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  1. prisoner1969

    Thread Missing wifi calling quick setting button. Android 11

    So got the update. I had the wifi calling icon and I watched it vanish. I am connected to wifi calling but the quick settings icon disappeared. Can't seem to re add it. Ideas?
  2. prisoner1969

    Thread Android 11 in unlocked USA varient downloading.

    Just got the update notification.
  3. prisoner1969

    Thread Wifi calling problems on stock and RR.

    #1 So I have a Motorola g7 power retin, using it in the USA. I've tried both the stock rom, RR, and even tried flashing the retus stock. No matter what I use I can't get wifi calling to work. I have an unlocked Motorola g power 2020 retus and wifi calling works perfectly same Sim. Any ideas?
  4. prisoner1969

    Thread Deleted

    Wrong forum deleted.
  5. prisoner1969

    Thread Just got the Android 10 update and have issues setting styles.

    So I got the update today. There is an option in the display settings for changing the colors and icon shapes and fonts. However I hit apply and nothing happens.... Any ideas? I even restarted the phone a couple of times. I have the Motorola G7 Power retin in the USA Thanks.
  6. prisoner1969

    Thread xt1955-4 retin. Does it have 5ghz?

    Does this variant have 5ghz wifi? If not, anyway to enable it? I'm in the USA and I know it's an international version of the phone since it came with the wrong plug and an adapter. I don't have a major need for 5ghz except for one application.
  7. prisoner1969

    Thread If I unlock bootloader and root with magisk will it break OTA?

    Question is in the title. If I unlock bootloader and root with magisk will I lose the ability to update via OTA?
  8. prisoner1969

    Thread Sim activation in MIUI?

    I just got my RN7 Pro. I'm in the USA and have used RN2 and RN4x. My sim works in both of those phones with custom roms and my provider (US Mobile) verified RN7 Pro should work. So I've gone though all the trouble shooting with them. My phone came with the bootloader locked so I have to do...
  9. prisoner1969

    Thread Anyone have experience with the Mokee rom for RN7 pro?

    I'm getting my phone either Saturday or Monday, depending on the post office. I know Mokee has a rom for this phone and I know from past experience the Mokee rom is usually good and reliable. It's not in the forum from what I see but it's on their website. It's been years since I've used...
  10. prisoner1969

    Thread Desperately needing help. unresponsive part of screen

    So I bought a battery for my Mido and followed videos on youtube on replacing it. It all seemed to go well until I started to use my phone. The middle part of my screen doesn't register touches. I was able to install a touch screen test app and you can see that nothing is registering in the...
  11. prisoner1969

    Thread Needing a good replacement battery for RN 4x (snapdragon/mido)

    I heard Nohon is good but I'd like to hear from anyone who has replaced the battery as to which one is good. The one for that model is the bn43 correct?
  12. prisoner1969

    Thread strange issue after installing custom kernel.

    Okay so I flashed RR and this happened on both nougat and oreo. I flash the rom. Install my games and programs. I then decide to try a custom kernel so I install the kernel. Then two particular games I cannot update when an update comes out. I finallyI figured out what it was. The OBB...
  13. prisoner1969

    Thread any good finds on afh?

    Just wondering if there are any good finds in the afh directories? https://androidfilehost.com/?w=developers&did=2073 Thanks,
  14. prisoner1969

    Thread Which is the best OTA custom rom for snapdragon?

    I personally use RR. However I have a friend who's about to purchase a Mido phone. I told him I'd help him put a custom rom on it to get rid of MIUI if he doesn't like it. He's not into flashing roms and the maintenance that comes with being a geek like me. I'd like to know which rom has...
  15. prisoner1969

    Thread Anyone else's 4x showing up wrong in google play store?

    When I use the web based playstore on my computer my phone used to show up as a Redmi Note 4. On my devices it still shows up as that on the find my device page in google. However in the Play store it shows up as a Galaxy note 7 (samsung sm-n930f) If I select that, it still installs to my...
  16. prisoner1969

    Thread Playing with a MIDO kernel I found

    It's called velvet for the snapdragon cpu. https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=187565 I'm using it on RR and I can't find much info about this kernel. This is the first time I've ever used a custom kernel on any phone other than what was built into roms themselves. I installed the...
  17. prisoner1969

    Thread Case just arrived today (seems tough)

    I just received the case pictured below. Seems like a pretty solid case. The usb slot has a flap over it. The speakers are covered but ported out the front of the case. The same with the microphone. Seems to pick up audio fine. Case looks like it's uniform for both the 4/4x (I have the 4x...
  18. prisoner1969

    Thread Nice looking aluminum case but it looks like it could hurt you.

    Found this case and I'm almost afraid to buy it. Looks like it could castrate you if you put it in your pocket. It's on aliexpress search for Thor redmi note 4x case
  19. prisoner1969

    Thread Messed something up now my root vanished and can't get it back

    On my redmi note 4x for some reason I had supersu and magisk on my phone. I tried installing one of the audio mods in magisk and when my phone rebooted I had lost root. I tried reflashing SuperSU and when that didn't bring root back I tried reflashing magisk. So neither of those worked. I...
  20. prisoner1969

    Thread [ROM][7.1.2][OFFICIAL][NIGHTLY] MoKee Open Source Android Nougat 7.1.2

    MoKee Open Source is the biggest non-profit Android Open Source development team in China, with members from all parts of the world. We follow the latest development from Google closely and improve various parts of Android according to the user habits. Being a non-profit organisation, we utilise...
  21. prisoner1969

    Thread Redmi note 4x international edition and the MI verification tool

    If you flash a custom firmware will that make the MI verification tool respond that your phone is a fake? I've attached the response from the mi verification tool/web site and want to know if it's because I flashed Resurrection Remix. My phone arrived from Gearbest with an unlocked bootloader...
  22. prisoner1969

    Thread Full coverage tempered glass question

    Okay so I ordered some tempered glass through Aliexpress. I got it and it has the black trim around it which is fine. However unlike all my other tempered glass purchases in the past (none had painted trim before) this only had adhesive on the colored areas and the the main area over the...
  23. prisoner1969

    Thread nougat roms and choice between expanded memory and secondary memory

    Okay, I know the differences between setting up the SD card as either expanded usable memory and secondary storage. I know people will have different opinions on this as well. I'm currently using RR and have my 128gb sd card set up to be used as main memory with the memory built into the Redmi...