I know, before u guys flame me, ip67 is not water resistant.. But good enough for a rinse.. I always bring my phone into the shower with me in the mornings. And why not.. Singing to my fav tunes on spotify while...
  6. vash_h

    Thread Separate Personalized Sound For Different Sound Output

    Hi. I tried looking through the forum via google, but didnt see anyone asking, so i would like to ask here. I customized my Samsung Note 8 sound via Sound Quality and Effects -> Adapt Sound -> Personalize Sound for my Nakamichi earphones and the sound is superb. I love it. I also spent hours...
  7. vash_h

    Thread How to get MyKnox to work on Note 8

    Hi everyone. before we start, i know My Knox has been replaced with Secure Folders.. I was on Samsung S7Edge, and i was happy using BOTH my knox and secure folders. now on note 8 i can only use secure folder. anyone knows how to get my knox to work on note 8? WHY? umm.. well there is this...
  8. vash_h

    Thread Tiered data usage monitoring app

    Hello everyone, I just switched to malaysia celcom with plan as following: Weekday data: 5gb quota Weekend data: 5gb quota Unlimited calls to all networks Unlimited sms to all networks I'm looking for an app that can spilt and monitor data usage on weekdays and weekends.. Any recommendations...
  9. vash_h

    Thread Kernel for note 2 on custom roms

    Anyone can recommend a custom kernel for note 2? Esp those that can fix the screen delay when phone ring. Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  10. vash_h

    Thread How to enable hand writing

    Hi guys. I'm helping out a colleague to enable hand writing on her s3. On my note 2 hand writing is enabled by pressing on the button beside space bar but I do not see the option there on her phone. She is using Galaxy s3 international version gsm. Any masters can show how to enable that...
  11. vash_h

    Thread Tapatalk 4 beta

    Anyone using tapatalk 4 beta? I like the new interface. Clean and nice. But it doesn't replace my tapatalk 2 which I don't know y. But I like it that I can revert back to tapatalk 2. Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  12. vash_h

    Thread Group play on note 2

    I saw the advertisements for s4 with group play. Then one day browsing my phone I saw we have group play too! Even the samsung grand has group play! Was happily connecting 3 note 2 and 1 samsung grand to the same network and it played fkawlessly. Even enjoyed scribbling on the screen. Just...
  13. vash_h

    Thread improper root of Note 2 N7100 (International GSM)

    Dear All, I am using the samsung note 2 GT-N7100 International Version. Before Update Baseband Version N7100DXDLK5 Build Number JZO54K.N7100XXDMB4 After Update Baseband Version N7100DXDLK5 Build Number JZO54K.N7100XXDMC3 before update i was rooted without problems with busybox installed. i...
  14. vash_h

    Thread Need advice on custom roms

    Hello everyone. I'm very frustrated on samsung for not letting us install apps on Memory Card so I'm asking if there any custom rims that let us do that? It's vital to have Chinese language input for me as well as s pen... Any custom rom fits the criteria? And no I do not like the other...
  15. vash_h

    Thread [Free app] need for speed most wanted

    Hey guys.. Not sure if someone posted this before but nfs most wanted is now free for samsung phones. You can download it from samsung apps. If only it was free earlier then I wouldn't need to purchase this game. Lol... Oh well... support the developer who made the awesome game. Sent from my...
  16. vash_h

    Thread Post - 4.1.2 Update.. PDA:MA5 to MA6?

    hey guys.. just received a new "firmware" update on my International Note 2. Please check out the screen shot i took. Anyone knows whats in the update?
  17. vash_h

    Thread International Note 2 (N7100) 4.1.2 update availability

    hey guys! as of 8th Jan 2012, 4.1.2 update is made available for Malaysia users! updating now... very excited!!
  18. vash_h

    Thread Rooted and regretted. How to revert back?

    Hey guys I rooted my phone and now I discovered this is such a great phone I don't really need root access to do anything. How can I completely revert back to its original state? I'm on international note 2 gsm. Hourly with status back to normal instead of modified. Sent From my Samsung...
  19. vash_h

    Thread Email wordings is large

    Hi. Wanna check with you guys, is there any way to make the words smaller when replying or composing an email? I'm not talking about the font size. I keep it at size 12 but it appears humongous. It appears fine after I send out the email. Just in composition it looks humongous. Anyway to...
  20. vash_h

    Thread Email wordings is large

    Hi. Wanna check with you guys, is there any way to make the words smaller when replying or composing an email? I'm not talking about the font size. I keep it at size 12 but it appears humongous. It appears fine after I send out the email. Just in composition it looks humongous. Anyway to...
  21. vash_h

    Thread [How to] set gallery to show photo only from phone

    Just got this phone. Would like to seek advice from experienced members here. How do I set the gallery to show only photos from phone by default? By default the setting is all, which includes picassa and Dropbox, which makes opening gallery rather slow as it loads photos from there. Every...
  22. vash_h

    Thread Dumping RAZR for note 2

    Before i got ics update for RAZR, i kept waiting and waiting.. Ranting and all for ics update to come. Now that out finally came, the phone us now sluggish.. Every time i perform a factory reset, it is smooth.. For a couple of weeks before it becomes sluggish again. Not to mention the poor...
  23. vash_h

    Thread Ability to move apps to external sdcard

    Hi all.. I'm seriously considering to upgrade my current RAZR to note 2, i love the specs, the feel, the usability.. However, I'm concerned on moving apps to external storage. Can it be done? I did some search on google, some recommends gl.. But it requires root. Is there easier way to...
  24. vash_h

    Thread Post ics update?

    Just received this update.. And I'm already on ics. Above knows what this is? Downloading it now.. Sent from my ICS Moto Razr XT910
  25. vash_h

    Thread What are the new features in ics for RAZR that you like the most?

    For me, its got to be the ability to group icons on homescreen and the big 4 icons at the bottom of the home screen. Sent from my ICS Moto Razr XT910
  26. vash_h

    Thread Will jelly beans come to RAZR?

    Just saw on Engadget that Asus, htc and samsung announced jelly beans update schedule. Where is Moto update schedule? Another report says jelly beans is almost ready for s3.. And is being developed for s2.. Moto.. Where is jelly beans? Ours it being planned? This RAZR is definitely going to...
  27. vash_h

    Thread Message

    Hey guys, Previously on gb, i used the system app message, cant find on ics. When i click on message, can see email, text.. Easy for me. Now no more.. Can anyone help me on this? Sent from my ICS Razr XT910
  28. vash_h

    Thread F*cked up mornings..

    Anyone ever experienced a morning Soo bad you go.. Wtf?! I just did. Early morning, driving to work.. Tyre punctured.. At this point, I'm still saying.. Ok.. I'll just put in my spare Tyre. Then when trying to unscrew the nut, i encountered this. I was like.. Wtf?! Fine.. Started waiving...
  29. vash_h

    Thread Ics easter egg

    How does your ics Easter egg look like? Mine shows a small Android logo at the Centre.. The background its my wall paper.. Sent from my ICS Razr XT910
  30. vash_h

    Thread Ics out for pshasia ROM!

    Holy ****.. Ics is out! I'm downloading out now. Once complete I'll take a screen shot.. Didn't manage to take out just now. Any others got it? I'm on stock rooted GB 2.3.6 on pshasia.en.03 Sent from my XT910
  31. vash_h

    Thread Tapatalk client

    Does anyone have a decent Tapatalk client to recommend? For xda the app works just fine, but other forums I am using Convo. Do anyone have other clients too recommend? I prefer free ones. Sent from my Motorola Razr using XDA App
  32. vash_h

    Thread Slow charging

    Is it just me or any one else experienced extreme slow charging on their Droid razr? USB charging from my PC.. It was almost 3 times faster to charge my previous lg optimus 7 and blackberry storm. Sent from my Motorola Razr XT910 using XDA App
  33. vash_h

    Thread Help with gallery

    Hey guys, sorry but i'm a new Android user, and I seem to be having problems with my gallery. There seem to be hundreds of images of buttons, Facebook buttons etc appearing in gallery, making out very difficult to navigate through, to find an image. Does anyone have similar problem? And how do...
  34. vash_h

    Thread Mango ISV beta Bundle: Cleanup & 2 other updates.. NO MANGO YET..

    This morning, I received 3 Updates! Not 1, but 3! This is rather interesting and very exciting! Update 1: ‘Update for Windows Phone 7 for ISV beta (7720)’ Update 2: ‘Mango ISV beta Bundle: Cleanup’ and just as i was getting happy, a 3rd UPDATE!! Update 3: 'LG Update for Windows Phone'...
  35. vash_h

    Thread Whats New in WP7?

    source: http://mango.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-us/howto/wp7/start/whats-new-in-windows-phone.aspx The latest release of Windows Phone, code-named "Mango," has hundreds of improvements and new features. Here's a sampling of the smart, the fun, and the just plain cool. Phone Custom...
  36. vash_h

    Thread [Q] How to Connect WP7 to More than 1 PC?

    hi.. I would like to check with you guys.. I have an irritation which I was wondering if it could be rectified. Currently I connect my WP7 to 2 computers, one is my personal laptop which I use at home (to check for updates, sync MP3s and videos) and the other is my Work PC, which I frequently...
  37. vash_h

    Thread Marketplace using location in mango

    Hi.. Jst received update notifications for some lg applications, when I select update, mp informs me some applications is requesting to use location services. Anyone knows why? Jst wondering y it nds to use location services Sent from my LG Optimus 7