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    Thread How does the virtual proximity sensor work?

    Hello, does anyone know how the virtual proximity sensor works? AIDA64 and other apps say it is a "Ear Hover Proximity Sensor (ProToS)" The same sensor should be in the Galaxy A51 as I found here http://stools.gleamolabs.com/sensors/devices/1698 I know that it has no more real infrared...
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    Thread Galaxy S7 max charging when Screen-On beside AOD only about 1020mA?

    Hello, as said in the title it does not make any difference how I charge (cable, adapter, wireless, fast (9V) or slow (5V)) it only charges max about 1020 mA when Screen is ON. If the screen is of it charges the battery with a bit over 2.500mA (depends on the charger and how full the battery...
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    Thread Battery Charge Cycle readout (ROOT)

    Hello, did anyone noticed the file /ysy/class/power_supply/battery/battery_cycle ? It shows the charge Cycles of the battery. Even after wipen/flashing new ROMs. Mine shows 329. I have got the phone shortly after it was lunched in germany. My batterycapacity is about 75% from the new one...
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    Thread [Q] Connect to PC only for charging

    Hello, is it possible to connect the Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 bzw. i9305 to a pc without the MPT Mode. I want this because i like to charge my Phone on other PCs but i don´t want others to see my Data. I want to use the Device while charging. I think my very old Google G1 had an option to only...