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  1. painter_

    Post Share Your Home Screen!

    Here are my screenshots and my background. Nova prime Whicons Calendar widget pro Wallpaper made by me.
  2. painter_

    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 for Razer Forge TV

    Any hope for the DRM to be fixed? I just read up on the status on Google+. Really hoping you can get it working someday.
  3. painter_

    Post Xtremeguard spartan

    I just ordered and the discount code still worked. less than 7 bucks for two.
  4. painter_

    Post OnePlus 5 selling poorly?

    Ordered Aug 30. 8/128 black manufacture date 8/17/2017
  5. painter_

    Post LineageOS 14.1 available for t-mobile LG GPAD X 8.0 V521

    I was able to find some time last night. I used the LGUP program to reflash the stock rom. I think it was the "c" version. Them I was able to follow the guide to upgrade to 7.0, root , and install TWRP. Once I did this it was free sailing. The only issue that I had was I tried to use CM...
  6. painter_

    Post LineageOS 14.1 available for t-mobile LG GPAD X 8.0 V521

    Nope, No Go. I am able to get to the factory wipe screen and go through the motions but the screen freezes and the device is not wiped. I think that I need to use the LG tool and return to stock and start over.
  7. painter_

    Post LineageOS 14.1 available for t-mobile LG GPAD X 8.0 V521

    Back when this device was first rooted I unlocked the boot loader and installed TWRP for some reason I cannot get my device to boot into recovery. When I try from ADB the device reboots and shows the normal "this device cannot be checked for corruption" screen and hangs. I tried to flash the...
  8. painter_

    Post [V521][NOUGAT 7.0][ROOT][TWRP] Guide to Update V521 LG GPAD X 8.0 to 7.0 and Root

    I can't get it to flash in LGUP. It gets to 4% and crashes. Anyone have a work around?
  9. painter_

    Post [ROM] iPioneer Stock Rooted 10c v0.1 for LGV521 - Full stock and rooted

    Yes! finally a ROM for this device the LG G PAD X 8.0! I wish I saw this the when you posted it, I would have installed it over the weekend. Now I have to wait until next week. Which update is this based on? This thread is not showing when you search for LG G Pad x 8.0.
  10. painter_

    Post Not sure where to post this? Mi box help?!

    As far as I have seen this is the only rooting thread for the Mi Box (android TV) http://forum.xda-developers.com/android-stick--console-computers/amlogic/s905x-help-mi-box-android-tv-mdz-16-ab-t3477286
  11. painter_

    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    Xiaomi Mi Box - Android TV MDZ-16-AB Reasons for a forum. This Android TV device is officially on Google's Android TV web site. :good: Good price point should lead to a popular device. :good: Many stores sold out :good: Xiaomi site sold out in hours :good:
  12. painter_

    Post [Solved]Mi Box MDZ-16-AB USB port not functioning with flash drive or peripherals.

    Thanks for the follow up that you solved the issue. I have a keyboard, mouse, and usb flash drive hooked into a hub and it works flawlessly.
  13. painter_

    Post T-Mobile LG G Pad X 8.0 (v521WG) Info

    Thanks for all of the info, I have already disabled and even removed some of the bloatware on the device, there are some shortcomings that need to be corrected which why I am hopeful for a custom rom. The partitions need to be adjusted and the ability to move apps to the SD would also help the...
  14. painter_

    Post T-Mobile LG G Pad X 8.0 (v521WG) Info

    I picked up one of these the other day. Rooted right away. An ASOP rom would be nice to get rid of all of the bloat ware on this device. With only 16 GB space is a premium.
  15. painter_

    Post [HOW-TO] Bypass Exchange Security for NINE email

    Thanks, worked great for me on both my phone and on my tablet.
  16. painter_

    Post Setup multiple aftvs quickly as possible

    I bought 3 fire sticks on Black Friday one for my office, one for my sister and one for her son. What I did was to configure the one for my office and used the fire utility app to backup the kodi setup. Then I just used the fire utility app to push kodi and firestarter restore the backup on...
  17. painter_

    Post [Q] Play Store FTV2 ?

    Not at this moment, the rooting process is still in development. Since they did get root on the device i am sure that people will find how to get Google Play Services installed. Sit back and enjoy the ride while the devs work their magic.
  18. painter_

    Post Nexus 7 still worth buying?

    I just got a 2013 LTE version for 60 bucks. Good enough to toss in a bag and use for movies / music / reading on the go.
  19. painter_

    Post [CLOSED][UNOFFICIAL][SHAMU]CM12 builds + Cherry picks [07/FEB]

    I was able to get data and no FC on the 1/1/15 version. looks good and stable so far (30 minutes). Thanks OP for keeping up with this. I have been missing the constant updates.
  20. painter_

    Post [CLOSED][UNOFFICIAL][SHAMU]CM12 builds + Cherry picks [07/FEB]

    I flashed the new build and happy to report that the phone radio is working but, the data on t-mobile will not connect. This was a clean flash and reverted to my backup.
  21. painter_

    Post [CLOSED][UNOFFICIAL][SHAMU]CM12 builds + Cherry picks [07/FEB]

    Clean flash - gapps from link in the first post. http://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-6/development/unofficial-cm-12-0-shamu-t2968972
  22. painter_

    Post [CLOSED][UNOFFICIAL][SHAMU]CM12 builds + Cherry picks [07/FEB]

    I flashed this and the "phone process" keeps crashing. reverting to the 24th build.
  23. painter_

    Post [Q] Ascending / Increasing Ringtone

    You are welcome for my attempt to help you since in your original post you put So now you know that CM 12 has the option you want.
  24. painter_

    Post [Q] Ascending / Increasing Ringtone

    I am running CM 12 under sound and notification there is a switch to turn on or off the increasing ring volume.
  25. painter_

    Post [Q] Ascending / Increasing Ringtone

    I just turned it off under settings.
  26. painter_

    Post UnOfficial CM-12.0 Shamu (1-3-15)

    Yes it does.
  27. painter_

    Post My very poor experience with ZenWatch.

    Buy one from best buy, swap the cradles, return it within the 14 days, enjoy your watch.
  28. painter_

    Post Anyone Coming from Moto 360/LG Watch R to Asus ZenWatch

    The biggest plus for the Moto 360 is that there are more people with it, assuming this would lead to more development / faces, etc. I think that that the Zen looks better, it has a better processor, bands can be changed without jumping through hoops. When I compared them in the store I did not...
  29. painter_

    Post Who's getting one?

    My wife gave one to me for Christmas. In between the wear app crashing on my phone I finally got it configured and a couple of apps installed. The app crashed for many hours to the point of me giving up and going to bed. I work up this morning and the app was not crashing and everything was...
  30. painter_

    Post PSA: Google is offering a one time replacement on a cracked screen/water damage.

    Yesterday my N5 went for a swim in the pool with me, forgot it was in my pocket. This morning I saw the postings on Google+. Called Google after I got off work. New phone is on its way. :highfive: At it gave me a chance to update my N4.
  31. painter_

    Post (MOD) How to install Windows Stores apps on sd card

    To change the format of the SD card, from a administrator level dos prompt enter the command "convert d: /fs:NTFS" This will convert the file system to NTFS without wiping out your data. C:\Users\Kevin>convert /? Converts a FAT volume to NTFS. CONVERT volume /FS:NTFS [/V]...
  32. painter_

    Post [ROM] [4.4] Omni (hammerhead)

    I could not find the answer, why is su not included in the ROM?
  33. painter_

    Post [Q] No network signal, cache seems to have failed

    Just had the same problem. In TWRP I went into the advanced wipe option, wiped only the cache. Then I flashed the radio. It is working again.
  34. painter_

    Post [Help!]Wireless charger stuck on the side of a table

    If it is an adhesive backing on the charger that is stuck, use a blow dryer to heat it up. That should make the adhesive soft allowing it to be removed.
  35. painter_

    Post Dell Venue q/a

    I know nothing about the device in question, but my chance have you tried an OTG cable and a keyboard? I assume that if it is an X86 it may have a BIOS.
  36. painter_

    Post Nexus 5 tethering block?

    No issue with battery drain that I have seen. It only keeps the bluetooth connection active when you are connected to something. I have been using it for at least 1.5 years.
  37. painter_

    Post Nexus 5 tethering block?

    Have you tried Bluetooth Keepalive? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.floodping.BluetoothKeepalive&hl=en I used it on my gnex and I also have it installed on my 5. I was bluetooth tethered by laptop for 10 hours on Friday while I was doing field work.
  38. painter_

    Post [Q] Google warranty policy on rooting?

    magnuson-moss warranty act said you have nothing to worry about. http://www.xda-developers.com/xda-tv-2/your-warranty-is-not-void-xda-tv/
  39. painter_

    Post What rom are you running?

    Once ROMS start rolling out, probably CM or OmmiROM. Really missing the extras that CM has.
  40. painter_

    Post *** Nexus 5 Shipping Waiting Room ***

    32 Gig Black Order date: Oct 31, 2013 1:10:09 PM CDT. Just got the shipping notice.
  41. painter_

    Post Who Owns A Pro?

    I got the 128 Pro about 3 weeks ago with the type cover. This thing is a beast. It has totally replaced my laptop. I use it for bot Work (Computer Engineering) and school. I do have to charge it twice a day with heavy use. I usually put it on charge about 3 hours before I leave work and at...
  42. painter_

    Post 50% off Zagg InvisibleShield.

    I was going to order the kit for my Surface Pro but could not find where to put the promo code.
  43. painter_

    Post SGH-I897 For Sale

    XDA partnered with http://swappa.com/ for members to buy and sell phones and tablets. Read about it here: http://www.xda-developers.com/announcements/xda-makes-swappa-its-official-marketplace/
  44. painter_

    Post [Q] Rom for Wife's phone

    I just used the latest CWM from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1523050
  45. painter_

    Post [Q] Rom for Wife's phone

    Thanks to those that helped. I got CM9 on it and it is working great!
  46. painter_

    Post [Q] Rom for Wife's phone

    Thanks for the help androidisfuture. If I broke the rules by posting a question in the Q&A forum, I am so sorry, I did not realize that this was not allowed. I admitted that I did not spend a lot of time searching for an answer, but I could not determine if the P500 and the P509 use the same...
  47. painter_

    Thread [Q] Rom for Wife's phone

    My wife has a Optimus T running the stock ROM. Her phone is out of internal storage space and I thought that this would be a good time to put something newer on it. I offered to give her my Galaxy Nexus or get her a Nexus 4 but she loves her phone. She thinks mine is to big and complicated...
  48. painter_

    Post [Q] Bypassing Exchange ActiveSync Security Policy

    Have you checked out Enhanced Email? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qs.enhancedemail&hl=en Works great for me. I just wish they would update the UI.
  49. painter_

    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod 11 [OFFICIAL] [NIGHTLIES] [M5]

    why would I want to flash a update the is a year old. ;)