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    Post [FIXED] Chromecast not working Oneplus 7pro

    I'm on 10.0.11 and play services 21.24.18 so I'm not sure why it's like that in your case, apologies
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    Post [FIXED] Chromecast not working Oneplus 7pro

    For everyone's benefit, leaving play services beta and uninstalling updates from beta fixed the issue.
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    Thread [FIXED] Chromecast not working Oneplus 7pro

    I'm on 10.0.11 (rooted). 8 days ago, my phone can still connect to Chromecast. However, I can't connect anymore - whether I use screen cast (only searches but nothing happens) or google home (only shows connecting but nothing happens). However my Galaxy Note 8 can connect without any issues. I...
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    Thread How do I prevent system update after inadvertent clicking of system update notification

    Hi everyone. I'm currently on Android 10 and unfortunately I inadvertently clicked the update from the notifications - I haven't clicked the prompt to "OK" which is saying my phone will be unrooted after updating, and I immediately force closed it and restarted my phone. I understand Android...
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    This did the trick. Thanks a lot :)
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Hi everyone, I'm using OP7 pro (10.0.10). Magisk was working fine before today; however, I tried updating my magisk manager to 22.1 and now I can't open magisk manager - first time I open the app, the magisk logo appears then disappears and nothing happens; second time I open it says "magisk...
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    Post Upgraded to Open Beta 18 TWRP and Magisk working!!

    Is this still working for Android 11?
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    Post [Guide] Activate Native Video Calling (over LTE), RCS & other features

    Hi everyone. I'm using vodafone on my Note8 (android9). RCS works on google messages but I can't make it work on Samsung messages - even after toggling RCS on and off via IMS, restarting phone and force stopping messages. Is this limited to android 10/One UI 2.0 and above only? Thanks
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    Post Google Recorder

    Is this via a OP device or from another device?
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    Post Upgraded to Open Beta 18 TWRP and Magisk working!!

    Thanks. Got it working as well :)
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    Post Upgraded to Open Beta 18 TWRP and Magisk working!!

    Hi. Will this work also from 10.0.1 to 10.0.2? Seems like these steps are easier than reflashing both magisk and TWRP. Thanks
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    Post [MAGISK] OnePlus 7T Camera App | Game Space | Work Life Balance & More

    Hi everyone. Does macro mode work for this?
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    Post belt clip holster incoming

    I also have that and I would have loved it but I was kind of worried about the lack of protection offered by the karbon case on the rear camera. I tried the thin armor case and it did have the same halo effect as well.
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    Post belt clip holster incoming

    Hi. I emailed them and got a new one, but it still had the issue. The issue is prominent when you're near a light source - I decided to just cut out the part in front of the selfie cam
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    Thread Migrating data from previous Samsung phone to OP7Pro

    Hi everyone, I understand OP has a OP switch app for this purpose. 1) Just want to confirm if this app includes application data (seems not if I understood app description correctly, but saw another site claiming otherwise), and if similar to Samsung's smart switch - it will copy photos and...
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    Post Oneplus 7 Pro cases (links)

    Hi everyone. I had the encased scorpio case but it interferes with the front camera. Thinking about just cutting the front lip, but would you know if there's another protective case out there (especially for the front and back glass) that fits with the encased scorpio holster? Thanks in advance
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    Post belt clip holster incoming

    Hi everyone. I have the scorpio case but it suffers from the white halo at the bottom. Does the duraclip or thin armor suffer from this as well? Is it possible to just exchange this for the duraclip series or thin armor? Thanks
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    Thread Samsung Pass alternative for OP7Pro

    Hi everyone. I was used to utilising Samsung Pass for passwords, especially with its integration with Note8's iris scanner. Is there a password-manager app with a similar integration with either fingerprint or face scanner for OP7pro? Thank you.
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    Post Google Camera for Op7 Pro

    Hi. Do any of these work well with Android 10 stable? Thanks
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    Post [Q] Update to Android 10 first, or root first?

    Hi everyone. Thank you for the responses. Phrasing this into another way, which of the two approaches would be safer or harder to f*ckup (or less likely to cause bootloops etc)? Thank you
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    Thread [Q] Update to Android 10 first, or root first?

    Hi everyone, I'm waiting for my Oneplus 7 pro to ship. I intend to upgrade to Android 10 and to root (via Magisk) it + install TWRP but was reading it around and found conflicting answers. Which of the ff is easier / less problematic? a) out of the box, install TWRP and root, then use...
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    Thread Oneplus 7 pro international (gearbest)

    Hi everyone, Gearbest is selling OP7Pro international version (https://m.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009886261570.html?wid=1349303 but it seems it's the Chinese version (but with google stuff). Is it possible to change it to the UK version easily? Would it also be eligible to Oneplus warranty...
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    Post Are rooting and TWRP installation possible without a PC?

    Would admin rights be needed? I don't have a personal laptop right now so I'm planning to use a company-issued laptop instead (Windows 10 with Symantec removable media encryption)
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    Thread Are rooting and TWRP installation possible without a PC?

    Hi everyone, Is is possible to root OP7Pro via magisk without a PC (or with a PC without admin rights)? I understand from the guides here that a PC is usuallyneeded to install TWRP, but I'd like to know if there is an alternative way to unlock bootloader, install TWRP and then magisk without...
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    Thread Is the OP7 pro 5g worth it?

    Hi everyone, From my understanding, the 5G version (EE) is more expensive and has 5G, but: a) does not support dual sim, and b) receives updates much slower than both OP7Pro (4G) and OP7 (the 5G version seems to lack the camera improvements in the 4G versiom) It seems the other 5G versions...
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    Post 5g version dual SIM?

    Is this something that can possibly be fixed software-wise in the future? I wanted to get the oneplus 5g but I needed dual sim as well (plus the relatively worse support as updates have not yet been seeded to Oneplus 5g unlike the non-5g versions) - sounds like EE and OnePlus bamboozled...
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    Post OnePlus 7 Pro 5g (EE UK) - Battery drain

    Re dual sim- is it something that a dual sim adapter can fix? Or does this mean the hardware itself does not support dual sim? Could replacing ee-locked firmware with unlocked firmware fix it?
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    Post Dual Sim

    Does it have a dual sim card tray (raising hope that it can be tweaked in the future)? Or just a single sim tray?
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    Post [App] Arnova8G2's Google Camera Port

    Hi. On my Note8 exynos (android pie), I used MGC_6.1.021_BSG_Arnova_TlnNeun version but night sight is overexposed (yellow). I did the viewfinder + raw sensor fix, along with alt 8.1 for night sight fix + underexplose multiplier to zero and exposure compensation to -2. Hope someone could help...
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    Post [MODULE] AdGuardDNS - Ad-free experience [UNOFFICIAL]

    Hi. Good day. Any chance this can support removal of youtube ads?
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Yes, mounted already I fixed this by flashing uninstaller.zip but will do look for the file you mentioned. thanks!
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Guys, badly need help. I screwed up using hidelist - and now I can't boot into system. I do have TWRP but I can't find the hidelist directory to delete it. Any way to delete it via TWRP terminal or file manager? I can access sbin but can't find .core. thanks
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Is anyone facing a similar situation? On my s7 edge, I only had app systemizer as a module. I was on repackaged magisk 16.7, then updated it to 17.1. Afterwards - any app I uninstall reverts (i.e., is not uninstalled) when I reboot, and I can't update apps from playstore. I only managed to make...
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    Post [APP][5.0+][BETA] Island - app freezing, privacy protection, parallel accounts

    I'm on a rooted s7 edge (oreo, magisk). I followed the guide but face the same issue. Is there a workaround instead of removing all accounts?
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    Post [GUIDE] Use Secure Folder, Samsung Knox and S-Health on a Rooted S7E

    Up on this. Would the TGP kernel wipe my data? Will samsung pass work with the stock Oreo rom (Magisk-patched) with TGP? Thanks
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    Post [Guide] Install Magisk On Galaxy s7 Exynos Safety Net in Green

    I'm on Oreo, and I tried to follow this. I tried mounting USB OTG just to flash the encryption disabler and magisk but I had the verification failed error. I don't have backup of my files (non-rooted so can't use Titanium backup). I also can't access data / internal storage using TWRP but I...
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Hi Guys, I used search already but none of the previous posts involving this issue was ever resolved - just going to give this a try. I want to install magisk on my phone (S7 Edge Exynos - stock Oreo). I also installed TWRP (which does not stick for some reason) which tripped my Knox. I tried...
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    Thread Verification Failed on Magisk S7 Edge Oreo

    Hi Guys, I want to install magisk on my phone (S7 Edge Exynos - stock Oreo). I also installed TWRP (which does not stick for some reason) which tripped my Knox. I tried both the latest stable and beta versions via odin - and tried either just "preserve force encryption" (default) or "preserve...
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    Post [GUIDE]: How to flash CRB7 using Odin - S8+

    However I need it for magisk - it won't work with lz4 files. Would anyone be kind enough to share another link? Thank you!
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    Post [GUIDE]: How to flash CRB7 using Odin - S8+

    Hi everyone. The 7zip modded link is down. Can anyone share the modded 7zip? Thanks
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    Post How to Unpack and Recompile system.img.ext4.lz4?

    Hi, I used 7zip to decompress firmware downloaded from sammobile (s7 edge). But the boot and recovery img I got were boot.img.lz4 and recovery.img.lz4. I used your tool to get the .img directly without going into .ext4. Did I miss something in the steps I took? Thanks
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    Post [Discussion] PokeMon Go Magisk Discussion Thread

    Hi, I installed kingoroot before (which I uninstalled), but has since moved to magisk. I also have twrp. I have the following folders/files - should I manually delete them, or will unrooting (by uninstalling magisk) delete them as well? I understand I can't view these folders once I unroot...
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    Post [GUIDE] How to extract, create or edit android adb backups

    I tried it already but it didn't work. I have pax but filename was long. Would you have a copy of "star.exe"?
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    Post [GUIDE] How to extract, create or edit android adb backups

    Hi, Unfortunately I can't find a copy of the star.exe. The files in schily website were in .gz and .bz2 and I can't install them. Do you have one? The link posted is already down
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    Post [GUIDE] How to extract, create or edit android adb backups

    Hi all, Does anyone have a copy of the star.exe for cygwin x86_x64? Can you share it? Badly need the file. Thanks!
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    Post [Q] Change device ID for a specific app?

    Can this make the switch in android id for a specific app easier?
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    Post How to Restore/Change Android ID in Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    Guys, is there a way to just change the android device id to which an app (or app data) is linked to, not by changing android id of the phone itself? Ex. I'm playing NBA 2k18 on rooted Note 3 but want to move my game data to S7 edge unrooted. Helium does not work for this case because my...
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    Post Magisk Hide doesn't work at all

    Hi. Yes my kernel does not support magiskhide
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    Post [Magisk v14.0] Universal SafetyNet Fix | Universal Hide [v2 Beta 5]

    Hi. I tried the command and followed the steps. It did install. But I still fail safetynet. It's probably my phone
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    Post [Magisk v14.0] Universal SafetyNet Fix | Universal Hide [v2 Beta 5]

    Hi. Can't make this work with Magisk 16.4. I'm on Galaxy Note 3 stock. Included herewith is a screenshot of the error. Pls help me figure this out - thanks