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  1. totofe69

    Thread Root rn8pro 12.0.4

    Hi everybody. I'd like root my rn8pro european version. But about custom ROM, i dont know différences between CFW and noCFW, so which type can i flash ? Which is the best ? About rooting device, can i take One discussion here for root procédure ? Thx a lot
  2. totofe69

    Thread Lost IMEI on g960f ds xef

    Hi everybody. I have rooted my device few days ago to flash Havoc. With success. One day after, i tried crdroid but since return on Havoc, my 2 IMEIs doesn't exist. I remember i wiped by error every partitions in twrp. I wiped system, data and vendor. So i tried to flash with Odin a Stock...
  3. totofe69

    Thread magisk and stock LG based rom

    Hi. I flashed lastest desperate rom, a 5.0.2 stock LG rom. I am unable to use snapchat because of the root. But i need root and xposed. So can i use magisk on my D802 with a lg stock based rom.
  4. totofe69

    Thread Custom ROM aosp for LG g2 d802 only

    Hi. I'm looking for make a Custom ROM aosp based. I'm a very noob and i don't know how can i do it. I can't find any info about it.
  5. totofe69

    Thread stuck on twrp logo

    I bricked my device after had flashed last su in revovery on RR N 5.8. I could unbrick with shorting capacitors and with srk tools. I could boot in download mode but unable to flash any kdz file by flashtools. I could boot in revovery mode but unable to enter in the revovery. screen stucks on...
  6. totofe69

    Thread Bootloop on lg logo with secure Error

    My d802 was bricked and i could debrick it. I flashed official stock kk from lg. Everything worked. I rooted it... Ok. I wanted to flash twrp recovery... Ok. But when i rebooted my phone i had bootloop on black screen with lg logo with Security Error. I tried to switch again the connectors as i...
  7. totofe69

    Thread Boot only on twrp recovery

    I've bricked m'y d802 and unbricked it. But now i can only boot on trwp recovery. I lost download mod. I can flash a custom rom but boot only recovery. What's missing. How can i fully unbrick my phone Sent from my LG-D855 using XDA-Developers mobile app
  8. totofe69

    Thread Staying on Fulmics boot logo

    I'm running Fulmics 5 and on the night my d855 16g reboot itself. It was charging and i had attempted to reboot after pull battery. I tested charging phone off and it was 0%. I can't have only system hardware key setup. Help please Sent from my GT-I9305 using XDA-Developers mobile app
  9. totofe69

    Thread D802 Unable to boot everywhere

    I need help. Unable to boot into recovery or download mod. Unable to connect to my pc With d802
  10. totofe69

    Thread Unable to boot

    I need help. Unable to boot into recovery or download mod. Unable to connect to my pc With d802
  11. totofe69

    Thread Unable to install kk rom

    Hi. I'm on Miui v5 and i want to install cm kk rom. But i have big problem : installation fail because unable to mount /preload. I need help plz. Sent from my GT-I9305 using XDA Free mobile app
  12. totofe69

    Thread [Closed] [Q] Way to make hox S-Off

    I'd like to know if i can S-Off my HOX international version with tegra 3. I think it's possible but mine is just unlocked with S-On. Thanks a lot.