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    Post Themes / Apps / Mods [THEMES] [Post your Oneplus 9 Pro Homescreens & set(s) up !]

    anyway to change the qs icon background to a custom one?
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    Post Question Issue's with OnePlus 9 Pro after Cross Flashing Oxygen OS to Chinese Variant LE2120

    I also have empty verification section on the about us phone. Other than that all good. Im on EU build on the Chinese variant
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    Thread Question LE2120 Chinese variant has Indian FIrmware ((LE15 DA). Is it possible to change it to global firmware?

    I got my 9 pro yesterday and it has indian firmware which i don't like. Is it possible to change it to global one. I'm on Also is it possible to use msm tool for Indian variant on this handset? Thnx. Really hoping to get some answers
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    Post Oneplus 8 Pro VOLTE - Android 11

    I was enable to activate VOLTE on Lucky enough to manage PDC to recognise my device and selected DT denmark commercial profile and activated it. Used this method. https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/guide-activate-vowifi-wlan-call.3871263/
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    Post and keeping root?

    You have an easier method if the OTA update is there in the system. Follow below guide. Specifically, step 2,3 and 5. That's all you need. You don't need the whole update. Tested this twice. 11 to and so on. https://www.the***********.com/install-ota-update-rooted-android-device-guide/
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    Post Album art on lockscreen is back.

    Renovate ice has a feature to turn it off. Also with other goodies.
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    Post (GUIDE) Move status bar click to the centre -Xposed

    Renovate ice has lots of tweaks including center clock. Unfortunately, it's awl work in progress for op 8/8pro. Limited tweaks only for now. But works great in 7/7T series.
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    Post Motion Graphics Smoothing problem using Netflix in oneplus 8 pro

    Working fine for me in Netflix. 10.5.12
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    Post [Discussion]How to re-enable full Photochrom on INT.10.5.11/EU.10.5.10

    I'm on 10.5.11. but factory mode camera did not pick x-ray vision as mentioned. I tried several remotes and stuff. Any reason for that?
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    Post Unroot and lock bootloader

    Thnx mate..this worked like a charm.
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    Post Unroot and lock bootloader

    Hi, Could you give me a link to download MSM tool for OnePlus 7T Pro. I need to relock my bootloader as well. I only found MSM tool for Oneplus 7 Pro. :( Thnx in advance
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    Post Inbox by Gmail invite

    Please send me an invite [email protected]
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    Post Android Lollipop Stock Factory Image and more

    hi, waiting for the Zip file :)
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    Post Apps That Do Not Work with Android "L" Preview

    Yes. no white background anymore. also in the messenger.
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    Post [Q] Nexus 5 not connecting to computer (usb), does not show in device manager

    Same Issue same thing happened to me today when i connected the device to PC. Mine says unknown device on PC under other devices. so i hope my USB port is ok.but im not using the original SUB cable. i wonder that's is the issue. but it didn't bother me until today. my original cable is at my...
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    Post [ROOT]TWRP Coordinator(BETA)

    pardon me for asking an off topic question. How did u get that sidebar on the homescreen...?
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    Post Get infinite aviate invites!

    Please send me a invitaion..:) [email protected]
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    Post Aviate Launcher

    Please can u send me an invitation? [email protected]
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    Post Black screen problem solving in HTC Sensation XL ROMs

    disable proximity sensor for rooted devices go to system > build.prop add following line. gsm.proximity.enable = false this only works with ICS i guess..it didn't work on JB
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    Post [MOD] Disable and Enable Proximity Sensor on ICS.

    disable proximity sensor you can disable the proximity sensor by adding following line to build.prop gsm.proximity.enable=false it worked for me. but i think only for ICS
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    Post (Fix) proximity sensor not working fix

    i used proximity sensor finder. then it showed the proximity sensor is available when i was on Linora Rom. and Sensor was working perfectly fine. then i flashed Paranoid rom and proximity sensor stopped working. and i tried PAcman rom also..same result. i am wondering why my sensor working only...
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    Post (Fix) proximity sensor not working fix

    strangest thing is proximity sensor is not working for other roms. i tried several other roms. but proximity sensor is not working while on those roms. ---------- Post added at 07:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:09 PM ---------- any chance we can see the pics of these steps? thank you
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    Post (Fix) proximity sensor not working fix

    I was on stock rom before the replacement. But rooted and s off. Then aftr the replacement i tried many other ics rom. Xl 3.6, and so on..those roms were ok.but ddnt fixed my proximity sensor and my touch screen freezes time to time. Last rom i was on is king cobra rom.it was really buggy...
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    Post (Fix) proximity sensor not working fix

    Flashing JB Rom (Linora) Fixed my Proximity sensor As on this post i replaced my Touch and LCD panel. after that my proximity sensor stopped working. during a call screen goes black and i have to unlock the device. after flashing several ICS roms i got frustrated coz the issue was persisted...
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    Post [Q] HTC Sensation XL LCD calibration problem

    Replaced the igitizer and lcd i replaced both LCD and digitizer as in a one module. everything is fine but sometimes screen freezes. but i can feel the phone is still on work as i touch (like typing the keyboard i feel the vibration while i press the screen though it is freezed). i have to lock...
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    Post [ROM][2803]XL 3.6 v1.9[Sense 5.0 Styled|APM|EQS||Tweaks|Mods|V6 Charged|Volume2Wake]

    how to apply tweaks hi, could u pls tell me how to apply tweaks in Sense 5.0 styled version.. Thank You for the great rom
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    Post Questions and Answers thread

    Replaced touch + LCD Screen Hi Guys, Recently i replaced my SXL's LCD Screen and touch. after that my proximity sensor is not working and sometimes my screen get freezes. the issues as follows. Proximity Sensor issue - when i make a call automatically screen get switch off. i have to unlock...
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    Post 【ROM】【JB 4.1.2】【Arc\S】 ★ Xperia Z Jelly Bean v4 ★【Fast Stable and Nice】 ★ 【7-8-13】 ★

    getting default lockscreen back Hi, very good rom..thank you for this great rom. just one question. how to get the default lockscreen back after flashing xperia z lockscreen?
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    Post [ROM][17/6/13] [DISCONTINUED] Viper Xperia V6.0 - XPERIAnce The Next Big Thing

    this actually works. Kernel - vengeance Rom - Viper Xperia 5.0 had to reboot several times to make the second partition ext4 type. then it worked like a charm. Thnx dude.
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    Post [MOD][ICS]Increase internal memory [Updated][Fixed bootloops, Tested, Working 100%]

    DoomKernel ics download link Please Doomlordkernel ics download link is not working in doomlord's thread. please provide a working link. Thank you
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    Post Post Your Screenshots!

    Xperia z lockscreen Sent from my LT18i using xda app-developers app
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    Post [MOD] Jader's Framework & User Interface "Ultimate" Mod

    Settings button and clear all button on status bar is it me or u also haven't these two buttons on the status bar?
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    Post [MAR-.13FW] XS Lockscreen by Aeon - All 2011 Xperia (.431/.587/.13)

    finally figured it out to change the lockscreen image at least :o
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    Post Post Your Screenshots!

    Jader's Ultimate HD 2.0 with Xperia S lockscreen and Small apps by Aeon
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    Post [MAR-.13FW] XS Lockscreen by Aeon - All 2011 Xperia (.431/.587/.13)

    Thnx pandemic. I will try it. But I will not be able to change lockscreen settings if I do like this right? Sent from my LT18i using xda app-developers app
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    Post [MAR-.13FW] XS Lockscreen by Aeon - All 2011 Xperia (.431/.587/.13)

    installing the lockscreen without updating settings.apk Hello, i successfully installed this lockscreen on my Arc S which running on Jader's Ultimate HD 2.0 Rom. but once i installed the lockscreen i realized my settings.apk also been replaced. so i can not use ROM options in the settings menu...
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    Thread No 3g /Data connection after installing Xperia Ice Bean 4.0.4+[JB]

    hi i have installed Xperia Ice Bean 4.0.4+[JB] a week ago and everything was fine and i loved this new rom. but then after i set up my APN, i tried to connect to 3G. but i could not connect and no 3G logo was seen on the status bar either. also in the phone status Mobile network state is as...
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    Post Arc/Arc S ICS fw .562 Power Status Bar Toggles with Neon colours.

    Yeah I also have those characters. Pls help Sent from my LT18i using xda app-developers app