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  1. gavster26

    Post [TOOL] [UPDATE 04/09/2015] Flashtool version - Windows / Linux / Mac

    Does flashtool still support 32 bit laptops
  2. gavster26

    Thread Xperia xz won't charge offline

    Hi all. My wifes xz won't offline charge. When she plugs the charger in it lights the led red for about 20 seconds then boots the white Sony logo then loops. I have replaced the USB C port but still does the same. Am I right in thinking it's a software problem or could it be another hardware...
  3. gavster26

    Post [TOOL] [UPDATE 04/09/2015] Flashtool version - Windows / Linux / Mac

    Which version of flashtool will I need to download
  4. gavster26

    Post [TOOL] [UPDATE 04/09/2015] Flashtool version - Windows / Linux / Mac

    Hi all. So i'm having a strange problem. I haven't used flashtool for quite a while. i tried updating to the latest version and its installing 64bit version when my system is 32bit. are 32bit systems not supported anymore.
  5. gavster26

    Post Input lag and possible fix (works for me).

    iKlutz I can't seem to find the resolution settings lol
  6. gavster26

    Post Touchscreen problems

    Any update on this issue. I've been having the same problem. I didn't have it on my xz. But this xzp is really starting to do my head in. Its been like this since I took it out of the box.
  7. gavster26

    Post [ROM] [M8,m8d] [7.1.2] [LOS-based] **crDroid**v3.8.5

    Hi im having a little problem gapps keep crashing. I installed them with the rom from external sd. I've tried fladhing rom and gapps numerous times but still no luck has anyone else had this problem. Thanks
  8. gavster26

    Post htc m8 wont boot

    which link mate. can the boot loader be unlock in this state
  9. gavster26

    Post htc m8 wont boot

    Tried all that mate. When I hard reboot it (power vol+) it stays stuck at htc one screen left it for 30min or so and still no boot. I tried to logcat while its booting but it won't logcat either. I really need the stock rom but unable to find it I have tried a few zips but got error wrong footer
  10. gavster26

    Post htc m8 wont boot

    Can the bootloader is locked bro so don't think that would work
  11. gavster26

    Post htc m8 wont boot

    Here it is
  12. gavster26

    Thread htc m8 wont boot

    hi all and happy new year. im having trouble getting my sisters phone to boot up it wont boot past htc one screen. I have tried wipping cache and factory reset in stock recovery it goes to android is upgrading but when it gets to finishing boot it hangs there constantly. I an a sony man so have...
  13. gavster26

    Post [ROM][6.0.1_r67][MTC20K][F2FS/EXT4]Android 6 AOSP on Grouper

    AndDiSa no I don't know what that is lol
  14. gavster26

    Post [ROM][6.0.1_r67][MTC20K][F2FS/EXT4]Android 6 AOSP on Grouper

    AndDiSa the os is running fine it just seems to think there's no storage
  15. gavster26

    Post [ROM][6.0.1_r67][MTC20K][F2FS/EXT4]Android 6 AOSP on Grouper

    I tried just flashing just the ota zip but it wouldn't boot past the splash screen for some reason and it wouldn't logcat either. Is there a way to see if my storage is corrupt
  16. gavster26

    Post [ROM][6.0.1_r67][MTC20K][F2FS/EXT4]Android 6 AOSP on Grouper

    AndDiSa I fastbooted boot.img system.img then fastboot format cache then booted to system then booted to twrp to flash the latest ota zip
  17. gavster26

    Post [ROM][6.0.1_r67][MTC20K][F2FS/EXT4]Android 6 AOSP on Grouper

    Now my n7 says there is no sdcard how can I fix my storage please anyone
  18. gavster26

    Post [ROM][6.0.1_r67][MTC20K][F2FS/EXT4]Android 6 AOSP on Grouper

    hi i have a problem i am only seeing 6gb out of 16gb storage i dont know what has happend and device has really slowd down. This is my first device out side the xperia range
  19. gavster26

    Thread Fastboot error

    I keep getting this error with fastboot when trying to flash stock img could anyone tell me why
  20. gavster26

    Post N7 Flashing Problem

    Ok thanks I've got twrp to boot and I fastbooted aosp mm system and kernel but it won't boot up and twrp cant mount storage data or cache where to go from here it wont fastboot any stock img
  21. gavster26

    Post N7 Flashing Problem

    I can boot to bootloader and thats it that tool can't write to any partitions thats what I tried in the first place it erased the partitions but then could not write to them so im left with no system no kernel or recovery
  22. gavster26

    Post N7 Flashing Problem

    Update I have no software on my device without a way to flash it all tools including fastboot via comand prompt can't see it in bootloader mode please I really need help
  23. gavster26

    Thread N7 Flashing Problem

    Hi all im new to this forum. I am having a problem with my N7 im trying to unbrick it with nexus tool kit but at the flashing stage its says FAILED write failed unknown error for all partitions and when I try to flash a rom in twrp it hangs on patching system unconditionally. Has any one come...
  24. gavster26

    Post [Toolkit] Wug's Nexus Root Toolkit v. 2.1.9

    Hi Im having trouble N7 wifi with this tool. in the flash stock option (softbrick) it keeps saying FAILD write faild unkown error for all partitions i dont know whats wrong can any one help me please
  25. gavster26

    Post Support List of KingRoot [SONY]

    Kingxteam this list says Xperia z5 e6653 is supported but I have no success is there a certain firmware version it only works for
  26. gavster26

    Post [Q] Update download for Sony Tablet S SGPT111GB/S

    Hi stifilz i am also looking for uk rom your links are bad "file not found" can you pm me a link for the uk stock rom. Some advice would be nice. I have bricked my sts its on R5a with locked down recovery from what i have been reading it seams even the UK stock rom will not flash. Am i right in...
  27. gavster26

    Post Sony tablet s bootloader unlock

    I just need a stock uk rom to unbrick my tab been searching for months with no luck
  28. gavster26

    Post HTc One M8 Bricked help

    hi thanks for your quick responce it boots up to htc is upgrading then turns off after i minute or 2. i feel quite silly having to ask help to unbrick a phone as im well versed in xperia devices lol HTC seam to be a totaly different breed
  29. gavster26

    Thread HTc One M8 Bricked help

    hi all im from the xperia fourms. my friends device has seamd to brick its self for some reason. Im not to familiar with HTC devices. I have read a few threads but some of the termanoligy is a bit confusing can someone point me to a good simple thread to explain what i need to unbrick it please...
  30. gavster26

    Post ICS Updates Zip Added, Countries/Region where ICS is available for Sony Tablet S

    any help people i despaeretly need any uk rom please
  31. gavster26

    Post [TabZ][TWRP][PhilZ Touch][CWM] XZDualRecovery Q&A

    Any ideas [NUT] heres the recovery log
  32. gavster26

    Post [TabZ][TWRP][PhilZ Touch][CWM] XZDualRecovery Q&A

    I Have reinstalled and i have tried the previous version still no luck EDIT: Ihave foud the problem kingroot broke the recovery
  33. gavster26

    Post [TabZ][TWRP][PhilZ Touch][CWM] XZDualRecovery Q&A

    it is the latest version. just both recoverys cant mount /system
  34. gavster26

    Post [TabZ][TWRP][PhilZ Touch][CWM] XZDualRecovery Q&A

    system mount error hi im getting an error in cwm and twrp E:faild to set up expected mounts for install. and in twrp i cant manually mount system in mount settings can anybody tell me whats wrong
  35. gavster26

    Thread recovery problem

    hi im having trouble mounting sd in recovery mode keep getting E:faild to mount /sdcard (read only file system). Im trying to flash a stock zip from external sd and im stuck can anyone help me please
  36. gavster26

    Post Custom ROM fro Sony Tablet S?

    There are no custom roms for this tablet as the bootloader is unlockable and there is no custom recovery
  37. gavster26

    Thread WiFi problem with Bluetooth audio

    Hi all im having trouble with WiFi when playing music through my Bluetooth speakers like YouTube videos skip and buffer and radio apps its really getting me down I have tried searching and tried numerous fixes wifi tweaks but nothing helps has anyone found a fix for this or some sort of work...
  38. gavster26

    Post [Summary] Rooting the Z5

    Now we have temporary root is it possible to block dm-varity at system level like via init.d script that runs at boot or something zxz0O0
  39. gavster26

    Thread Kodi

    Hi does anyone know of a version of kodi that will work on Sony tablet s. Thanks
  40. gavster26

    Post Japan Z5 series started to roll out Marshmallow now

    Have any Japan users tried rooting yet
  41. gavster26

    Post [Discontinued] [ROM] Albe95 S6 FULL PORT 4.7 [S6/Edge FEATURE PORT] (UPDT 02/12/15)

    Hi all I have flashed this rom on my friends s4 and he keeps getting random reboots I've tried stock kernel and custom kernel to underclock but still reboots after a while. The device doesn't feal really hot when it happens. Can anyone offer any advice. Thanks
  42. gavster26

    Post stupid noob question, why is my bootloader locked?

    Its in the xda rules to search before asking a question
  43. gavster26

    Post stupid noob question, why is my bootloader locked?

    Sony lock the bootloader to protect drm keys which are the security keys for there media apps and software like bionz track id x-reality clearphase ect which are lost when you unlock the bootloader. A branded device (network locked) has an extra lock for the network carrier to protect the sim...
  44. gavster26

    Post AOKP MM 6.0.1 unofficial + nightly + official

    cooldude9119 there not working Googleplayservices fc and setup wizard still
  45. gavster26

    Post AOKP MM 6.0.1 unofficial + nightly + official

    Which gapps did you use bro I keep getting fc on everything
  46. gavster26

    Post AOKP MM 6.0.1 unofficial + nightly + official

    No they don't work either bro
  47. gavster26

    Post AOKP MM 6.0.1 unofficial + nightly + official

    Does anyone have gapps working