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    Thread Is this phone still supported by community?

    Hi, Please confirm, is there any suport curtently? Is there any fresh build/any rom for this phone? If not, can you recommend any most recent and less bugs rom? My phone curtently runnig Cyanogenmod/Android 6.0.1, so very old. What is the best rom to choose?
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    Thread Question Google Play Services FC and battery drain

    Since today I'm getting constant Google Play Services FC and huge battery drain and also phone overheat because of Google Services. Anybody else? I'm on EU. Phone is almost unusable now.
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    Thread Android 10 GSI from Google

    https://developer.android.com/topic/generic-system-image/releases#android-gsi-10 Has anybody tried on OP7 pro?
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    Thread Google Maps VR navigation on OP7 Pro

    I've installed ARCore framework from Google Play. But still vr navigation option is not available. I tried with latest stable and beta Google Maps. Is there anything else required? Google's ARCore apps, like Meter, are fine.
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    Thread LineageOS for Oneplus7 Pro?

    Apparently, there is no any build on xda. Is anybody working on it to bring Lineage to OP7 Pro? Any news?
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    Thread Lineage OS status

    Hello, just wanted to clarify. Is G5 maintained by Lineage or not anymore. It's officially getting Lineage 14 only, I guess it's because they forgot to remove it from build roster. So, maintained or not? If not, we need to notify Lineage team to officially mark it as unsupported to stop making...
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    Thread Doogee X50 Treble support

    This cheap phone is shipped with Android 8.1. Does anybody know if it supports Treble without problems? Has anybody tested it?
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    Thread Messages for web on LeMax2

    So, I have 2 oneplus one devices and one lg g5 device, all of them running LineageOS. All of them has already received this functionality. But, my LeMax2 still does not. Can anybody confirm, do you have messages for web available on your LeMax2? P.S. I mean this...
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    Thread Gapps for ChromiumOS

    Hello, Are there any gapps that I could flash on ChromiumOS to get Google Play Store support? Can you provide a link?
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    Thread Vendor Image Mismatch on latest Lineage 15.1

    Do you know what is it? Look: Also this cannot be hidden: How to fix it?
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    Thread [ROM][8.1.0_r20] Stock Lineage 15.1 unofficial daily builds for LeEco LeMax2

    Hello all, If anybody interested in stock Lineage 15.1, not touched and compiled as is, this is right place. Sources will be synced everyday and new build will be uploaded automatically. No fixes or modifications are planned from my side, only sync and build existing Lineage source code. It...
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    Thread Qualcomm mdss driver - change default (rgb) color calibration

    Before I compile kernel for my device, I want to change default rgb color calibration values (basically, the sam as can be done dynamically via kcal color control). Can anybody point me right direction, where should I look for?
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    Thread Newest modem/baseband

    My phone variant is X829. It was shipped with 16s firmware which was pretty old. Now I'm on 466D_V.00050, dated to 08 Nov. 2016. After firmware upgrading I noticed fingerprint sensor working much better than before and LTE+ indicator (which means LTE-A I guess). Please recommend newest baseband...
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    Thread Compiling Lineage 15.1

    Does anybody know current stage Lineage 15.1 for x2? Is it usable after compiling as is, or some fixes are still needed to get it bootable and usable?
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    Thread LineageOS Jelly - ported to Android Lollipop

    Hi, What is Jelly? https://www.reddit.com/r/LineageOS/comments/68oqhy/goodbye_browser_hello_jelly_official_in_changelogs/ All credits go to LineageOS team. I managed to recompile their new default web browser - Jelly to be able to run and use it on Android 5.0 and newer (it supports 6.0 and...
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    Thread Efi Droid

    Really interesting. Uefi implementation for Android devices, OneplusOne is supported! http://efidroid.org Have anybody tried it already? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.efidroid.efidroidmanager
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    Thread [Q] Most recommended Android dev books?

    Hi, I'm looking for some complete Android programming books, especially they should provide: - Fresh informations (regarding to Android 5 api for example) - Android Studio and not Eclipse as IDE for all applications, example projets etc, especially Gradle configuration, IDE configuration etc. -...
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    Thread Camera autofocus issues

    Hi, Not sure if it's hardware or software issue. I tested latest CM11 nightly and CM12 nightly - both the same. While recording with any 3rd party app, I noticed lost focus and zoom every 1-2 seconds. It's really annoying. You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9dBt11t-LA...
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    Thread Miro bricked after flashing wrong bootloader

    Hi, I don't know what can I do now, perhaps noting. I accidentialy flashed wrong bootloader (from other xperia, not Miro). Now phone seems to be completly bricked, I can't turn it on and my PC does not see any new device after connecting phone to usb. I also tried to remove and insert battery...
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    Thread Problem with 3rd party camera apps when flash enabled (cameraNext is ok)

    Hello, I just noticed really weird effect on photos and it seems to be software issue. Look at this 2 images. This one was taken using CameraNext, everything is fine: This one was taken with GoogleCamera: Most weird everything is ok if I don't use flash. But with flash, only stock camera...
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    Thread How to record 4k with stock CM11s camera on external usb?

    Of course it's not possible directly and I know it. But most weird thing, that I can't use mount -o bind to mount my DCIM folder to external usb. If I do this, when I enter my DCIM folder in file manager, I can see files from external usb storage. So to test, I started movie recording, then...
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    Thread OnePlus display color temperature/white balance

    Hi, I want to get more cold color temperature. Also overall white balance - everything seems to be too warm and yellow. I can't change this using CM color Hue setting, because it doesn't change white balance, it only makes all colors to be weird. Also I found display when using revovery (for...
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    Thread CM 11, how to change external usb storage mount point?

    Hi By default, external usb drives are mounted on /storage/usbisk. I want to change it and force external usb to mount in /sdcard/DCIM. Where can I set this? I'm rooted, but have no idea where can I set this.
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    Thread I'm looking for software/mod to set screen white balance

    The only working as I expect is this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netmanslab.sa - but it's rather annoying, asks form ma gps location, it's bloated with ads and also changes are lost after reboot (I need to enable it again). And most annoying - it blocks possibility to...
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    Thread cwm - error in zip (status 4)

    Hello, No matter what I do, I have always status 4 error when trying to install my own update.zip, however - no error when installing 3rd party updates. What means this status code in cwm? My updater-srcipt (very basic to test things): show_progress(0.500000, 0); ui_print("****TEST****")...
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    Thread LogCat - findLibrary returned null, how to debug?

    Hello, I have some applicationa that crashes. I know why it crashes: E/AndroidRuntime( 6271): FATAL EXCEPTION: main E/AndroidRuntime( 6271): java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Couldn't load jni_hw_mosaic from loader dalvik.system.PathClassLoader[DexPathList[dexElements=[zip file...
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    Thread Logcat - find reason force-close for third-party app - can you help?

    Hello, I have some video player application and it displays FC message when init video playback. This is logcat log: 12-04 17:37:11.968 I/dalvikvm( 2430): Could not find method android.widget.VideoView.setOnBufferingUpdateListener, referenced from method...