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  1. zenulator

    Thread [ROM] Cyanogenmod9 ICS Android 4.0.4 RC0 (UNOFFICIAL) Beta2 4/25/2012

    This is an unofficial cyanogenmod9 RC0 for the shift. This is my personal ROM. I am only uploading this for people to preview and test nothing more nothing less. I am not part of the cyanogenmod team. Don't ask for eta's, updates or fixes. It comes as is. No google apps. Download them from...
  2. zenulator

    Thread ICS Camera Driver Dev thread

    I'm posting this in hopes to get more people involved in getting the camera working in ICS roms for the shift. You will need to pull twistedumbrellas android_hardware_qcom_camera / 7x30 branch into your builds: https://github.com/TwistedUmbrella/android_hardware_qcom_camera/tree/ics/7x30 Then...
  3. zenulator

    Thread [ROM] ZenMod9 Quattro RC3.14 ICS 4.0.3 1/30/2012

    This is a mix of AOSP Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich built for the Shift mixed in with some Cyanogenmod9 and Virtuous Quattro RC3. Includes: Full set of Google Apps. Market should work with no hacks. Quattro Control with tons of extra settings. ICS Style Power Control Widgets in the...
  4. zenulator

    Thread [ROM] AOSP Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.1 Beta 1.1

    This is BETA meaning this is a test release and there are issues. Some things are broken. Use at your own risk. If you find a bug report it. If you find a fix share it. If you like it say thanks. If you want to make my day donate! What it is: This is Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich built from...
  5. zenulator

    Thread Ice Cream Sandwich SDK Port - Android 4.0

    I have it booting not much else is working. I'll have an upload later today when I get home from work.
  6. zenulator

    Thread [ROM] Synergy - [RLS1-Shift] - Now With Warm Sprinkles!

    Bring together an all-star team of some of Android's most talented ROM developers and deliver arguably the best base Android rom experience ever. This ROM is a mix of Sense 2.1 and 3.0 Some of these might not be in the Shift version. I just did a quick copy and paste from the Features in...
  7. zenulator

    Thread [REQ] [Suggestion] Carrier specific forums

    How about it? Gives people a general place to chat or post about general carrier specific new and info. Like up coming devices and services. Sent from my PG06100 using XDA App
  8. zenulator

    Thread Browser debug mode

    Type in url bar in the stock sense browser: about:debug Hit enter then menu then more or menu then settings. Scroll down to debug and enjoy a ton of optional setting like the ability to change word wrap and user agent in the sense browser. Tested on the stock 2.2 Rom and the 2.3 leak. Also...
  9. zenulator

    Thread [ROM-DEV] HTC Sense Android 2.2.1 V8.1 Deodexed, Flash 10.1, WiFi: Updated 11/12

    We > HTC Here is a new SenseFroyo rom for everyone from TEAM FUSPRINT. You need to make sure you have system set to 170mb which is stock I think. If you've used firerats mtd partitioner for cyanogenmod you need to redo it for this rom or else it won't fit on your system partition. The easiest...
  10. zenulator

    Thread [ROM-DEV] HTC Sense Froyo Android 2.2.1 Odexed mtdpartitons Development Discussion.

    I've posted a new thread with a new rom. No repartitioning needed unless you want to also has the wifi patch and several other small fixes built in. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=9127297#post9127297 Continue below if you want but most of the progress will happen to the...
  11. zenulator

    Thread Old thread delete or close

    Mods delete
  12. zenulator

    Thread [ROM] D1-MIUI New UI for your Droid

    MIUI for your Motorola Droid Here is a youtube video showing it running on the htc desire. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or-9T44Bt7M&feature=player_embedded All development is here now since it's alot more active: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/ Under Team D1-Miui...
  13. zenulator

    Thread [ROM] Zen-RCMix22 Beta

    BETA IS CLOSED FOR NOW. This is a beta. I haven't tested it except for booting and making sure the hardware works. It is based on the latest RCMix22 from capychimp and robocik. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=702398 Wipe everything before flashing. If you have problems with...
  14. zenulator

    Thread [ROM] Zen-ROM Updated 08-30-2010.

    This is is based on gsm Hero ROM RCMIX18. It's like the Legend build but faster so you get all the newest Sense goodies like: Friendstream News/RSS Widget Enhanced text selector in the browser. Downloadable Sense widgets Internet Connection Sharing Native live wallpapers in Sense Shake the...
  15. zenulator

    Thread [ROM] ZenEXP 0.9.7 myTouch Slide Expresso Port

    READ THE ENTIRE FIRST AND SECOND POST BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS OR POSTING BUGS WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT Warning: This has different frameworks than the Sprint 2.1. Do not flash any lock screen or mod made for any other ROM. You must already be rooted and have a custom recovery installed...
  16. zenulator

    Thread {GPL}[Kernel][Tool] ZenKernel HTC Kernel Overclocked UnderVolted + AnyKernel 8-29-10

    AnyKernel zips will only replace the kernel in your boot.img. To define a boot.img: Kernel(zImage) + ramdisk(root file system + init scripts) = boot.img Where AnyKernel came from: While searching for different kernels for my Motorola Droid I stumbled on a great idea implemented by Koush...
  17. zenulator

    Thread System dump or RUU?

    I'm looking for a system dump or RUU this phone to put on another qvga htc device. Thanks in advance for any links or dumps.
  18. zenulator

    Thread [ROM DEV] Froyo AOSP 2.2 (Vote to close the thread or continue with a generic AOSP)

    This thread will either be closed or changed to a generic AOSP 2.2 rom. In the mean time Darchstar and crew has a Cyanogenmod 6.0 Froyo 2.2 Heroc ROM out. The new thread for it can be found here. In case your wondering 5.451 MFLOPS Linpack and 440 quadrant with jit enabled overclocked to...
  19. zenulator

    Thread QVGA 2.1 Sense coming soon.

    http://www.engadget.com/2010/05/17/htc-wildfire-hands-on/ Just thought you guys would like this. I know I would have when I was using my vogue. The htc wildfire is a qvga phone with sense running on android 2.1. Would be a nice rom to port over and since it's basically a qvga hero running the...
  20. zenulator

    Thread [ROM] ZenEXP-0.9.7 New Expresso MT3G Slide [OLD THREAD]

    PLEASE CONTINUE ALL ZENEXP-0.9.7 DISCUSSION IN THE NEW ROM THREAD OR ON ZENROMS.COM WE WILL NOT BE MONITORING THIS THREAD ANYMORE. This is a port of the new MyTouch 3G Slide with the newest Expresso UI. This is based on the newest expresso/sense frameworks with built in theme switcher and...
  21. zenulator

    Thread [ROM] ZenHero Sprint 2.1 Optimized with Live Wallpapers in SenseUI: New Test Build

    THERE WILL BE NO MORE UPDATES TO THIS ROM SINCE IT WAS BASED ON A SPRINT 2.1 TEST RELEASE. This is an optimized (optipng) and zipaligned ROM from the Sprint test RUU. It includes a tweaked Rosie with live wallpapers while in the Sense UI home screen thanks to my old friend mssmision in the...
  22. zenulator

    Thread [ROM] Stock 2.1 Hero Update zip from RUU_Hero_C_Sprint_2.20.651.1_signed_test.exe

    Since some people were interested I've made a stock update zip from the RUU_Hero_C_Sprint_2.20.651.1_signed_test.exe so you can flash via recovery. This is just for those who want a completely stock rom to work off of or those that can't or don't want to run the RUU. If you want something...
  23. zenulator

    Thread XDA Android App

    Just fyi XDA app on the market. Sent from my HERO200 using the XDA mobile application powered by Tapatalk
  24. zenulator

    Thread Froyo Android 2.2 Leaked and Ported. Thanks for the laughs April Fools is over.

    I managed to get froyo booting on my hero. This is a leak from the unreleased HTC Vortex. If you have trouble post a logcat. I am not responsible for a bricked phone. Please do a nandroid backup before flashing. Unzip the archive Read the README Copy included zip to sdcard Reboot recovery...
  25. zenulator

    Thread [Android] 2.1 sdk image for Vogue

    Here is a Android 2.1 sdk image for the Vogue. It is a system.ext2 image which you can boot through haret. Use it with any resolution and the latest working basefiles/rootfs/zImage Just extract the zip and copy the system.ext2 to your android folder on your sdcard Delete or move your old...
  26. zenulator

    Thread [Android Tutorials] Getting Started, ADB, Tethering, Building system images etc...

    I figured I would start a tutorial thread. If you have some tutorials or instructions you would like to share then post them. Also post links to other helpful posts and threads. Basic instructions for building an android squashfs system image: First you need a Linux installation. I use Ubuntu...
  27. zenulator

    Thread [Android] Droid-Ion Donut 1.6 for the Vogue (Market Fix)

    Well I finished my personal project. It's an Eclair/Droid themed Ion Donut 1.6 build for the Vogue. Nano Droid. What it has: *Droid themed launcher, wallpaper and icons. *Eclair themed dialer *Themed clock *Custom themed calculator (could have done it in mspaint) *Meridian Evolve...
  28. zenulator

    Thread [Android] senseHERO-v1.3.3 for the Vogue

    senseHERO-v1.3.3 by ccryowski ported to the Vogue. Run it like the regular hero builds. Download: Standard HTC Sense (not themed) Download: Themed by manup456 (see pic above) Youtube video by jamezelle from his build.
  29. zenulator

    Thread Vogue-Hero shutdown

    Vogue-Hero has been shut down due to not meeting google's standards for code hosting. We got away with it for long enough and I had a fun time. If you want continue else where your on your own.
  30. zenulator

    Thread [Android] Eclair 2.0.1 for the Vogue (Nexus One Bootanimation)

    This is an Eclair 2.0.1 build taken from the 2.0.1 sdk image and parts of the droid/milestone/nexus and the launcher/google apps from manup456's dream build. Settings reads this as 2.1 but it isn't. It's just for compatibility with some nexus apps. The nexus one boot screen is also enabled. I...
  31. zenulator

    Thread TMobile Pulse: Android for Vogue

    Uploaded the TMobile Pulse Alpha Preview to vogue-hero. Use the zImage temp hack also up. Thanks to pmos69 for the battery temp hack. I haven't had time to really mess with it besides getting it running. So it's up to you guys to make it work better. It works with a res of 480x320...
  32. zenulator

    Thread Motoblur from Motorola Cliq 0.76: Android for Vogue

    Oct 18, 2009 loserskater uploaded a new motoblur 0.76 build with some fixes. it's up at vogue-hero. Oct 8, 2009 I uploaded a new motoblur with working data. Create a new motoblur account with whatever username and your gmail address. If you want to login to your google account make sure to use...
  33. zenulator

    Thread Vogue Android General Discussion

    Well since we have a thread for everything else and no place for general discussion. Here it is.
  34. zenulator

    Thread Android 1.6 Donut build with working audio/calls/data/sms/camera

    I've put up a new donut build for download based on the ADP1 recovery image signed-dream_devphone_userdebug-ota-14721.zip. It is not odexed and should be easier for people to theme. It has the eclair dialer buttons, gmail from tattoo, latin ime and pinyin ime from the sdk, custom locale, dev...
  35. zenulator

    Thread xROM Android Port for the Vogue.

    This is a port of JACxROM from the dream/g1. It's based on the stable android 1.5/cupcake AOSP from the master branch and 1.5r4 now includes some donut code as well. All resolutions should work with this build. It includes some htc frameworks and apps as well as the htc keyboard. Java is...
  36. zenulator

    Thread Android with HTC Sense for the vogue.

    If your looking for Android with SenseUI for your Vogue then search for vilords fixed Tattoo build or jamezelles senseHero/senseTattoo builds. I have retired my vogue since I now own a HTC Hero. Thanks for everyone who contributed too and tested my android builds. Running android on the vogue...
  37. zenulator

    Thread Zenulator's Hero Builds: Old Thread

    Update 8-5-09 12:13am est I've started a new thread @ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=544906 this should avoid a lot of confusion since this thread contains a lot of old information about previous builds. Some of the information contained here does apply but read carefully...
  38. zenulator

    Thread Building Android

    I've been building Android images in my spare time and running them on my phone. Anyway anyone out there want to share their tips or tricks on building Android for the Vogue. Things such as what to put in .repo/local_manifest.xml. Also is anyone working on getting the hero rom working with the...
  39. zenulator

    Thread Internet connection from pc to vogue

    Today I had my vogue plugged into my laptop running windows 7 to transfer some files and decided to open opera mobile and goto testmy.net to do some speed tests. I then realized that my phone was using my laptops internet connection to browse the web when testmy.net reported a different ip...
  40. zenulator

    Thread Bricked

    Never mind I just did a hard reset.