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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10] Havoc 3.x [N920X][N920T/W8][N9208]

    What is the last version that support S6 edge +? Also where can i find the kernel for it? Thank you
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    Post [Discussion] [ROM] AOSP Extended v5.5 (N920G/L/C)

    Hey guys, i want to try this rom on my g928f. Does anyone have a link or the kernel for it?
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    Post [Discussion] Alexega, INFINITY,Paranoid, Aurora Port, Galaxy & IronMan ROM-SGF&Toanlu

    Hello guys, can you tell me which one of these roms is the most stable on G928F.? Thank you! :)
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    Post [ROM][7.0][MYSTYLEROM][N920CGI][RL3][19-01-19]

    Apparently it was browser fail, changed browser and all is fine. Thank you!
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    Post [ROM][7.0][MYSTYLEROM][N920CGI][RL3][19-01-19]

    Does anyone have an mirror to download? The link in OP give ngix error.. Edit: Also if someone know if i can install it in G928F, or need some kernel to be installed. Thanks :D
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    Post [ROM][7.0][QH5][EDGE]N-FUEL-V6[ONLINE]

    Can i install your kernel on my G928F? Or it is only for note5. Anyway, thanks for your awesome rom!
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    Post [ROM][7.0][EDGE][QE5]N-FUEL-XL3[ONLINE]

    Hello, This rom can be flashed directly on G928F or after i flash it i need to flash an G928F kernel to boot? Edit:nvm, i installed it and it worked. The problem is i get bootloop if i install edge features. Any ideas?
  8. K

    Post Android Nougat 7.0 update

    any news for romania (ROM) update? i saw that SEE firmware is released? can i install it since it have the ROM csc?
  9. K

    Post Downgrade S6 Edge+ from 7 to 6.0.1

    so wipe everything in twrp or original recovery, and then flash via odin any original 6.0.1 rom and we are back at android 6 even though we update our phones to 7? EDIT: Tried and it works to downgrade from 7 to 6 trough odin. You dont even need to wipe in recovery. I was on custom rom and just...
  10. K

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][5.1.1]CyanogenMod 12.1 for Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015)

    can i install this if i am on stock android 6.0? also on this rom can i still use my external sd card as internal memory?
  11. K

    Post [7.0][10/09//2017][FINAL] KHONGLOI-NOUGAT ROM | AOD | EDGE... S8+

    another noob question, sry for being annoying. I understand that floating_features is in etc folder, but i have an etc folder in root directory and another in system/etc. Which one should i modify?
  12. K

    Post [7.0][10/09//2017][FINAL] KHONGLOI-NOUGAT ROM | AOD | EDGE... S8+

    Does it need to give permission again, even if i only modify the file that is already there? Edit: Also i have another question: Can i change csc to my country csc?(romania)
  13. K

    Post [7.0][10/09//2017][FINAL] KHONGLOI-NOUGAT ROM | AOD | EDGE... S8+

    hello guys, so i have flashed rom , set it and then modified floating_features to get notification padding right, but after reboot the phone is stuck at samsung logo. Any ideas how to fix it?
  14. K

    Post [MOD] Floating message/ Air message With French Language for Nougat Rom 7.0 S6 Edge +

    Where can i activate it? It is not enabled after flashing Edit: nvm, found it. Works perfectly. :)
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    Post [ROM][V6] PIXEL rom [N][QF2][13/07/17] [Jio VoLTE]

    Can you share the fingerprint wake mod alone? Can't find it anywhere..
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    Post [ROM][V6] PIXEL rom [N][QF2][13/07/17] [Jio VoLTE]

    does this rom have dual speaker mod? or does it work on it?
  17. K

    Thread Burned Pixels

    Hello guys, I have given my s6e+ to my girlfriend for some time, and she used it mainly for facebook(a lot). Now, i have it back but i've noticed that the upper facebook bar is burned on my screen. Is there any way to fix those burned pixels? It is annoying that the upper screen of my s6e+ have...
  18. K

    Post [ROM] [NOTE7/A8 PORT] [DEODEX] [XXU2BPI7] [Fast/Smooth/Stable] FINAL

    So if i flash infinity kernel over this rom i will have working aod?
  19. K

    Post Introducing Note 7 Port for N920T - N9208W - G928T - G928W - V10

    Hey guys, I have an G928F and I am currently on android 6 stock. Do you recommend flashing v12.1 or v2? And which kernel? Maybe some download links :) Thank you so much.
  20. K

    Thread I'm Watch Questions

    Hey guys, One friend of mine just gave me an I'm watch since he hasn't used it in a while. The only problem is that i dont know how to use it. When it turn on the screen show only one clock screen with i'm watch logo in centre. The touchscreen is working because i can shutdown it after pressing...
  21. K

    Post [ROM][KERNEL][MM][G928C/F/G/I/T][BPL7][6.0.1]AUDAX PLUS M v13.0[10/01/17]

    Yes, but can I make that notification disappear?
  22. K

    Post [ROM][KERNEL][MM][G928C/F/G/I/T][BPL7][6.0.1]AUDAX PLUS M v13.0[10/01/17]

    After installing this rom i have a notifixation in settings. How to get rid of it?
  23. K

    Post [ROM][KERNEL][MM][G928C/F/G/I/T][BPL7][6.0.1]AUDAX PLUS M v13.0[10/01/17]

    Does this rom has ambiand display/always on display? Or is there any way to install on this rom? Thanks!
  24. K

    Post [Q&A] The all in one Help and Troubleshooting Thread

    Hey, is there any rom/kernel that has the active display feature? My friend got an galaxy s7 and i love this feature. Thanks :)
  25. K

    Post [Q&A] The all in one Help and Troubleshooting Thread

    Hey guys, i am currently on Audax Rom and for some reason i want to return stock. To do so all i have to do is to download firmware from sammfirm and flash it in odin ap or i have to do something more?
  26. K

    Post [Q&A] The all in one Help and Troubleshooting Thread

    Thanks for your answers. An Live Demo Unit is bassically an phone without the gsm parst but much cheaper. I got an spare edge plus motherboard and im thinking in buying one live demo unit to put the motherboard in it, but i dont know if it is gonna work.. Edit: I got one last question: After...
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    Post [Q&A] The all in one Help and Troubleshooting Thread

    Hi guys! after 4 years on HTC i come back to samsung, but i am kinda noob now. I have some question: 1. Can knox tripping be reversed? 2. If i root the phone, can i still install OTA updates? 3. Can i put an normal S6 edge+ motherboard into a Live Demo Unit? 4. Installing twrp will trip knox?
  28. K

    Thread Samsung warranty question

    Hey guys, I have a little problem concerning my G928F. I bought it 2 months ago along with a Clear View case. After a month and a half i noticed small scratches on screen caused by case. I understand that samsung offer to change it for free, but my problem is that i kinda droped it after getting...
  29. K

    Thread P8 Lite Single Sim problem

    Hey guys, just got my huawei p8 lite today but it is single sim. Tried to make it dual-sim but when flashing vendor it gives me failed-command not allowed. I followed this guide http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=63654581&postcount=182 Any ideas?
  30. K

    Post [ROM][5.1.1][Official][Nightlies]Team-Exodus for m7

    Does the adblocker from rom setting work? For me it doesn't seem to do the job..
  31. K

    Post [ROM] [ m7 ] AICP - 11.0 - MM 6.0.1_rXx | OFFICIAL NIGHTLIES

    what is the apk used for mms in this rom? i like it a lot and cant find an download link only for it
  32. K

    Post [DEC07] SkyDragon | M7 Google Play Edition v7.5.0 | L 5.1 | 6.04.1700.11

    any way to move clock on right on your repack? i like it more on right
  33. K

    Post [ROM] [ m7 ] AICP - 11.0 - MM 6.0.1_rXx | OFFICIAL NIGHTLIES

    Does the aicp v8 from op is the last stable download? It has android 5.1 or 5.0?
  34. K

    Post [ROM] [ m7 ] AICP - 11.0 - MM 6.0.1_rXx | OFFICIAL NIGHTLIES

    Thanks, i resolved the problem with pico gapps. Now i observed another problem, my screen wont turn off during call so i have incall touches. This dont happen in other roms. Any ideas?
  35. K

    Post [ROM] [ m7 ] AICP - 11.0 - MM 6.0.1_rXx | OFFICIAL NIGHTLIES

    hi, first i want to thank you for your rom. what gapps u use, because i downloaded aroma lp gapps and from 2 to 2 minutes my chrome force close. i use your last build(20151130)
  36. K

    Post ☆★☆ [ROM][5.1] Google Play+ Edition | 6.04.1700.19 [08-09-16] ☆★☆

    Does the gpe plus edition has stagefright patch?
  37. K

    Post ☆★☆ [ROM][5.1] Google Play+ Edition | 6.04.1700.19 [08-09-16] ☆★☆

    hi! i have currently htc one sense, with the latest sense firmware. Can i install this rom without installing GPE firmware? Anyway if u recommend using GPE firmware i can do that because i have s-off
  38. K

    Thread [Q] HTC M7 lose usb port

    Hey guys, Some time ago i observed that my micro-usb port became lose. I let the phone at charge but the usb wont stay in its port,or wont make contact. From time to time it show usb connected, even if it is nothing connected to usb port. Is usb port replacement covered by warranty or do you...
  39. K

    Thread [Q] M8 Touchscreen problems

    Hey guys, I have a strange problem with my m8. Since one month ago , my touchscreen started to not respond in some areas. The strange part is that this happen randomly, can happen twice a day, or at 3-4 days away. My question is should i replace touchscreen, or maybe another solution? I've read...
  40. K

    Post ☆★☆ [ROM][5.1] Google Play+ Edition | 6.04.1700.19 [08-09-16] ☆★☆

    i have 7.19.401.2 firmware. can i flash your android 5.1 rom?
  41. K

    Post ★ ☆ [ROM][5.0.2] NuSenSeveN | Sense 7.0 | v4.02 [05-07-15] ☆

    does this rom have bokeh? or can it be activated? Thanks
  42. K

    Post [ROM][NOUGAT][7.1.x][M7]XenonHD

    does anyone else having problems with facebook installation? i got unkown erroe code -504 when trying to install.
  43. K

    Thread [Q] G900f firmware

    Hey guys, Can someone provide me the romanian 4.4.2 original firmware. Or the open europe firmware? Thanks! Sent from my HTC One using XDA Free mobile app
  44. K

    Post [SM-G900/F/K/L/W8/A/T/M] S5 Firmware Thread

    any link for romania 4.4.2 firmware?
  45. K

    Post [Q] G900F Question

    Thanks for the info :)
  46. K

    Post [Q] G900F Question

    so there's no need to unlock bootloader and so on? only download firmware and flash via odin? does this unbrand phone? i mean get rid of vodafone bloat?
  47. K

    Thread [Q] G900F Question

    Hey guys, I've recently bought an Galaxy S5 G900F from Vodafone Germany, but now i live in Romania. The phone is running stock with all the vodafone and samsung bloat. My question is how to flash an international rom without any bloat, or maybe my current country rom? Sorry for being noob but i...
  48. K

    Post [Q] HTC One Ruu

    My htc is s-off. I have M7_ul, european version so .401 firmware, currently running modified sense 4.4.3. My cid is HTC_032 and model PN0710000.
  49. K

    Thread [Q] HTC One Ruu

    Hey guys, Does anybody has an ruu.zip with android 4.3 or maybe 4.4,because I want to go stock, but only ruu i found is 4.1 and the whole update process from 4.1 to 4.4 takes almost 2 hours. Sent from my HTC One using XDA Free mobile app