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    Thread Chromium WebView package does not exist

    Hi i have develop on a chinese tablet without root. When app starts there is this crash: E/WebViewFactory: Chromium WebView package does not exist android.webkit.WebViewFactory$MissingWebViewPackageException: Failed to load WebView provider: No WebView installed at...
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    Thread impossible flash or wipe

    Hi i don't know if this board is correct but i have serious problem to flash official factory image. Problem: reboot galaxy nexus. when lockscreen is loaded phone reboot alone. 1) download Factory Images "yakju" for Galaxy Nexus "maguro" 2) reboot device in download 3) ./fastboot oem unlock...
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    Thread check mouse

    Hi, how can i check if android device has attached an hardware mouse?
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    Thread Check hardware mouse

    Hi, how can i known if device uses a mouse? Sent from my Nexus 5 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Thread bluetooth audio streaming

    Hi, i have to develop a bluetooth audio streaming system but the problem is that streaming is beetween 2 android devices. The streaming between Android device to handset or other a2dp device is "simple" but it isn't my issue. is ti possible to do it? i find L2CAP android..but i search other...
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    Thread start edit rom

    Hi i have received from China sources code Rom. I 'd like edit Bluetooth app. I create project in Eclipse, import project app but there are Class and Method HIDE. Sources bluetooth app request a com.android.bluetooth.Utils and I download but this class com.android.bluetooth.Utils invoke hide...
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    Thread change usb connection behavior

    I have to do a project... and i have a strange question for you :  can i change usb connection behavioir? when i connect smartphone to pc "android" start charge it . can i avoid this behavioir? I connect a cable in micro usb and send sata to smartphone by usb port.
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    Thread avoid pairing

    Hi, is there some method, hack or other solution to create a pairing bluetooth without PIN. I modified a smatphone i link it with other hardware ;), so i'd like use this smartphone as a Server. Users can connect via Bluetooth and receive Data, a lot Data. I'd like avoid pairing because i can't...
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    Thread error in source code

    I i download trebuchet launcher. I import project in Eclipse but i have some error... Some class is invisible, or com.android.internal.R.styleable.DialogPreference not resolve, com.android.internal.R not resolve. I know that i need import "framework" to work source code.
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    Thread change settings mouse

    Hi, I have a mini pc rooted. I want change mouse usb behavior. I want remap right mouse click. How can recompile Settings.apk ?does anyone know the methods that changes the menu Mouse/trackpad settings?
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    Thread commands in file .bat change framework

    Hi, I want create a file .bat in windows hat change framework-res.apk I write this adb push frameworks-res.apk /sdcard/frameworks-res.apk adb shell su adb shell su adb shell mount -r remount,rw /system adb shell cp /sdcard/framework-res.apk /system/framework/framework-res.apk adb reboot...
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    Thread bootanimation change only png

    Hi i have a mini smartpc rooted. I want change boot animation. I know that it need place bootanimation.zip in /data/local(. I get a bootanimation from another rom, a rom for asus transform... when i put asus bootanimation.zip in /data/local works but when i change only png inside...
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    Thread error in apktool : framework-res.apk

    Hi, I have an error wheh re-compile folder framework-res.apk This is my command line... C:\folder\tools\apktool1.4.3>apktool.jar if framework-res.apk C:\folder\tools\apktool1.4.3>java -jar apktool.jar if framework-res.apk I: Framework installed to: C:\Users\giuseppe\apktool\framework\1.apk...
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    Thread Root amlogic 8726-m

    Hi, i have a smartpc with amlogic 8726-m. how can get root band recovery to ook ROM? Sent from my Transformer using xda premium
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    Thread Where and how learn android.

    Hi i'd like know how andoid si made, system, driver, file system etc.etc. Are there some guide ? I'd like install android to hardware different from smartphone... Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using xda premium
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    Thread apk reboot in recovery

    My question is simple... can i develop an app (apk) that reboot android in recovery without root? I have possibility to add to push my apk in /system/app/
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    Thread app don't unistall?

    Hi, my Project Manger request this app: - user can't unistall app i know that user root can install app in system so this app is locked... how can i install app in 30 device...?
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    Thread [app] UtilTranslator

    Hi, i created a little app for Android. My first app :) https://market.android.com/search?q=UtilTranslator&so=1&c=apps App translates any text or web page. you can share webpage, note, twitt, text selection and app translates string in 70+ language. Thank's. I accept any comment and bug fixing.
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    Thread radio fm streaming

    Hi, i'm developing a radio streaming fm app. are there some example of incremental streaming of mp3 ?
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    Thread [Q] ArrayAdapter and custom layout

    Hi , i'm studyng android Adapter I want create a ListView with a serie of data. Ok , the code. /* Activity class */ package it.actiondesign.android.app.userdata; import java.util.ArrayList; import android.app.Activity; import android.os.Bundle; import android.widget.ListView; public...
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    Thread fromn xp6 to jjpo

    IH, i have froyo xpm/xmp6 and now i disabled lag fix. how can i install last froyo rom o a custo rom such us Doc Froyo or other?
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    Thread [Q] have XPK how flash flash JP6?

    hi, i have JPK installed, how can i flash last froyo rom JP6 ? i have european samsung GT-i9000.
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    Thread samsung user confused

    i'm confused, i want install last froyo rom, but i don' undestand that rom.... now i have JPK rom with lagfix OCLF. I don't undestand what is voodoo, i know that OCLF after some day is no longer efficient as before-. is there some lagfix permanent ?
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    Thread create a copy of my custom rom

    Hi, i have modified my original rom of samsung galax s gt-9000. can i create a rom with all customation ? i want next day try some script and if i brick my phone i won't mdofied all again. i want flashing my rom again with launcher pro, and all applications. is it possible?
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    Thread dump my custom rom

    I have cancelled all samsung apps and other customation...now i have a wonderfull rom based on XXPK froyo. How can i create a rom for another flashing... , for example i want try other rom but i want return in this rom... i dont' want re-install all apps etc etc etc
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    Thread problem with sdcard

    I have some problem with my external sdcard. 16 gb. I have last froyo xxkp I have 2 gb of music, backup, wallpapers etc, if i mount sdcard via usb those files exist, if use a card reader those file exist; I can copy , cut and paste folder and files in this sdcard by windows, ubuntu, but astro...
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    Thread learn to customize device

    I would like to learn how to create a custom rom or edit SOME graphics of my device, only for personal use : in short, learn to cook. Is there any guide? I know that change framework-res but after change how can i sign ?
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    Thread download ipk from browser

    Hi, why i can't download apk file from browser ? I have error: Unknow Document.
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    Thread [Q] big problem with samsung: all blocked

    I tempting to install the battery but I followed the instructions wrong showthread.php?t=765419 i delete /system/framework/framework-res.apk or other file now bootloader is blocked, i see the logo Samsung Galaxy but android don't start. i try some update.zip but i have Installation aborted...