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    Thread new modetores?

    I really hate hypocrite moderator on this site. It has bem over a year since i post something..
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    Thread XDA Providing/Hosting Warez?

    Based on the recent action conducted by XDA moderator, XDA likes to follow their set of rules, correct? Well I have a 2 questions to ask and I'll make it short. 1. XDA's rule #6 In order to get Windows Phone 7, you would need to purchase a phone that comes with the operating system install...
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    Thread [3.1.2011] [ZIP] MDJs_CyanogenMod7_v.2.6_NAND_A2SDCWM [kernel=tytung r6]

    This rom is MDJ's work and I take no credit for the rom. The kernel is by tytung. I been using for a few days now and it work pretty well. I dont do much with the phone only use it for call, text, web, and a few game with no problems. For those who would like to try this rom, here's a new link...
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    Thread Convert to ClockWorkMod zip

    Before anyone say "do a search" which I did and not able to find a guide or answer. What I want to do is modify a nand rom into cwm zip in order to be use with cwm. Spent the last few days working on nand rom. I got the rom working but what i want to do is turn it into cwm zip. With the zip...